My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1930

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Seeing Hang Jin leave, the smile on Chen\'s face gradually disappeared. He sighed, "Nineteen ah, did I do too much this time?"

The 19 elder sisters who had been standing behind him sat down beside him and wrapped their slender arms around his neck. "Brother Chen, no matter how cold-blooded you are in front of outsiders, your love for that little girl is real."

"Really?" Chen elder brother smiled, smile some helpless and bitter, "if I really love her, will not let her lose her parents, every day living in self reproach and nightmares." "But brother Chen, you should also understand that since you choose this road, there is no turning back. You should be more aware that if it wasn\'t for that little girl, Hang Jin would not have found us so soon. There are some things you can\'t bear to do, I will do it for you... "

Before she finished, brother Chen grabbed her hair and said, "she\'s my daughter. You dare to hurt her hair..." "You know the consequences," he said, gradually increasing the force in his hand "Yo Yo..." Elder sister Xixi\'s hair was pulled by brother Chen, and her head was afraid to move, but her mouth was still unforgiving. "That woman is still the one you love. You can watch others cut off her flesh piece by piece. At this time,

would you like to play a kind father?"

Chenge\'s eyes were red because of her words, and his hand that pulled her hair pinched her neck instead. "Shut up!" "Brother Chen, you can still pretend that other people don\'t know you, but I know that in front of money, love and family are not bullshit for you." Even if she was strangled by her neck, sister Xixi didn\'t have to be afraid of it. Every word of her

Exit stabbed brother Chen\'s soft ribs.

She had been with him for so long that she knew him as well as she knew herself. She knew what he loved most, and she knew what she was in his heart.

"Since you know my method, you dare..." Brother Chen slowly released his strength and lowered his head to take a bite on sister 19\'s neck. "As long as you are obedient, I can give you what you want. If not... "

"What can you give me if I want?" Nineteen put one hand on his chest, smiled and patted him twice, "all I want is your heart. Can you give it to me?"

Chenge\'s mouth did not answer. He pressed her body on the sofa directly, and her hot lips fell down.

Sister 19 knows that she always knows what she is in this man\'s heart, but even if she can\'t get his heart, she knows that he still needs her, no matter in career, spirit or body. She once again hooked his neck and took the initiative to put on the red lips. "Brother Chen, no matter you were Chi Yishen or now Brother Chen, you are unique in my heart. Before you had your wife and daughter, I can wait for you silently behind you, silently

love you, and it will be the same in the future. " "But that little girl is different. You used to be a good husband and father in her mind, so she loves you and doesn\'t even want to die for you. But now you are just a criminal in her mind. What she does every day is to bring you to justice. Once she knows that you are the murderer she has been looking for, she will not hesitate to arrest you. "

"Brother Chen, there are two ways to walk in front of you. One is to remove the stumbling blocks around you as you did to your wife. Second, do nothing, let that stumbling block destroy everything in your business department these years. "

Nineteen elder sister said a lot, Chen elder brother didn\'t answer, but she knew that he had heard, because just now he bit her hard to warn her.

She really knows him well, what he really wants to hear, and that he sometimes needs to be pushed. She added, "she is your daughter, her life is what you give her. Without you, there would be no Chiyang in the world. Even if you take action against her, it\'s just to take back everything you\'ve given her. She\'s lived for twenty years, no loss. " "Of course, it\'s just my opinion. It\'s your choice not to listen to my opinion. I also show you my attitude in advance. No matter which way you choose, I will follow you and love you as always. In front is the fire pit, and I will dance with you. There\'s hell ahead. I\'ll go with you. Brother Chen, my life is picked up. Then this life belongs to you. "

When sister Xixi spoke, brother Chen didn\'t speak any more, but when she spoke, he tried harder and harder, and finally made her unable to say other words except for the hum. I don\'t know how long it took, when everything was calm, Chen GE\'s hoarse and gloomy voice sounded above her head: "I love that woman so much, we have lived together for more than 20 years, I thought we could never leave, I thought she would understand

me, never thought she would not only stand in my position and think about me, but also report me after she found out what I did " He fiddled with 19 elder sister\'s sweaty hair and slowly closed his eyes. "I have loved her for so many years, from the realization of marriage to the growing up of our children, I have always loved her so much, but she wanted to destroy all the things I have created in these years. Do you think I can make her live in this world? "

Every time Chen Ge said that he loved that woman, sister 19 was not comfortable in her heart. Everyone died, and he could not forget it.

But why should she compete with a dead man? "Brother Chen, that\'s all in the past. No matter what happens, I will always be with you."

"Nineteen, remember every word you said to me. If you dare to betray me..." Later, brother Chen didn\'t say anything, but sister 19 knew the consequences of betraying him.

Fortunately, she never wanted to betray him.

She said, "brother Chen, do you think Hang Jin will be obedient?"

Chen got up. "No."

Then you let him go

"Don\'t let him go back? Kill him? " Brother Chen sneered, "do you know who is behind Hang Jin? Do you know what will happen if something happens to him? "

"Yin\'s family is far away in the imperial capital. We can\'t reach so long. What are we afraid of?"

"Far away in the capital?" Chen Geli\'s coat was torn by sister 19. "Hang Jin is alive, and Yin\'s family is far away in the capital. If Hang Jin has a slip, you will know where Yin\'s family is."

At this time, someone came up to say, "brother Chen, the car is ready to go." "Um." Chenge nodded and said, "clean up here and leave no trace."