My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1929

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"You know her disposition, too." Chen\'s face was full of smiles, "but what does it matter if you don\'t want to admit it? Just now, I have told you that she is my daughter, which is an iron fact. No one in the world can change. "

"Shut up!" Hang Jin didn\'t dare to think about it. What would happen if Chi Yang knew the truth.

According to Chi\'s stubborn nature, she may take her own life to compensate her father\'s mistakes. Hang Jin didn\'t dare to think about it. Just thinking about it made him feel numb.

Chen Ge added: "hang family boy, today you come to see me alone, Yang Yang certainly don\'t know."

How affectionate is this boy to his daughter? He is a father. He was determined that Hang Jin dared not let Chi Yang know the truth, so he dared to promise to meet Hang Jin.

"You have the face to let her know what you have done in the past two years?" said Hang Jin coldly Chen took a seat and took the tea made by sister 19 for him to drink. "If you come to see me alone, it proves that you care about central, don\'t want her to know what I\'m doing now, and that you want to talk to me. Since that\'s the case, let\'s stop wasting time and sit down and have a good talk. "

Hang Jin never hid his thoughts about Chi Yang. Others could see it clearly. He didn\'t feel strange at all, but he never thought that his love for Chi Yang would be used by his own father as an article. Hang Jin didn\'t open his mouth, and then heard Chen Ge say, "you love Yang, you love her, you can\'t bear to hurt her a little bit, but as long as my current identity is exposed, let her know that I was a fake death, let her know that I have done so many things in the past two years..." Speaking of this, Chen\'s smile deepened in his eyes. After a pause, he said: "according to the stubborn and right and wrong character of the Central Committee, I can\'t accept all the things I have done in the past two years. I guess when she knows what I\'m doing,

it\'s probably when she\'s pissed off. " "Chi Yishen, I warn you that no matter what your status is now, if you dare to hurt the Central Committee, I will let you repay as you wish, and there is no dead body." Hang Jin sat opposite him and thumped on the tea table with a fist. "What kind of person am I? You should be clear about


Chi Yishen is not as good as a beast. He can be so merciless to his only daughter, so it\'s no wonder that he has done so many things that hurt the world. "Hang family boy, what do you say? Yang Yang is my only blood, I love her too late, how willing to hurt her. I just want you to recognize my current identity and the harm that my current identity may bring to the central bank. Let her

continue to live a good life, or let her life be worse than death, the decision-maker is always you rather than me. "

Chenge said that he loved Chi Yang, but no one could see the love in his eyes. He only loved himself. Chi Yangyang is just a piece of chess that he held down Hang Jin.

"I\'m the one making the decision? Ha ha... " Hang Jin looks at Chen and smiles.

Before he came here, Hang Jin felt that he could persuade Chen to surrender. He thought that Chen should consider for Chiyang as well as for himself.

But now, Hang Jin realized that he was stupid again. If Chi Yishen really cared about Chi Yang, he would not have died two years ago.

Chen said: "if you make the right choice, you can not only protect the central bank from harm, but also get the evidence that others frame Zhao Ziqian and LAN Feiyang to prove their innocence." Hang Jin stared at Chi Yishen for a long time, and then slowly said, "do you know what the life of Chi Yangyang was two years after your husband and wife were killed?"? Do you know that she hasn\'t slept a night for more than two years? Do you know that she always cries in her dream to save mom and dad? She is such a weak girl, but she never wanted to give up looking for the murderer Now it looks like a joke. "

When Hang Jin said this, Chen didn\'t change his face, but his eyes were dark. Nineteen sister immediately responded, "Chen, don\'t listen to him!" Chen took another sip of tea and said, "Hang Jin, I don\'t have time to chat with you. The choice is yours. Give me a reply. After that, you will do your work and I will do mine. We will not interfere with each other, and we will be safe. Bad choice


"Do you think it\'s possible that our current identities will not interfere with each other\'s well-being?" said Hang Jin

Chen said with confidence: "how impossible? Are you going to tell the central bank the truth about this? Do you have the heart to let her carry the identity of the daughter of a drug lord for the rest of her life? Do you want her to lose everything including you? " "I can tell you very clearly that even if your identity is exposed, the central bank will not lose anything, not to mention me." Hang Jin knows the seriousness of the consequences, but he can\'t let Chen be so lawless anymore, but he hasn\'t thought of how to prevent Chi Yang from being hurt.

"Is it?" Chenge smiled, "then shall I ask someone to invite her here now and let her come to see what her beloved father is doing now?" For a time and a half, Hang Jin couldn\'t help but take this old man with confidence, because he had weakness, but this old man didn\'t. in those days, he was able to plan a corpse case by himself, and he could abandon his own daughter This kind of person can\'t do anything for money without

. "Young master hang, do you want to fight?" Chen Ge took out his mobile phone, "the mobile phone number of central has not changed. Maybe she still has hope in her heart. I hope I haven\'t died. I hope I can call her suddenly.". You see, how much my central bank loves me. Do you think she\'ll be very happy when I call

Hang Jin stopped immediately: "wait!"

Brother Chen said with a smile, "young master hang hasn\'t thought about it yet?"

Hang Jin compared a three by hand: "give me three days, I will satisfy you. In the future, you will do your work and I will do mine, which is irrelevant. "

Chen then smiled with satisfaction: "boy, you are a smart man. You know how to choose. Listen to me. The water in Jiangbei is too deep. You can\'t stir it. Take the central government away from Jiangbei. Don\'t do this again. "

"I have another question for you," said Hang Jin, not responding to him

Chen Ge: "you ask."

Hang Jin: "aunt Chi, she......"

"Two years ago, there were two victims of the mutilation, one male and one female. She was the female victim." Chen Ge said this with a smile on his face, as if the man who was mutilated was not his wife who had been sleeping with him for more than 20 years.

It was Chi Yishen\'s cold-blooded attitude that made Hang Jin sure what he was going to sit next. "Farewell!" Leaving the words, Hang Jin got up and left.