My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1928

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At present, these two people may have done a lot of killing without blinking an eye, which is the kind of real villain. But in the eyes of Hang Jin, these two people are just like two jumping beam clowns.

Hang Jin said with a smile, "the villain doesn\'t need to use expression to emphasize that they are villains. They always stare at each other, don\'t their eyes hurt?"

The two of them were dumb and didn\'t answer.

Hang Jin flicked the dust on his shoulder and said, "since you all let me come here smoothly, you must know the purpose of my coming, so please take me to see the person I want to see."

Two seconds later, the thinner one of them just stepped forward and said, "hang Shao, brother Chen knows you\'ve been waiting for him for a long time. But before I see him, I have to ask you to cooperate with our inspection. "

"Of course. I\'m not here to fight with you today. You can do whatever you say. " Hang Jin put his hands on the top of his head. "Check as you want, but please move quickly. I have no patience to waste time with you."

The two hurried forward, one checking Hang Jin\'s body, the other checking Hang Jin\'s car to make sure that he had no weapons, no listening devices, etc., and left his mobile phone, so they led him to the house.

The building looks like other houses in the village. It is three stories high, with white tiles on the outside of the wall, and the hall on the first floor is very common. Without stopping on the first floor, they led Hang Jin directly to the second floor. Hang Jin thought that the second floor would be very different from the first floor. Maybe the decoration would be very luxurious and resplendent. He could blind people\'s eyes in a short time. However, when he walked into the house, he knew that the inside and outside of the house were all ordinary civil houses

. Except for the necessary sofa tea table and a few decorations, there was nothing else.

After they sent Hang Jin upstairs, they left in silence. The people Hang Jin wanted to see were not there. Now he was the only one left in the open hall. He looked around. The decorations in the room were rare and common, but there were subtleties everywhere. For example, the hanging picture in the middle of the wall was equipped with a tiny pinhole camera that ordinary people couldn\'t find. Every move he made was watched.

He came to the door alone. The man didn\'t come out to meet him. What was he waiting for? Or don\'t believe he came alone?

Hang Jin said, "I drove here alone for two hours, and no one brought me a glass of water. This is your way of hospitality?" Then a middle-aged man, supported by a beautiful young woman, walked slowly and steadily from the stairs on the third floor to the second floor. "Brother Chen, you\'ve been sleeping so late. I\'ll see you. Why do you have to come here in person?"

Hang Jin, the woman who spoke, recognized that she had met him in a bar not long ago. She had calculated his name as sister 19.

The middle-aged man said, "because it\'s a distinguished guest, I have to see him personally to show my sincerity."

As for the middle-aged man, Hang Jin could not be more familiar with him. To be exact, it should be the one who was familiar with me for more than 20 years.

It is not until now that Hang Jin realized that he had known each other for more than 20 years.

Hang Jin was surprised, but his surprise was only a flash in the pan in his eyes. This result surprised him but it was within his expectation. All the incomprehension is now understood.

It turned out that he was right in guessing that another person died in the case of dismemberment two years ago, not Chi Yishen.

That "dead" two years of pool is also deep is to change an identity to live again. He had a free and easy life, but he thought about what kind of life his only daughter had in the past two years?

The conjecture in his heart was confirmed. Hang Jin didn\'t know whether to be happy or sad. "I didn\'t expect to see you in my life." "Yes, I didn\'t think we would meet again under such circumstances." The middle-aged man walked down the stairs with the help of sister 19, came to Hang Jin\'s side and stood there. He looked at Hang Jin like a kind elder, "hang family boy, I haven\'t seen you for such a long time, how are you?"

"Uncle Chi, you take care of me like this, how can I have a bad life?" he said with a smile

"Hahaha..." The middle-aged man laughed, "I didn\'t expect you to be the same as you were back then, talking and doing things at will, never thinking about the consequences." "You are right. I\'m still the same Hangzhou Jin, and you are not the same as you. Now it\'s not enough to die ten or eight times. " Hang Jin looked at him, as if he wished he could see through each other\'s

chest and see the color of the heart inside.

"Hang Jin, don\'t go too far..." The nineteen elder sister roared, but was stopped by the middle-aged man\'s gesture. She was dissatisfied and said, "brother Chen..." Chen clapped her hand, appeased her, and then looked at Hang Jin. "Sooner or later, people will die, not because you do more good things, you will live for two years, or because you do more bad things, you will die several times. Hang family boy, do you think it\'s such a way

Looking at the camouflaged smiling face in front of him, Hang Jin felt deeply that he was a little tender. Compared with the old fox, his Taoism was really not enough to mention that "people will die. This is your excuse to choose the road of crime?" Chen raised his hand and patted Hang Jin on the shoulder. "Look at you, it\'s not as good as before. You used to call me uncle when you saw me. Now even people can\'t scream. There is really no younger generation who should look like that

Hang Jin sneers, "uncle? Do you deserve it? "

Chenge\'s face was smiling, and he looked so kind, but his eyes were kind and slightly cruel. "Is it because he cheated my father-in-law and didn\'t pay attention to me?"

"Shut up!" Hang Jin suddenly roared out, looking at brother Chen\'s eyes from disappointment to fierce, "Yang" two words, from the time you choose this crime road, you will not be eligible to call again. " "Oh, I\'m not qualified, so who has? Are you? " The smile on Chen\'s face didn\'t abate, and he even laughed out loud, "Yang Yang is my daughter, and her body is flowing with my blood. Without me, there would be no existence of her in the world. We are father daughter relationship, which is a fact that no one can change. "

It\'s OK not to mention Chiyang. When it comes to Chiyang, Hang Jin has no way to keep calm.

Today, he will come first by himself, hoping to find a way to deal with the matter well, so that he will not know the truth and be hurt. He gnashed his teeth and said, "if Yang Yang knows that there is a father like you, I think she would rather let go the last drop of blood in her body than admit that she is your daughter."