My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1927

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Is it the mastermind behind the latest series of cases?

Why does Hang Jin want to see him alone?

Why doesn\'t he bring more people?

Although Chi believes that Hang Jin has his own reasons for doing so, she can\'t wait to die at the thought that his life may be threatened.

At this time, what she can think of is hang Zhen Shan, the father of Hang Jin.

hang Zhen Shan sits high in the north of Jiangbei, the eye liner is everywhere, and the hand is also quite strong. Besides, there is also a big mountain of emperor Yin\'s home behind him.

Without much consideration, Chiyang has quickly dialed hang Zhenshan.

That\'s a quick connection. It\'s so fast that Chi thought he might be waiting for her.

"I\'m sorry to bother you so late, uncle hang," she said directly. Hang Jin is going out to see someone tonight. I don\'t know who he is going to see, but I know he may be in danger. Can you send someone to save him? "

"Yes." Hangzhenshan didn\'t ask what happened to chiyangyang. It seems that he already knows about Hangjin, "but I have a condition."


When Hang Jin is in danger, what else can he offer?

Chi Yangyang was so nervous that he swallowed his saliva

In the phone, the cool voice of Hangzhen mountain came again, "as long as you promise to leave Hangjin and never show up with him again, and don\'t let him find you, then I will send someone to rescue him immediately to ensure that he can go home safely."

"He\'s your son. Don\'t you worry about his danger?" Chi Yangyang holds the mobile phone tightly, as if this can make him calm and rational. "Why do you still ask me this at this time?"

Like exhausted patience, hangzhenshan\'s voice became more indifferent. "Without you, he would not be in danger tonight. That\'s why I want you to leave him."

Chi didn\'t understand what it had to do with him tonight. "Why me?"

Hang Zhenshan said again, "you have been tracing the cause of your parents\' death. He has been helping you trace it. You should know that the murder is not simple. The closer to the truth, the more dangerous it is."

Central pool "..."

She had long expected that the case was not simple, because every time she wanted to get close to the truth, the clues would suddenly break, and even the murders would happen. There has been no exception in two years.

Chiyangyang knew that it was very dangerous to follow up, so he didn\'t want Hang Jin to come to this incident, but because of her, Hang Jin just jumped in and fell into danger again and again. When Chi Yangyang was silent, hang Zhenshan said, "of course, you can stay with Hang Jin for your love and your parents, and keep him in danger. I also said that if he is determined to be with you, then don\'t recognize my father. Since he doesn\'t recognize my father, I don\'t need to save his son. "

The words of Hang Zhen mountain kill the heart, but Chi Yang can\'t say no.

Before, when she didn\'t realize her feelings and her inability to leave Hangjin, she would not be reluctant to let her leave Hangjin.

But now, she has planned to live a good life with Hang Jin. She also promised him that she would take a long vacation to accompany him on his honeymoon when the case of sister Fei Yang is over.

She\'s all set.

But hang Zhen mountain put forward such conditions when Hang Jin\'s life was at stake.

What should she do?

Hangzhenshan didn\'t give her much time to think about "you don\'t agree, then I have nothing to say with you."

"As long as you can save him, I promise you." Chi Yangyang said, teeth lips biting lips, it seems that this can make their heart not so painful. But hangzhenshan didn\'t agree with her because she said, "my secretary is in your garage. Now you go downstairs to sign a document. After the document was signed, I immediately sent someone to rescue Hangjin. Can hang Jin get out of danger? It\'s all in your mind. You can do it by yourself. "

Soon, Chiyang went downstairs and met the Secretary of hangzhenshan in the parking garage.

It seems that tonight they are all ready, everyone knows what is going to happen, just she doesn\'t know.

The secretary took out a document from his briefcase, "Miss Chi, take a look at this document first."

Chi took the document and glanced at it quickly. When she saw the third condition, her eyes widened slowly.

She never thought that hang Zhenshan was so unique. The third one said that if she broke the contract, hang Zhenshan would let people dig out her parents\' bones.

She said angrily, "are you too deceiving to write such a clause?"

The Secretary said, "I\'m just a small executor. If Miss Chi has any questions, you can call Mr. hang directly and ask him. I\'m sure he\'ll be happy to answer them for you."

Hang Jin\'s life is at stake. When hang Zhenshan asked her to sign such a treaty, she made it clear that she would not be given a choice. No matter how many calls she made, it was useless.

Chiyang Yang takes up his pen and wants to sign the three words of Chiyang, but there is an invisible force to stop her from signing.

As soon as Chi Yangyang wrote three words, she may never see her brother Jin again in her life.

Although it is said that no one in this world will affect other people\'s good living, but that kind of walking dead living is of no significance.

"I\'m very sorry! Please go back and tell Mr. hang that I will let him down. " Chi put the document in his secretary\'s arms, turned around and left with firm steps.

Her man, she tries to save herself!


Driving through the city road with bright lights, a black cross-country vehicle turned into a winding road. After a long walk on the road, the vehicle finally stopped in front of a three-story house.

Just after the car stopped, Hang Jin, dressed in a white casual dress, came down from the car. The night in the countryside was very dark, only a little light came from the scattered room. Hang Jin\'s white look was very clear in the night.

Soon, two men came out of the darkness outside the house, one on the left and one on the right, blocking Hang Jin in the middle of them. They stared at Hang Jin fiercely, as if they were going to scare him away with their eyes. "Who are you?"

"Hang Jin." Hang Jin easily reported his name, but heard their bodies tremble.

Who is Hang Jin?

Of course they know each other.

Growing up on the land of Jiangbei, Hang Jin is a famous "bully leader". As long as he stands in the crowd, the powerful gas field can scare the timid people away. Hang Jin\'s eyes fell on the two men. They unconsciously had to step back, but soon realized something. Sheng Sheng stopped the step back and stood a few steps away from Hang Jin and dared not to get closer.