My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1924

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Hang Zhenshan took a mobile phone and looked over it. One picture was very clear. He and a young woman were in pairs. He stroked the woman\'s round stomach with his hand, and a woman was holding a child. He watched from the side.

A few years later, the child grew up. He was about six or seven years old. He and the woman held the child by one hand, and they laughed in their eyes. Anyone who saw it would think it was a family of three.

After seeing the photos, hang Zhenshan returned his mobile phone to Hang Jin with a light expression, as if the person in the photo had nothing to do with him.

Hang Jin clenched his fist angrily. If the man in front of him was not his father, his fist would have fallen: "what else do you have to say?"

"These things are not what you see," said hangzhenshan

"What I see with my own eyes can be false?" Hang Jin gnashed his teeth angrily. "Hang Zhen Shan, are you still a man?"

Hang Zhenshan said, "if I were not a man, where are you from? Did it pop out of the crack in the stone? "

Hang Jin: "if you can give me a chance to choose, I would rather not come to this world, than your father."

The words of Hang Jin are heartless. Hangzhen mountain is a indifferent expression: "believe it or not, I\'ve never done anything sorry to your mother."

"Hang Zhenshan, I want to believe it, not by what you say, but by what you do," roared Hang Jin

Hang Zhenshan: "do you know how I met your mother?"

Hang Jin: "..."

They didn\'t tell him. Of course, he didn\'t know. He didn\'t ask them for so many years. Hang Zhenshan added: "your mother\'s family is very famous in the imperial capital, and his grandfather is in a high position. You have three uncles. Your mother is the only girl in their Yin family, and she is several years younger than your brother-in-law. From the moment she was born, she was the sweetheart held in the palm of her hand by a large number of children. From small to large, if she wants anything and wants to play anywhere, someone will prepare everything for her. I also heard that when she was in primary school, she couldn\'t take a car or walk because her brothers rushed to carry her to school. They all love this sister and protect her. They want to give her the best in the world. "

Three uncles hurt their mother. Hang Jin knows this. Every Spring Festival back to the capital, three uncles come to pick up their son in person, and after returning home, they go around their mother. "Then your mother grew up and went to college. I met your mother on the campus." When I think of the past, Hangzhou mountain has bright eyes and a smile on the corner of its mouth, "I remember your mother on the first day of entering the campus. Because she\'s so dazzling, she can\'t help but be noticed. " On the first day of the University, her three brothers escorted her to the school like bodyguards. A beautiful young girl surrounded by three handsome boys, this is a beautiful landscape. All the students know that there is a new student named Yin nianxiao in the first year of a university. "

Three uncles escorted his mother to college. Hang Jin heard her mother talk about it. Every time her mother mentioned them, she would laugh. She is said to have grown up, but the three uncles still treat her as a child. Hang Zhenshan said: "Yin nianxiao! Her people are like her name. Whenever they see her, her face always has a shallow smile, so beautiful that people can\'t move their eyes. Such a good girl will naturally have many boys who want to chase her. However, without her refusing, her brothers can make those boys scared. Later, people were afraid of her three brothers\' means, and they did not dare to think of your mother for any more "But your mother is so attractive. I was attracted by her unconsciously. I once summoned up the courage to express my love to your mother. I was beaten by your three uncles without any accident. They warned me not to approach their sister again, or there were ways to get a to fire me. "

With the love of his three uncles to his mother, Hang Jin could not help imagining the scene of his three uncles beating his father fat. Thinking of the old man being big, Hang Jin was very happy. There are people in the world who can clean him up. Hangzhen mountain looked up at the bright moon hanging in the air: "I know the power of your grandfather\'s family in the capital, and I know that what your three uncles said is absolutely true. I dare not approach your mother any more. I can only watch her quietly in the distance, and I want to study hard to make

myself better, so I have the right to like your mother." "Later, I don\'t know what happened. I haven\'t seen your three uncles in school. Your mother came to me and said that she liked me too and promised to associate with me. After we got married, I heard from your uncle. After I was beaten, your mother cried heartily when she went home. Your three uncles loved their sister, so they didn\'t dare to embarrass me any more. "

Hang Jin interposed: "Grandpa and uncle hand over the children raised in their hands to you. You can see how you treat her and can you afford their trust?" Like not hearing what Hang Jin said, hang Zhenshan said to himself: "at that time, Jiangbei was in a period of rapid development and rapid development, but its international popularity had not been opened. For the capital, Jiangbei was only a small city, and I was the one who went from this small city. My father, your grandfather is not low in Jiangbei, but compared with the people in the capital of emperor, it is insignificant. Many famous families in the imperial capital want to marry Yin\'s family, but your mother chose me as a kid. " "Of course, your mother didn\'t choose me casually, because I was very good myself. From the first day I entered the University, I worked hard to make myself an excellent student in the whole university and let everyone notice me. Sure enough, I am learning

the school is becoming more and more famous, and all the people in the school know me, including your mother. Later, when I confessed to her, she would say that she also liked me. " "Hang Jin, you said that I was so hard to pursue the girl, what reason do I have to do something sorry for her? Why should I fall in love with another woman? I just want to give her the best things I can give her in my life Hang Jin looked at hang Zhen mountain. His eyes were so sincere that he didn\'t lie: "you also know that she is such an excellent woman. You also know that it was not easy for you to be with her at that time, but you touch your conscience and ask what she did behind her back these years?"