My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1923

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After seeing Hang Jin\'s serious words, Yin nianxiao couldn\'t believe it and asked, "what\'s the name?"

"Chihang." Hang Jin smiled, "no matter what the boys or girls call this name, take the surname of Yang Yang and my surname to form a name."

There are many people who take the surnames of both parents. Yin nianxiao also thinks the name is good, but he always thinks something is wrong. For a while, he can\'t remember what\'s wrong.

Hang Jin opened his arms and hugged Yin Niang and smiled: "empress dowager, how are you doing?"

Yin nianxiao is held in his arms by his son, who is a large part taller than himself. For the first time in his life, his heart is so soft that he wants to cry: "I am good, I am good."

In many people\'s eyes, Yin nianxiao is a smart and capable woman. Her husband and son are all controlled by her, but she is also a very traditional woman. She married hang Zhenshan for several years before giving birth to Hang Jin. After giving birth to Hang Jin, she never went to work outside again. All the focus is on her husband and children. As long as they are good, she will be happy and feel that her life is full of meaning.

"Mom, I should learn more from Mrs. Chen next door." Hang Jin doesn\'t agree with Yin nianxiao. He keeps telling her to do more things she likes. Don\'t care about him and his father all day long.

The more a woman has no life of her own, the more promiscuous the men who don\'t know what a woman has paid for them are, the more likely they are to flirt outside. "Like them? Travel every day? Buy big brands every day? " Yin Niang smiled and said, "son, I played this kind of life when I was young. There are not many people around the world who haven\'t gone. There are never many big brands to use. No, grandpa had a lot of things sent to me the other day. I wanted to send some to the central bank, but I knew the temper of the child, so I kept them in the warehouse at home. Another day when mom is bored, take those things out and hold an auction. My son, everyone has their own aspirations. Some people have fun playing mahjong, some have fun traveling and shopping, while my mother and I have fun taking care of them. "

Yin nianxiao\'s words are true at all. Hang Jin is also clear. Everyone has their own way of life. He will not force Yin nianxiao to live according to his ideas.

It\'s just Looking back, he saw that hang Zhen mountain in the courtyard was watering flowers and grass, which made him a little annoyed. The old man looked at his family, but his bones were very bad.

These years, in order not to make his mother sad, he chose to open one eye and close one eye, but now he can\'t ignore: "empress dowager, I have something to talk to old man hang, go to the living room to talk with Yang Yang." "At last, the boy is sensible. Our father and son are very stubborn in their temper. Usually no one likes to talk to them, but after all, they are father and son. They always have to step back. " Yin Nian pokes him on the head with a smile. "Son, it\'s not easy to be with someone you like all your life. You must treasure it. You can\'t do something that makes her sad, understand?"

"Mom, I know." His mother must have loved his father so badly that she would choose to leave the capital with such good conditions and accompany her parents to Jiangbei for development, so many years of unrepentant efforts.

Once again, he looked at hang Zhen Shan, the old man who watered the flowers in the garden. He was really not worthy of his excellent mother.


When Hang Jin came to the flower garden, he saw that hang Zhen mountain was busy watering his flowers and grass. He didn\'t even notice that he came, and he didn\'t say a word. He just looked at hang Zhen mountain quietly.

After a long time, Hangzhen mountain finally looked up at Hangjin, and then lowered his head to water his flowers and grass: "what can I do for you?"

"Hang Jin sneers:" how to say it\'s also my father, I can\'t find it if it\'s ok

Hangzhou town mountain not cold not hot tunnel: "these years when I was a father?" Hang Jin didn\'t want to say a word to hang Zhenshan, "I\'m here to tell him one thing clearly. Chi Yangyang is my wife of choice and the only woman I\'ve identified in my life. If you play tricks behind your back, don\'t blame me for not being polite."

"You\'re welcome? Why not? " Hang Zhen mountain finally raised his head and looked at Hang Jin with a smile. "Is it for a woman to break the father son relationship with me?"

"I don\'t have such a father," said Hang Jin coldly

Hang Zhenshan: "my father? What kind of father

Hang Jin laughed angrily: "Yin nianxiao is his wife, my mother. We are his favorite and dearest person. What shameless things have he done outside with her back these years? Do you feel worthy of being a husband and a father? "

Hangzhen mountain glared at Hangjin: "in this life, my mother is single-minded and never has two minds. We\'ve been together for nearly 30 years, and I\'ve never done anything sorry to her. " "Never done anything to be sorry for her?" Hang Jin said with a sneer, "what\'s the matter with Jiang Yucheng\'s mother and daughter? Hangzhou Zhenshan has the courage to do it, but he has no face to admit it. It proves that he knows that raising a third child outside is a matter of not being able to see the light "Nonsense!" Hang Zhen mountain was so angry that he suddenly slapped Hang Jin in the face with a wave of his hand. His strength was so great that the corner of his mouth oozed blood. However, Hang Jin raised his hand to wipe the blood off the corner of his mouth like he didn\'t know the pain. He smiled, "I\'m breaking it down, which makes him angry?"

Hangzhen mountain didn\'t really want to hit Hang Jin. He thought Hang Jin could get rid of his slap with his skill. However, Hang Jin didn\'t hide. He even sent his face up for him to fight. Hang Jin added: "hang Zhenshan, I don\'t tell my mother about the ugly things I do outside, it\'s not because I\'m afraid, I just don\'t want my mother to be sad. All her thoughts over the years have been on me. If she knew that her husband had borne children with her on his back with other women, she would die of anger. "

"Hang Jin!" Hang Zhenshan raised his finger to Hang Jin, and his fingers trembled with anger. "He is a criminal policeman. He should understand that he should tell evidence in everything. Before there is no conclusive evidence, he would be a liar. This is a slander of others\' reputation. I can tell."

"Evidence?" Hang Jin took out his mobile phone, opened the mobile photo album, turned to the secret photo album, and input the password to open it. "Hang Zhenshan, since I\'m not willing to admit it, I\'ll beat him." "That\'s the evidence. Take a good look at what you\'ve done." Hang Jin hands his mobile phone to hang Zhenshan and says, "don\'t try to delete the photos. I have many backups."