My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1921

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Yin nianxiao ignores Hang Jin directly. He holds Chi Yangyang\'s hand tightly and looks up and down. "Yang Yang, is the team busy recently?"

Chi replied politely, "not very busy."

Yin nianxiao\'s heart ached: "I haven\'t seen you in a few days. You see, you are a little skinny again. It\'s not that the team is busy with work. It must be Hang Jin who bullied you. "

Before Chi Yangyang could speak, Hang Jin interposed, "empress dowager, you can\'t wrongly accuse your son. I\'ll tell you, it\'s good that your son doesn\'t let this little Four Eyed bully at home. There\'s no courage to bully her. "

Chi Yang stares at him.

Yin Nian smiles and pats him on the head: "bully you? How many people can bully you this day? Don\'t think I don\'t know what virtue you are. "

Hang Jin said, "no matter what my virtue is, it\'s all born of you. It\'s also your fault."

"Yin nianxiao:" I gave birth to you also born wrong

Hang Jin: "no mistake. Only a good mother like you can give birth to a good son like me. "

Yin nianxiao said, "you can talk."

Looking at their mother and son bickering, he seemed to see his mother. When her mother was alive, she would occasionally make her mother angry. As long as her mother was angry, she went to her mother\'s arms and cried sweetly to Mrs. Chi, praising her as the most beautiful mother in the world. Her mother\'s anger disappeared and she looked at her tenderly. Unfortunately, in her life, she can no longer see her mother\'s gentle and beautiful smile, and can no longer hear her mother call her a central station with her gentle voice. I can\'t see my father\'s nice and kind face any more If she had known that something like that would happen, she would have been with them all the time. One more second would have been one more. "What are you doing? In the house? " Slim waist, suddenly surrounded by a powerful arm, pulled back the floating thoughts of Chiyang. She slightly looked up at Hang Jin, and was glad that she had lost all her relatives, and he had been with her all the time.

"Little four eyes, don\'t look at me with such eyes, or I will be responsible for the consequences." This girl, I don\'t know how attractive her eyes are. If she wasn\'t at home now, he would definitely hold her once.

But Chi gave him a smile: "Hang Jin, thank you."

"Thanks? How can you thank me? " The thanks on his lips are just saying that Hang Jin would like chi yang to thank him with practical actions. For example, she should exercise more and keep up with her physical strength. At the sight of Hang Jin\'s eyes, Chi Yangyang knew that he thought of another picture that was not suitable for children. She didn\'t answer him, turned around and entered the room. As soon as she entered the room, she saw hang Zhenshan sitting on the sofa. He didn\'t see it, but Chi Yangyang still felt uneasy

and cried softly: "Uncle hang."

"Well." Hangzhen mountain\'s answer is to hum gently after drinking vegetables. Before, he had to make a face in front of Hangjin and yinnian\'s smile, but now he is too lazy to do it.

Yin Niang was not happy when he saw this situation. He went to hang Zhen mountain, pinched him hard, and warned him with his eyes

"Good." Chi Yangyang answered, but she didn\'t sit down. She grabbed Hang Jin\'s corner tightly with her small hand. "You don\'t mean to show me something. Where is it?"

When did Hang Jin say that?

"Empress dowager, I\'ll take xiaosiyan upstairs to see something. You can call us later for dinner." However, knowing that Chi was uncomfortable here, Hang Jin took her hand and went upstairs.

When he came to his room, as soon as he entered, Hang Jin put Chi Yang on the doorplate: "little four eyes, tell me honestly, did hang Zhen mountain do anything to you?"

"What are you talking about?" he asked? He\'s your father. What else can he do to me? "

What kind of person is Chi Yangyang? Hang Jin can\'t be more clear. As soon as the girl tells a lie, she blushes. Her heart is empty and her breath is short. At a glance, she can let people see through: "what did he do to you?"

He stammered, "no, no, don\'t say anything."

Hang Jin looked serious. "OK, if you don\'t say it, I\'ll ask him."

"Hang Jin!" Chi Yang Yang reaches out to Hang Jin, who is about to leave, and sticks his little face on his back. He rubs gently. "I want to live with you forever."

Hang Jin is frozen.

"You are my husband, and your parents are my parents," he said. "I will be filial to them with you in the future, instead of letting you fight with them for me and make them unhappy."

He was certainly happy to hear what he said, but it also proved that he guessed that it must be what he had done to him behind hang Zhen mountain.

Before, he had been wondering why he didn\'t want to go back to their home. Today, he understood everything.

And Hang Jin, where is willing to own small four eyes suffer such grievances.

Now that he knows it, he must ask, "tell me, what on earth has he done to you?"

He did not look up in his arms. He was afraid that he would say anything under his gaze: "really not."

Once Hang Jin\'s temper comes up, especially when it comes to Chiyang, nine cows can\'t come back: "if you don\'t want to say it, you can\'t say it. I\'ll find out for myself."

"Hang Jin, don\'t......" In fact, her strength is no match for Hang Jin, but Hang Jin asked her to hold him. "I said, but you promised me not to be angry and not to look for him."

Hang Jin bowed his head, picked up her face and asked her to look into his eyes: "you say. Don\'t lie to me. " "He just doesn\'t like us being together. He thinks Jiang Eryue is more suitable for you." Seeing that Hang Jin\'s face was becoming more and more ugly, Chi said, "but what does it matter if he likes it or not? We are already a real couple.

You want me, I want you. As long as we live a good life, what can others do to us? "

Hearing that hang Zhenshan had such a ghost behind his back, Hang Jin was full of anger, but his anger was suddenly extinguished by Chi Yangyang\'s next words.

He held her delicate face gently with his fingers with thin cocoons: "little four eyes, please remember that I am yours, and you are not allowed to give it to anyone."

"Well, I know." Chi Yangyang nestles in his arms, listening to his steady and powerful heartbeat, making a sound like mosquito and ant, "I\'m brother Jin too."

She said it very quietly, but Hang Jin heard it. Hang Jin held her in his arms, and the kiss like a fire fell on the lips of Chi Yang again.