My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1919

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Hang Jin is in a good mood.

Chi Yangyang can see it.

However, seeing Jiang Zhen\'s confession with her, shouldn\'t he be angry? Why is he in such a good mood instead?

Chi thinks he really doesn\'t understand this man.

When she didn\'t think he should be angry, he was always angry and angry. Sometimes I grin like I can\'t wait to eat her.

When she felt that he should be angry, he was not angry and so happy.

Did he have another cramp?

Chi Yangyang didn\'t understand. He squinted at Hang Jin and said, "why don\'t you get angry?"

"Who says I\'m not angry?" Hang Jin stopped and put his hands around her waist instead. He lowered his head and spat warm breath in her ear. "I\'m so angry that I can\'t help eating you into my stomach."

Hang Jin\'s voice was very soft and light, but it made Chi Yang shiver. She immediately took two steps back: "you, are you really angry?"

Hang Jin pulled her back to her bosom, suddenly opened her mouth, bit her round earlobe, and whispered, "if I don\'t get angry, I can."

Chi knew he was going to ask, "what do you want me to do?"

She looked up at him. The eyes of the heavy spectacle frame slag were very bright, and the slightly open red lips were bright. They were very attractive. Hangjin only felt that her body was restless again, and the hot lips fell down the next second.

Chi Yangyang was so surprised that he forgot to close his eyes. Is this the street? How did this man start again

She knew that she should push him away, but she didn\'t know why. Maybe she found that Jiang Zhen was looking at them at the second floor window, and asked her to reach out to Hang Jin\'s shoulder to cooperate with his domineering and powerful kiss.

A little action of Chiyang Yang obviously pleased Hang Jin, who deepened the kiss.

After a long kiss, Hang Jin left her lips and rubbed her head with her chin. The voice of her mouth was a little hoarse: "baby, tell me what you just said to Jiang Zhen."

"What, what?" He knew what Hang Jin meant, but he pretended to be stupid.

Just now, Jiang Zhen had a strong voice in front of her, but she still couldn\'t say such a sarcastic thing to Hang Jin. Now her face was red to the bottom of her ears.

Hang Jin\'s head was down, and his forehead was against her: "pretend to be stupid? Uh huh?

"No, I didn\'t..." Chi Yangyang hid in his arms, blushed and opened his mouth softly, "I like you! It\'s like a little more than I thought. "

"My little idiot, what you have done today makes me happy." Said, Hang Jin\'s lips covered her lips again.

Where did Chi know? Hang Jin followed her a few minutes after she left the house.

When a woman goes to see a man who has an idea about her, Hang Jin is not as slow as her. It\'s strange that he doesn\'t follow her.

Just to make him never thought, his little white Chi refused to start, that is merciless.

And he heard her say that she loved him.

Her answers to his morning\'s pressing questions were perfunctory.

Just now, she was very serious.

She said that he loves him and doesn\'t want any man except him in this life.

After guarding her for so many years, Hang Jin was not happy to see the moon.

At this point, if circumstances permit, he can buy the big screen in New York\'s Times Square and announce to the world that the woman himself says the word "love him".

In his confusion, Hang Jin ran Chi Yangyang up to his waist and strode towards the team, which made him scream and beat him on the chest with his fist: "Hang Jin, what are you doing? Let me down. "

"Don\'t let it go." Hang Jin never cares about other people\'s eyes. Besides his wife, is he afraid that others will not see him?

He wants more people to see the better.

Chi said that he didn\'t let Hang Jin put himself down. At last, he could only choose to be a turtle with a shrunken head. He buried his head in Hang Jin\'s arms and pretended that there was no one around.

"What\'s the matter with you, forensics Chi?" In the team, some people have poor eyesight. Seeing that Chi Yangyang was held by Hang Jin, they thought that Chi Yangyang was injured and wanted to help.

However, when Hang Jin looked at them together, he scared them away.

Chi thinks he can\'t see people in the future.

Hang Jin directly carried him to her office. After entering the door, he kicked the door down, and then he turned around and put him under the door.

"Hang Jin..."

What he wanted to say had not yet been said, and Chi Yangyang was stopped by Hang Jin again.

The lips are swollen again. They are really swollen.

The swelling of her lips didn\'t dissipate before. After being kissed by him, it hurt so much. She thought her lips were going to be sausage mouths.

After kissing enough, Hang Jin just let go of her and pressed her lips with his thumb: "what can I do?"

Chi Yang looks at him with his mouth tooted. It\'s her who should say what to do.

Her lips are like this. How can I see people later? "Baby, I don\'t want to be separated from you for a second. What do you say?" It\'s because the girl\'s taste is so good that it\'s harder to give up than poppy. I want to make her as big as the palm of my hand and put her in my pocket. When I think of her, I can take out her to accompany him.

"No more work?" Chi wants to come out of his arms, but he holds her too tightly, which makes her unable to escape. "Captain hang, there are many things in the team. Shall we work first?"

"Good." He said, but his voice was a little hoarse.

Chi Yangyang felt something was wrong. He dared not move any more.

Because she knows Hang Jin so well. If he is happy, he doesn\'t care if it\'s not an office here.

After kissing her on the forehead again, Hang Jin reluctantly let her go, but he secretly made a decision in his heart. When he caught the person behind the scenes and solved the case of LAN Feiyang, he must leave his job and take chi yang on his honeymoon.

Find a place where spring flowers bloom. Don\'t go out for three days and nights. Do whatever you want.


Today is another busy day.

After Hang Jin left, Chi Yangyang immediately devoted himself to his work, but unfortunately, all the clues found on the scene were still very bad for LAN Feiyang.

The dead usually live alone, and the family is well cleaned. There is no third person except for the trace of blue Feiyang.

All the evidence points to LAN Feiyang, who actually didn\'t kill.

That day, after Chi Yangyang and Hang Jin sent LAN Feiyang home, she slept at home and didn\'t go anywhere. She didn\'t expect to be charged with murder. It was ridiculous to think that she would come. LAN Feiyang knows that it\'s planted and framed, but she usually runs a recreational farmhouse. Where can she offend such a powerful person, plant her to kill, and achieve perfection?