My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1918

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Chi Yangyang studied medicine. She didn\'t understand some things at that time, but later she understood. After she understood the truth, she could completely propose a divorce, but she didn\'t do that.

"If I were given another chance to choose, I would still choose like this without hesitation," she confirmed

Jiang Zhen was shocked by her words for a long time, but he couldn\'t speak. When he calmed down, he said, "Yang Yang, what you really want is a marriage without love and calculation?"

"Who says our marriage has no love? He likes me and I love her, that\'s enough." Without brain thinking, he blurted out, and he just understood what was just a little bit worse.

Yes, she likes Hang Jin. That\'s why she is willing to be calculated by him and marry him.

Because she likes Hangjin, she dare to get drunk in front of Hangjin and go crazy in front of him. Because she knew that even if she was drunk, what he did to her, she would.

Even like it.

"You love him?" Jiang Zhen seemed to hear what an incredible words, he shook his head repeatedly, "no, no, you don\'t feel love for him, but rely on him from small to large. Yang Yang, I can give you what you need. " "No, you can\'t." Listening to Jiang Zhen\'s words, Chi Yangyang suddenly smiled with a bright smile, "thank you, teacher, for letting me know that I really love Hang Jin. This morning he asked me if I liked him. I\'m not sure. I thought I could do something else for him. "

Just now Jiang Zhen made her understand that even the same confession, she only accepted Hang Jin\'s, let alone other things: "teacher, you let me understand that in this world, except Hang Jin, I don\'t want any man, no man wants to rely on."

This morning, Hang Jin asked her if she liked him.

At that time, she didn\'t quite understand, and even thought that if other men were as good-looking as Hang Jin, she might have done the same to him, but now she knew profoundly and clearly that other men couldn\'t.

She secretly kissed Hang Jin while he was sleeping, because she loved him in her heart, so she obeyed her inner thoughts and kissed him secretly.

He suddenly wanted to see Hang Jin and told him loudly that she liked him very much. "Yang Yang, I admit that Hang Jin has his advantages, but can you give me a chance?" Jiang Zhen suddenly excitedly grabs Chi Yangyang\'s hand. "Yangyang, follow me, even if you don\'t love me, but follow me. Let\'s go to a place where no one knows us and start over. " Chi Yanyang pulled back her hand. After knowing her mind, she was very calm: "teacher, I am married, and I love my husband. I will not leave him with anyone. I respect you as my teacher, and I ask you to respect me. Please don\'t say that to a married woman in the future. "

"Yang Yang, you always listen to me. Why can\'t you listen to me again?" Jiang Zhen knows that his demands are too much, but only in this way can he help her. "Teacher, I used to listen to you because you were right. Now you can\'t express your love to a married woman, so I\'m sorry, but I can only refuse you. " In front of her feelings, Chi Yang is slow, but once she wants to understand it, she will only identify one person in her life. There is no sand in her emotional world. She believes that Hang Jin is the same, "sorry! I\'ll take a step first. "

If Hang Jin knew that Jiang Zhen wanted to talk to her today, he would be so angry that he would cut people off. Think about it, that man is really cute sometimes.

"Yang Yang, listen to me again." Seeing that Chi Yangyang is about to leave, Jiang Zhen immediately gets up and grabs her. Chi Yangyang struggles, but her strength is too small compared with him, and the struggle is useless.

Looking at Jiang Zhen holding her hand, she suddenly felt sick, but she understood that it was impossible to be tough and said coldly: "my husband is waiting for me outside, I don\'t want him to misunderstand. Teacher, please let go. "

She said it politely because she still read about the feelings of teachers and apprentices, but her tone was strange. She even moved out Hang Jin, who could not be here at all, to make Jiang Zhen have some scruples.

What do you know? Chi Yangyang just finished saying that she thought Hang Jin would never appear here suddenly. He looked very relaxed, but his eyes were very sharp: "Jiang Fayi, you don\'t want to hold the scalpel anymore?"

Jiang Zhen was not afraid of Hang Jin\'s threat, but he didn\'t want chi yang to look down on him, but he let go.

When Hang Jin came over, he didn\'t know where to take out a wet towel, grabbed Chi Yang\'s hand and rubbed it hard: "in the future, you can\'t touch anything unclean outside."

"Well." Chi Yang Yang didn\'t know if he had a brain pumping. He even nodded softly, which indirectly admitted that Jiang Zhen was that unclean thing.

Hang Jin then slowly looked at Jiang Zhen: "Jiang FA Yi, have you read so many years in vain? Don\'t you know that pestering a married woman is a road that can\'t be followed both in theory and in law? "

Jiang Zhen: "..."

He never changed his complexion. This time, his complexion was iron and green to the extreme.

"Don\'t let me see you later! Don\'t want to pester my wife! Otherwise, I care who you are. " Leaving his cruel words behind, Hang Jin hugged Chi Yangyang\'s waist and left in front of Jiang Zhen calmly and gracefully.

Jiang Zhen looked at the back of their departure, only to feel his heart twitching, and he was sweating with pain.

He has been waiting for two years, waiting for central chi to open up.

He waited until Chi Yangyang became enlightened, but she was enlightened by her feelings for Hang Jin, not him. In fact, he had long known that Hang Jin was different from other men in the heart of Chi Yang Yang. He had always covered up his feelings well. He even planned to look at her in silence and like her in silence. Even if she didn\'t know

all her life, there was nothing wrong.

But just yesterday, he knew something Therefore, he can\'t wait to take chi yang away from the muddy water. He doesn\'t want to see her hurt any more.

But after all, her heart did not have him, no matter what he said, she would not go with him.

Jiang Zhen falls on the chair feebly and holds the armrest tightly. It seems that only in this way can he control himself not to rush to grab Chi Yang back impulsively.

However, after such a quarrel, the good feeling that Chi Yang has accumulated for him has disappeared.

However, at least in the future, she will know the truth, and there will be no one left to hurt her.

Maybe it\'s just that he thinks more. Even if he doesn\'t, when he knows the truth, Chi won\'t be hurt by him. Because she never had him in her heart.