My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1915

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Who would have expected Hang Jin Yue to say that the more tears he shed, the more she began to twitch, and then she choked out: "I don\'t know what happened, but suddenly she wanted to cry."

Hang Jin: "..."

The little fool doesn\'t know why he cried, so what should he do?

He wiped his tears and said, "don\'t worry about me, maybe I\'ll be fine in a while. The more you care about me, the more I want to cry. "

Some people are like this sometimes. They have nothing to do, but when others say it, they may suddenly touch a soft place in their heart, and then the tears will flow uncontrollably.

"Then cry slowly. Don\'t cry for a while." Hang Jin wanted to leave some space for her, but her steps couldn\'t move at all. The little woman cried like this, breaking his hard heart like steel. How could he let her go.

He took his finger and wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes: "little four eyes, can you cry a little better when you cry? You see how ugly you cry."

Hearing this, Chi Yang immediately raised his head and wiped his tears: "Hang Jin, do you dislike me? I\'ll tell you that you are willing to marry me. No matter how ugly I become, you can\'t despise me. "

"Not necessarily." Seeing her crying and fierce appearance, Hang Jin was heartbroken and funny. "If you continue to cry, the more you cry, the uglier you are, I may regret marrying you and probably abandon you."

"Dare you!" Chi Yang Yang pinches him hard. His muscles are very hard. He pinches her fingers again, but she doesn\'t cry now. Instead, she stands up for a while and says, "go outside and find another woman. You are not allowed to enter the room tonight."

Hang Jin immediately followed her: "you want me to find other women, am I going? I don\'t think so. "

Chi Yangyang: "don\'t you dislike my ugliness?"

"But you are delicious," said Hang Jin

"I\'m not a snack," said Chi

Hang Jin: you are

"You go away, don\'t laugh at me. I\'m annoying when I look at you." He turned and walked into the room, slamming the door.


Hang Jin screamed, and Chi Yang opened the door immediately: "what\'s the matter? Have you got the door clip? "

"It hurts!" Hang Jin held his finger and nodded, "it hurts so much."

"I\'m sorry, I didn\'t mean to." He didn\'t want to hurt him. Seeing his injury, he was more distressed than his own. "Come with me, I will help you with the medicine, or it will swell later."

"No medicine, just blow it for me." Before, when they were young, Hang Jin used such a method to cheat Chi Yang.

At that time, Chi Yang was still small. What he said was what he said. Let her play for him, and she will play for him.

Now Hang Jin still uses such an old-fashioned way, but Chi Yangyang is no longer the little girl who didn\'t know anything at that time. She soon understood that she was cheated by him again.

All of a sudden, her eyes were swollen, her nose was sour, and her tears were about to fall again: "Hang Jin, how old are you? Can you stop being so childish?"

Hang Jin: "..."

He was just teasing her. Why did she cry again?

I used to hear that women are made of water, but he didn\'t believe it. Today, he believes it a little.

Just when Hang Jin couldn\'t help it, Chi said, "do you know that I will be hurt if you are injured?"

The words with crying sound came out of her mouth, soft and soft, but like a stone smashed into Hang Jin\'s heart lake, making his heart ripple.

As soon as he hugged Chi Yang into his arms, hot kisses came.

Later, when Chi Yangyang woke up from his arms, his back was aching.

She looked at the originator of all the pain and wanted to punch him twice, but she was reluctant to do it at all.

He slept soundly.

He has been watching him for more than 20 years, and he has seen the big one since he was a child.

She watched him grow from a young and lovely boy to a charming man.

Many times, she didn\'t want to admit how good-looking Hang Jin was, because she felt that as long as she said how good-looking he was, the man would grow a tail to the sky.

But she has to admit that Hang Jin is really beautiful. His facial features are so perfect when they are matched together. It\'s not good to score more or less.

No wonder so many girls throw olive branches at him even though he is never good at women.

Thinking of the women outside, especially Jiang Eryue\'s look at Hang Jin, how could they feel uncomfortable.

But then, Hang Jin belongs to her. She is alone.

Can\'t help, Chi Yang Yang raised his hand and gently stroked his eyebrows.

He has a pair of sword eyebrows. They are good-looking and thick.

He also has a high nose, sexy lips Touching, Chi Yang touched his lips, her fingers moved gently, subconsciously sketching his lips.

His lips are not only beautiful but also warm.

Chi Yangyang suddenly thought of the touch he felt when he kissed her. She wanted to taste it again, so she boldly approached him gently. The closer she got, the faster her heart beat.

Her heart beat was so fast that she almost jumped out of her chest, but she didn\'t flinch because the temptation was so great.

When she almost pasted it on him, she slightly raised her head and kissed him with red lips. She just kissed him once, and then she immediately retreated like a thief.

After retreating, she carefully observed again. Fortunately, he didn\'t wake up, and should not find that she had just kissed him emotionally.

However, I kissed him gently, as if it was not enough, and Chi Yang\'s fingers began to move again, gradually downward.

Hang Jin\'s figure is very good. He has eight abdominal muscles and no extra ugly fat.

His figure is more beautiful than many men\'s models who make money from his figure. In the past, Chi paid little attention to Hang Jin\'s figure, which can also be said to be noticed, but she was unwilling to admit his excellence. It seems that he would run away from her, and then surrounded by many other women.

Chi has always thought that he is a girl with good conditions, good family conditions, his own work and good looks, but compared with Hang Jin, he is still a little far behind.

Hang Jin was a child of heaven. No matter where he went, he didn\'t do anything. Those people\'s eyes would be attracted by him involuntarily.

She and him, not to mention a sky, a underground, in short, his appearance, let her have a little sense of crisis. But anyway, she is his wife, the woman he would like to marry home. No matter what reason they got married, the result is here.