My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1914

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Chi Yangyang didn\'t understand Hang Jin\'s pain. He had just opened a meat man, but he didn\'t taste the soft fragrance in his heart. He was busy with a murder case for a day and a night, and didn\'t close his eyes. His little woman was in front of him, and he couldn\'t do anything to her.

Now I\'m free. Looking at the little woman who has been in love for so many years, Hang Jin just holds her and has restrained herself from doing more.

"Then shall we not go home?" Chi Yangyang is helpless too. When the man is domineering, he looks like a big devil. He plays with a small temper and looks like a child, which makes her reluctant to push him away.

"If you want to go home, you need to hold it." Hang Jin held Chi Yangyang and kneaded and kneaded. He bowed his head and smelled at her neck. With a little electricity, his spirit improved a lot. "Hello, baby."

The baby called Chi Yang and gave him a gooseflesh. She couldn\'t help but give him a white eye. In the morning, she didn\'t forget who said she smelled of corpses.


The way home is very blocked. There is a traffic accident ahead. The traffic police are dealing with it. It will not clear up for a while.

Hang Jin is very worried because he wants to go home and deal with his beloved little woman. Now he is blocked in the road. He says that he will get off the bus and plan to go home in another way.

However, when he looked sideways, the center of the pool in the front passenger\'s seat was already sleeping on the back of the chair.

She closed her eyes gently and breathed shallowly. She looked very tired, but the small appearance was so cute that people liked it.

All of a sudden, Hang Jin\'s heart calmed down. Looking at her quietly like this, his heart was so soft that he was in a mess.

What does he ask for in his life is that she can stay by his side all the time and grow old with him hand in hand?

At this moment, she is sitting beside him, near where he can touch his hands, he has something to worry about.

Hang Jin took out his big palm, put the small hand of Chi Yang into the palm, and pinched it gently.

He said that he didn\'t want to wake up Chiyang. But Chiyang didn\'t sleep very well. As soon as her hand was held by him, she woke up and couldn\'t pull it back. She had to whisper, "Hang Jin, can you drive well?"

"I\'d love to drive, but it\'s all around. How do you want me to drive?" As he spoke, Hang Jin suddenly thought of something in his mind. His lips turned up and he smiled, "why don\'t you sit on me and let\'s drive in a different way?"

"You..." Chi Yang Yang blushed, pulled back his hand, and quickly leaned towards the window. "Nonsense again, be careful of me..."

Hang Jin unbuckled his seat belt, leaned over to her, and whispered, "be careful what?"

"I, I\'ll go home and pick you up." After holding it for a long time, he thought of such a warning without any threat.

"Well, well, I\'ll lie down and let you clean up when I get home." Hang Jin hoped that she could do what she said.

Some pictures came to his mind again, and he felt that his heart began to tremble when he thought that she was in full bloom in his arms, from a girl to his woman.

His girl has the cleanest and brightest eyes in the world.

His girl\'s lips are as charming as cherry\'s, and her small face is pink and tender, which can be broken by blowing.

His girl\'s waist is soft and soft. She can hold it with one hand.

His girl is the best girl in the world.

His girl


The sound of the car called back Hang Jin\'s thoughts, and the traffic began to clear up. He buckled his seat belt again and drove carefully, taking charge of sending his little girl home safely.


At home, there are meals from yinnianxiao. They are all packed in thermos pots as before. The temperature is right. You can open the box and eat them.

After eating delicious food, Chi Yangyang did not forget the hard-working man behind him: "Hang Jin, let\'s go back to your house for dinner tomorrow night."

Hang Jin looked at her as she was taking food. "You don\'t like going to my house. Why did you suddenly propose to go to my house for dinner?"

"When did I say I didn\'t like to go to your house for dinner?" he said

"You didn\'t say it. I was thinking about it myself." She didn\'t say that, but from her expression, Hang Jin could see that she didn\'t eat much at home when she went to eat at his home.

She used to have a small amount of food, so she went to his house to eat less. What if she was hungry?

Therefore, if it was not a last resort, Hang Jin would not take chi Yangyang back to his home for dinner. "I just think it\'s too hard for my aunt to send us food every day. She is so hard, you son should take more time to go back to accompany her. When you have the opportunity to accompany, please do not have the opportunity to accompany. Then you will regret it. "

Just like her, her parents used to go so far to study abroad when they were there. At last, they didn\'t even see their parents at the last time. Now they are regretful.

As the wife of Hang Jin, she should be more sensible. She should remind Hang Jin all the time to let him know the kindness of filial piety.

Hang Jin kneaded her face: "it seems that the Empress Dowager didn\'t give away these meals in vain."

Chi Yang clapped his hand open: "say, can not move."

Hang Jin told her with his actions that he not only moved his hands and feet, but also moved his mouth.

So at the time of eating, Chi Yang asked Hang Jin to gnaw at it. His lips were swollen and he felt pain when drinking soup.

She looked at the happy man with sad eyes: "Hang Jin, are you a dog?"

Hang Jin: "what are you then?"

Chi Yangyang: "I am your master."

Hang Jin: "little bitch!"

Chi Yangyang was stunned at first, then the fire broke out: "you wild dog, stinky dog, dirty dog..." She cursed all the swearing she could think of, but she didn\'t leave the dog word at last.

The scolded person is not only not unhappy, but also laughs like a fool. On the contrary, the scolded Chi Yangyang gets angry. Suddenly, her eyes turn red, and she lowers her head and pours on the rice.

Hang Jin: what\'s the matter

Chiyang Yang continues to grill rice, ignoring him, saying that he will ignore him.

Hang Jin held her chin and forced her to look up. When she saw the twinkling tears in her eyes, her heart suddenly hurt: "OK, how did you cry? Don\'t you scold enough? Then hit me. "

Tears rolled out of the corner of Chi Yang\'s eyes and fell on Hang Jin\'s back of hand, which made his heart shrink again.

"If you don\'t, I\'ll fight for you." Hang Jin picked up Chi Yangyang\'s hand and asked her to beat him on the chest, but she didn\'t hurt him. Instead, Chi Yangyang\'s hand hurt. Her tears were even worse.

This time, Hang Jin was stunned and at a loss.

Because before, no matter how he teased this little fool, she just tooted her mouth to sulk, and never shed tears like today. He added: "small four eyes, you hit me, I promise not to fight back, scold not to fight back."