My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1904

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Hang Jin\'s tight jaw eased a little. Chi knew that he was not so angry, and he hurried to add, "if he really means to me that he is in love with men and women, even if he needs help in work, I will try my best to find other people and not have private contact with him."

"I hope you do what you say." Hang Jin\'s voice was still cold, but Chi knew that his anger was almost over.

In order to make him believe that he didn\'t mean to talk about it casually, Chi Yangyang had to raise his hand and swear, "I will do what I promise you." "You have a little conscience. You know what I think." Hang Jin\'s face finally returned to normal, even with a little smile. Chi Yang knew that his anger had gone away. He leaned his head on his chest and rubbed it gently. "Who is my husband? I don\'t think about you. Who else can I think about?"

The word "husband" succeeded in pleasing Hang Jin. With a little effort of his big hand, he pressed the head of Chi Yang Yang on his chest. "Well, it\'s good to have such awareness."

"Hee hee..." Chi Yangyang smiled softly, raised his head to kiss his Adam\'s apple, and quickly evacuated.

Her kiss made Hang Jin stiff, and then her blood began to boil.

But the angry little idiot didn\'t know what kind of disaster she had caused. She really felt that her brother Jin was not fierce at all.

Because no matter how he put on his face to show her, as long as she takes a soft say a few good words, he will forgive her.

Ah She didn\'t know how much "disaster" she was about to suffer from the kiss.

Ding Dong

When the elevator door opened, Hang Jin took her two steps to step out of the elevator, open the door and enter the door. The speed was so fast that Chi Yang didn\'t respond. She had been pinned on the door plate by him, and his hot lips attacked her

Later, he didn\'t know how to get to the bedroom, how to get to the bed, and how to cry to him for mercy.

There was only one voice in her heart. She wanted to take back the idea of entering the house. Her brother Jin was not good at all. She cried and begged him. He still insisted on her.


She\'s so pitiful. She\'s so scared. She\'s afraid of strange and crazy experiences. She\'s afraid that she will die before she finds the murderer who killed her parents

I don\'t know how long it will take. Chi thought it might be a century. The storm finally stopped.

And deep in the center of the storm, she is like a young tree that has just experienced the baptism of the storm. She is dying. She can\'t bear to see. She can lose her life at any time.

She couldn\'t open her eyes, but her senses were very sensitive. She felt that he should be staring at her.

She was more afraid to open her eyes.

Hang Jin suddenly smiled. Her voice was low and magnetic. She couldn\'t say how sexy she was. "Do you like it?"

Do you like it?

He even asked her if she liked it!

She was almost killed by him. How could she like it.

But she nodded honestly again.

Tell him by action that she really likes it.

"Honest babies are rewarded." Hang Jin said, it\'s not hard to hear the joy and comfort in the voice.

Chi Yangyang felt the heat around her was evacuating. She didn\'t know what she was afraid of. She reached out and grabbed him, then stuck "brother Jin, brother Jin..." on him Needless to say, just murmuring that he only belongs to her, can make Hangjin blood boil. I wish I could get her back on the ground again, but Hangjin knows she can\'t stand the toss, and gently grasps her hand. "It\'s still painful.

Where is it? Chi Yang understood in a flash. His face was red rapidly, but he whispered "Hmm" in his ear

"Since you know the pain, don\'t touch it." Hang Jin took her hand, pushed her out of her arms and quickly got out of bed.

The heat source around him disappears completely. Chi Yang suddenly feels empty in his heart. He doesn\'t know why. She was not so sticky before, but today he wants him to hold her.

He doesn\'t have to do anything, just hold her quietly.

But he didn\'t. He left her to go to the bathroom alone.

After a while, Hang Jin came back with a hot towel in his hand? What\'s wrong? "

Chi Yang shook his head.

He added, "I\'ll help you deal with it, and you\'ll have a good sleep."

Originally, he didn\'t leave her behind, but wanted to help her. He felt very embarrassed, blushed and wriggled to avoid "no, I\'ll do it myself."

Hang Jin: are you sure you can move

Central pool "..."

Can\'t move. It\'s not because of him. He\'s also cruel to her.

Who just said honest babies have rewards?

Now not only haven\'t seen the reward, but also speak to her so fiercely.

Baby grievance!

Baby angry!

Baby to hold!

Just when a baby was crying, he had cleaned her up, bent down and hugged her, then pulled the quilt and covered her with "lie down for a while, I\'ll get something to eat."

"You got food?" Chi Yangyang didn\'t forget that he almost burned the kitchen last time. For the sake of their safety, she would rather apologize for her stomach. "Let\'s forget it."

Hang Jin: are you hungry

"I\'m hungry." But she was more afraid that Hang Jin would light the kitchen and burn her to death. Her strong desire for survival made her say, "hang, I think we\'d better order takeout."

"What\'s the matter with you sleeping? When you get up for two hours, make sure you have hot soup to drink." Hang Jin pressed the center of the pool into the quilt. "Close your eyes."

The center of the pool is not closed.

In case the kitchen caught fire in a moment, she had to run away as soon as possible.

Hang Jin accentuated his voice. "I told you to close your eyes, but I couldn\'t hear you."

Pool Yang Yang instantly counseled "close, close, fierce what fierce."

Is she still not his baby? She closed her eyes, and then felt that Hang Jin\'s breath was getting closer and closer to her. When she thought something was going to happen and held her breath, he just dropped a kiss on her forehead and left in a hurry


Then, Chi Yang heard a light almost inaudible sigh. Then she heard the soft footsteps and the closing of the door.

She knew that Hang Jin had gone out. She opened her eyes slowly. Her eyes were as bright as two jewels, and her red lips rose unconsciously.

Before, she always thought that her brother Jin only knew how to bully and assassinate her. She never found that her brother Jin was actually a very considerate man. Considerate to the time she wants to stay in this day, this moment, this second