My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1903

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Chiyangyang\'s voice is still as usual, soft, soft, but full of power.

She finally knew what that marriage certificate meant to both of them. She finally knew that he was her man and that he should not be too close to other women.

Hang Jin knew that he was slowly invading the little idiot\'s heart.

His heart suddenly swelled, as if to open a brilliant and beautiful flower.

However, the heart flower was not in full bloom, and he heard her say in her soft and bewildering voice, "no one wants to be coveted by others, so do I."

Hang Jin\'s heart flower or a flower bone flower withers with the fastest speed. "Small four eyes, I am a thing in your heart?"

Chi Yang immediately shook his head. "No, you are not a thing!"

Hang Jin raised his eyebrows. "Who do you say is not a thing?"

How to say this is wrong, Chi Yang Central flustered explanation "I\'m for example, didn\'t scold you, you don\'t get angry."

Hang Jin stared at her "little idiot!"

In order to please hang Jin, Chi Yang immediately changed the topic, "Hang Jin, do you have any requirements for me?"

He demands a lot from her.

In an instant, a plan came to Hang Jin\'s heart and said, "do I have a request to raise? Can you agree? "

See his face may change at any time, pool Yang Yang dare not say no, hard scalp nodded "of course."

Hang Jin said rudely, "well, my request is very simple. You don\'t want to see Jiang Zhen again or have any contact with him in the future."

"Jiang Zhen is my teacher and my working partner. He has rich working experience. I have many cases to ask him for advice. How can I not see him without contacting him?" he said

Taking advantage of a trump card in his hand, Hang Jin could not explain to the end that he had to contact him under the pretext of asking him for advice on his work. You are so nice

"You don\'t know my job. We do this. Everyone has their own projects. It\'s very common to ask other forensic doctors for help if they are not good at it."

Hang Jin said again, "are you happy when I see Jiang Eryue?"

Pool Yang Yang Dudu mouth, Wei Qu Baba tunnel, "how is this the same? Jiang Eryue has an idea for you, you have no work connection, and the teacher and I...... "

Hang Jin snapped at her, "little idiot, do you really don\'t know Jiang Zhen likes you, or don\'t you know?"

"I\'m a teacher\'s student, and I\'m his best student. I\'ve been studying with him for two years, and my achievements are obvious to all. Of course, he likes me. Or do you like you? "

Hang Jin wants to hit her on the head with a stick again. "He\'s your teacher, but he\'s also a mature man. His feelings for you have long been more than the feelings of teachers and students."

"Not teachers and students?" "Pool Yang Yang Leng Leng Leng," then you say he is what feelings to me

Hang Jin was speechless and almost turned his eyes. "He is a man and a woman to you, just like Jiang Eryue is to me. Get it?"

Chi immediately denied "impossible.". The teacher is different from Jiang Eryue, totally different. "

The teacher never asked her out in private or let anyone tell her that he liked her.

He is not the same as Jiang Eryue.

Hang Jin\'s chest hurt with anger. The girl\'s EQ is hopeless. "Little idiot!"

It seems that Hang Jin is in a bad temper. It\'s not like he\'s making a rumor. Chi Yangyang thinks about it seriously.

Jiang Zhen is a cold-blooded person. He doesn\'t like to talk at ordinary times. Apart from talking to her at work, he never tells her anything. Unlike Hang Jin, who likes her, he follows her all day long and tries to bully her.

What Hang Jin did to her, Jiang Zhen never did.

In short, Chiyang doesn\'t believe Jiang Zhen likes her at all. And it\'s the love of men and women.

Hang Jin "..."

This little fool.

Just when he was so angry that he wanted to scold, Chi Yangyang suddenly opened his mind: "Uncle hang, so you often aim at the teacher because you mistakenly think he likes me." "What do I mistake for?" Hang Jin was so angry that he blew his beard and stared. The car drove into the underground parking lot at a high speed. Then he opened the door and got out of the car. He slammed the door heavily. He ignored Chi Yang, who had not yet got out of the car. He turned around and left. "Chi Yang, you are really 500 divided by two."

"What two?" He didn\'t take the car key and left without locking the car. Chi Yang quickly took the car key and trotted to catch up after locking the car. "Good Lord hang, what do you mean?"

What does he say and what is it?

He\'s like a tyrant who can\'t hear anything.

Didn\'t he say a word right?

Hang Jin was more angry. He walked faster and faster. There was a wind under his feet. He soon left Chi Yang far behind.

Seeing that she can\'t catch up with him even when she is trotting, he will enter the elevator after a few steps, and don\'t know how. A flash of inspiration flashed in Chi\'s mind, and she pretended to fall to the ground. "Ah..."

It\'s too late to say the well thought tragic lines. Chi Yangyang sees hang Jinfei, who has already stepped into the elevator, running back.

Almost in a blink of an eye, Hang Jin has come to her side and picked her up from the ground. "You are a fool, you can fall flat when you walk. Tell me, why don\'t you die of stupidity?"

He said vicious words on his mouth, but the concern and worry in his eyes could not be concealed, which made central Chi see clearly and plainly.

She suddenly regretted her prank, "I\'m fine, don\'t worry."

"Shut up!" Hang Jin said viciously, but he held her tenderly for fear of touching the place where she was hurt.

"I\'m really OK! Just now because you\'re walking too fast, I can\'t catch up with you. I fell off. " Chi Yang said more quietly, finally buried his head in his chest, gently rub it against "I\'m sorry, I shouldn\'t be so willful."

Hang Jin "..."

This little idiot, she thought she could trick him with this trick?

He knew it was her little trick, but he still couldn\'t control himself to run to her side and let her succeed. After all, it\'s not her fault. It\'s his humbleness in front of her. After a while, when Hang Jin took her into the elevator, Chi Yang carefully raised his head from his arms, peeped into his tight jaw and said, "although there is no unclear relationship between me and the teacher, I will make you unhappy when I see him, and I will try to see him as rarely as possible in the future. If I have to ask him about something at work, I will tell you in advance or let you join me. I will never make unnecessary misunderstandings. "