My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1901

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"Fourth brother, I......" Jiang Eryue was shaken by the fierce eyes of Hang Jin. What he wanted to say was interrupted by Hang Jin again. "Jiang Eryue, since you forget, I should do something to remind you."

There was a sense of unease. Jiang Eryue was so anxious that he wanted to reach for Hang Jin. But before he met Hang Jin\'s clothes corner, Hang Jin retreated to avoid her extended hand. His voice was even colder. "Go away, don\'t let me see you again." "No, fourth brother, what did I do wrong?" Jiang Eryue blinked, tears rolled down from her eyes, and she looked very sad. "How can we say that we were friends who grew up together. Why are you yelling at me so indiscriminately "Eryue, you should know more about what you have done yourself. We are friends who grew up together, yes, but whose feelings can\'t stand to let you trample again and again. " LAN Feiyang knows that once Hang Jin moves, the result is unimaginable. Although Jiang Eryue is a little annoying, she doesn\'t want to kill her quickly. She stands up and talks, and still wants to give each other a way back. "Flying, why? Why are you doing this to me? What did the central government tell you? " Jiang Eryue can argue for himself. He should never push Chiyang forward to block her gun. In this way, not only Hang Jin can\'t spare her, but LAN Feiyang can\'t even let go.

LAN Feiyang said, "Eryue, no matter what happens in the future, it\'s all for you."

Jiang Eryue "I......"

Hang Jin "get out!"

Jiang Eryue "..."

What else did she want to say, but all the people around her gathered around her and looked at her gloating. If she didn\'t go, where would she put her face?

Out of the shop, Jiang Eryue suddenly stops and looks back at Hang Jin with tearful eyes. Unfortunately, hang doesn\'t see her at all

Jiang Eryue just left, and Chi Yangyang changed her clothes and came out. She seldom wears this kind of tight clothes. At the moment, she looks a bit awkward. "I think this skirt is small, and it\'s not suitable for me."


According to her size customized skirt, wear on her body, cover up the shortcomings of her body, enlarge the advantages. Hang Jin has always known that his small Four Eyed figure is actually very predictable. The place where he should be fat is just right. There is no unsightly fat. This thin place is thin, especially the waist. Hangjin feels that he can hold it with one hand, and can twist it with a little


Hang Jin\'s eyes were straight, and he almost burst out fire. Has the final say has the final say, "has the final say,"

blue Fei Yang laughs. "The central manager, you are not good at wearing this skirt, not the salesman, or I have the final say, or you have the final say, you just need to look at the eyes of our brother four."

Chi Yangyang had noticed Hang Jin\'s hot eyes for a long time, but he didn\'t dare to look him in the eye, because his eyes made her think of this morning, which also made people blush and heartbeat.

"Well, it doesn\'t look good." In his heart, Hang Jin almost praised his small eyes to the sky. Unfortunately, what he said was this. He also pushed her into the dressing room in person, "go and change it. Your original clothes are more suitable."

Blue flying "..."



A duplicity animal.

Salesman "..."


Never seen a man change his face so fast.

The cold face facing a woman at one moment can frighten people to death, and the eyes can be brightened by seeing another woman wearing a new skirt at the next moment.

Central pool "..."

She also felt that her original clothes were better looking.

After changing back to the original clothes, Chi Yangyang was relaxed. It seems that Hang Jin was back to normal, and no longer looked at her with the voice that made her blush and heartbeat.

Hang Jin asked the salesmen to pack their clothes and said, "what else do you want to go to?"

"I\'d like to hang out with sister Feiyang. Go and do your business." Chi found out that Hang Jin shouldn\'t be here. "By the way, how are you here?"

Hang Jin "stupid!"

How can this little idiot do this? He has been sold like a pig again and again without knowing it. "Little girl, the fourth brother must want to go shopping with you." LAN Feiyang had guessed the reason for Hang Jin\'s coming, but he didn\'t break it. He chose a good saying: "it\'s not too early today, Yang Yang. Let\'s go another day. Today you and Si

go back first." "Sister Feiyang, but I still want to accompany you." Chi Yangyang is worried that Lan Feiyang can\'t think of it alone. She writes "worry" all over her face, which makes LAN Feiyang warm. She rubs Chi Yangyang\'s head, "little girl, how are you doing better than your little life?

, I don\'t need you to worry."

"But Feiyang sister......"

Blue Feiyang and Shuanglang smile, "it\'s just a divorce. There\'s nothing to worry about. With my blue flying ability and appearance, it\'s not a problem to want all kinds of excellent men in the future. " "Flying sister..." Chi knows LAN Feiyang\'s strong personality. Even when she needs to care, she doesn\'t want to show her weakness in front of others. There are many excellent men in the world, but how many can blue Feiyang use all his strength to love? Love, this seemingly insignificant thing, is sometimes very strange. Seeing the right eye means seeing the right eye. It has nothing to do with appearance, age, occupation and status. Ye Zhiyang\'s condition is not the best choice for LAN Feiyang, but he is the most favorite man for LAN Feiyang at present.

It\'s also a man who breaks Blue\'s heart.

"Yang Yang, I\'m fine."

"Sister Feiyang, since you don\'t want to hang out, let\'s take you back to have a rest first." In a word, Chi Yangyang doesn\'t trust to leave LAN Feiyang alone outside. First, he will send her home. Someone at home will watch her. It\'s also reassuring.

"Well, listen to you." Chiyangyang\'s temper is blue and flying. If you don\'t see her enter the house safely today, chiyangyang is not sure.

Then, chiyangyang thought of Hang Jin, "Uncle hang, you have to drive."


On the way to drive LAN Feiyang home, Hang Jin said nothing.

Because he didn\'t want to take care of Chiyang. He really didn\'t want to take care of her. He even wanted to beat her up.

This woman, when she doesn\'t need him, let him roll away a little. I hate to let him roll away a little. It\'s better never to appear in front of her.

When you need him, you can ask him to drive LAN Feiyang home without his consent.

It wasn\'t without his consent, because at that time, when he asked if he had driven, he hesitated for a second and didn\'t answer. Then he came with a sentence: "if you haven\'t driven, I\'ll take a taxi to take Fei Yang home."

He is a man who loves his wife. How can he bear to have a car and not let his wife take a taxi.

So he became a temporary driver. However, the culprit who made him unhappy and LAN Feiyang sat in the back of the car chatting and chatting. They didn\'t even give him a look.