My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1899

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After buying skin care products, LAN Feiyang went to see the bags again. He saw some big brand bags. On the surface, Chi Yang was very happy, but in his heart, he scolded Hang Jin in silence.

If it wasn\'t for sleeping with him, how could she be so poor? Now she has to spend half a day in the bottom of her heart even buying a bag.

In the past, blue Feiyang went abroad to buy this kind of big brand bags, each of which could save thousands of yuan. Today, I mentioned three of them at once. I saved enough money to travel abroad.

Blue Feiyang has bought so many things, and Chi Yang has also chosen one. She has chosen a messenger bag that can put down the size of wallet and mobile phone, but it costs nearly 20000 yuan to buy it.

Watching the credit card brush off a large amount of money, central Chi felt that he had to be prepared for the next few months to save money and repay the credit card in installments.

The heart seems to be bleeding.

"Hey, Feiyang, Yangyang, are you shopping too?" Jiang Eryue\'s voice suddenly came from behind, and Chi Yangyang\'s body was slightly stiff. Is this a meeting of love enemies?

What was used by Jiang Eryue before, Chi Yangyang wants to come here now and feel uncomfortable. It\'s just that I haven\'t met Jiang Eryue for a long time. Chi Yangyang has almost forgotten this man.

LAN Feiyang looks back and says, "Eryue, what a coincidence."

Chi Yangyang smiles awkwardly, "elder sister Eryue."

Jiang Eryue looks around. As long as the man who is bound to appear when he appears in Chiyang central is not there, he is a little happy, but he is also a little lost when he doesn\'t see his sweetheart. "Yang Central, have you seen the fourth brother recently?"


Not recently, but every day. Last night we spent most of the night together. Some parts of her body are still in pain because Hang Jin is too domineering and rude. Chi would like to say that, but before she can speak, LAN Feiyang beside her has answered, "Er Yue, there\'s something I think you should know. As early as a few months ago, the fourth brother and Yang Yang got their marriage license. They are now legal couples protected by the law." In other words, before, LAN Feiyang would never care about the feelings that everyone grew up with. He was polite to Jiang Eryue. But after the incident, as long as there was a woman with a small mind, LAN Feiyang wanted to crush one when she saw one, which is more polite.

Jiang Eryue doesn\'t know Hangjin\'s feelings for Chiyang, but who is still pretending to show them?

"Married?" Jiang Eryue was stunned, but his facial expression adjusted quickly. "Yang Yang, congratulations."

Chi Yangyang smiled and didn\'t speak.

She thought that Jiang Eryue must have killed her now. Not long ago, Jiang Eryue asked her to persuade Hang Jin to go on a date with Jiang Eryue. Now she learned that she had already got a marriage certificate with Hang Jin. "Yang Yang, why don\'t you have a wedding? Is it the elder generation of the fourth brother\'s family who disagrees with your marriage or other reasons? " Jiang Eryue knows that hang\'s father intended her to be with Hang Jin. He and her father were talking about this a few days ago. Just when she thought she saw the light, she got a bolt from the blue on her head.

Chi Yangyang smiled, "soon, I will invite you to have a drink." "Good. I\'m waiting for your wedding Jiang Eryue talks and laughs freely, as if she didn\'t love Hang Jin or ask Chi Yangyang to help her meet Hang Jin. "Feiyang, Yang Yang, we haven\'t been shopping together for three years, don\'t mind if I join you."

LAN Feiyang is worried that Chi Yang is not Jiang Eryue\'s opponent. He wants to refuse, but he is pulled by Chi Yang. Chi Yang politely smiles, "I\'m tired of hanging out with Fei Yang. I\'m going to eat first and then hang out."

"Yes, there is a good dessert shop on the eighth floor. It\'s my treat." Jiang Eryue is aware of her unpopularity, but she has always been a wrongdoer of her own.

Jiang Eryue asked for a treat, and Chi Yangyang did not refuse. Several people sat by the window.

Jiang Eryue took the menu and didn\'t ask them what they liked to eat. She ordered three points according to her own preference. However, she gave the menu to the waiter, "please hurry up."

Blue flying "..."

Is it that women who want to be a junior are so unconscious?

Central pool "..."

It\'s OK. It\'s not good to eat anything with someone you don\'t like.

Jiang Eryue took out her mobile phone and said, "the three of us haven\'t been shopping together for a long time. Let\'s take a picture together and be nostalgic."

Before LAN Feiyang and Chi Yangyang agreed, Jiang Eryue quickly pressed the Photo button to take a picture of the three people together. She said, "every time you take a picture together, it\'s the most eye-catching picture of Yang Yang. After all, they have more eyes than us. "

How can I hear this? How can I hear it.

Chiyang didn\'t plan to argue with others, but LAN Feiyang couldn\'t bear to be bullied by others under her eyes. "Er Yue, I see the powder on your face is a little thick today, and it\'s all gone when you talk."

Jiang Eryue\'s face changed. "Is that right?"

LAN Feiyang added, "I always think that among the three of us, Yang is the best to see. She is naturally beautiful, with white skin and red skin. She can dump many people for several blocks without makeup."

Can\'t help but, blue Feiyang also reached out and flicked the face of the central part of the pool. "This face of our central part is as tender as the egg that just peeled its shell. It\'s tender, smooth and elastic." Chiyangyang is good-looking, but she usually wears thick black glasses and covers her face in half. In addition, she usually works in strict work clothes. When she has a rest, she is dressed in ordinary casual clothes. She looks like an 18-year-old high school student. Her sister in the neighborhood is not so attractive.

Then look at Jiang Eryue, tight skirt and heavy makeup. When she speaks, her mouth is like a big mouth. How to look scary? The key is that she doesn\'t feel it at all.

Chi Yangyang knows that Lan Feiyang is protecting her. She is happy from her heart. "Feiyang sister, don\'t take you to praise me like this."

Jiang Eryue did not find blue Feiyang at all, and said, "Feiyang, we three grew up together, but you grew up to protect Yangyang like a calf." "Yangyang is smaller than me. It\'s my sister. Who can I protect if I don\'t protect her? Protect you? But Eryue, you seem to be born at the beginning of the year, and I am the end of the year. You are several months older than me. I have to call you sister, too. " LAN Feiyang is looking for happiness when she goes out today. Now someone is blocking her heart, so she will not be polite. Jiang Eryue was so disgusted that she couldn\'t say anything. She played with her mobile phone awkwardly. She sent their photos to Zhu Chuang and said, "our sister three is shopping in the shogal in the south gate. Do you want to come over and have a meal together in the evening?" The intention Jiang Eryue sent to Zhu Zhanzhan was obvious. It was to let Hang Jin know where Chi Yang was. Then Hang Jin would come naturally. As for why she didn\'t send it directly to Hang Jin, that\'s because she once sent a private wechat message to Hang Jin, and Hang Jin directly blacklisted her.