My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1897

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Alcohol is really harmful, but it\'s not an excuse for doing something wrong.

Chi vowed in her heart that she would never let alcohol ruin her life.

If she woke up the next day after drinking and was surrounded by a strange man, Hang Jin had to pick her skin.

Think about it, she was so scared that she shivered He looks up at Hang Jin. Fortunately, he doesn\'t see her.

Seeing ye Zhiyang\'s trouble is so serious, I can\'t explain it clearly for a while, but I can\'t explain it clearly. He said he didn\'t do anything sorry to blue Feiyang, but he was sure that he woke up with a naked woman. Two naked men and women wake up from a bed in the morning. To say that nothing happened to them last night, even a fool would not believe it. But Chi quickly used his professional medical knowledge. "In medicine, generally speaking, a man can\'t get rid of B after he is drunk, but it doesn\'t rule out that the woman with him initiatively leads him. But if so, it can prove that Zhiyang is innocent. But he\'s not all innocent. He didn\'t pay attention to protecting himself when the boys were out, so that other women could take advantage of it and hurt Fei Yang so deeply. " "It\'s Ye Zhiyang\'s fault anyway." Just after hearing the story, Hang Jin has scolded Ye Zhiyang fiercely. The swearing words are similar to those of Chi Yang. However, when he comes to Chi Yang, he always

thinks that he should strive for a little face for men, otherwise she may not move to talk about it. As soon as he said this, he was sure to meet the white eyes of Chiyang. "Master hang, it\'s not ye Zhiyang\'s fault, is it Feiyang\'s fault? Do you have a relationship with other wild women outside one day, and you still have to come back to me because I don\'t usually serve you well? "

Hang Jin: do I mean that

What do you mean then

If the quarrel goes on like this, the matter of Shuangyang will not be solved. They will fight again. Hang Jin immediately made a sign of surrender, "old ye, do you think of anything?"

"I think it\'s possible that someone deliberately set up a bureau to frame brother Zhiyang," he said

Hang Jin looked at her and nodded approvingly. "What else?"

"Feiyang sister\'s business has developed very fast in the past two years. I heard that there are competitors who want to bring them down, and they can\'t rule out the other side\'s use of such despicable means."

Hang Jin nodded again. "You\'re right. I don\'t rule out the villain who has this kind of move. But do you have any other guesses? "

Chi Yang Yang touched his forehead and thought seriously, "I can\'t think of anything else for the time being."

"Do you remember what happened to Zhao Ziqian?" he reminded

Listening to Hang Jin\'s mention of Zhao Ziqian, Chi Yangyang suddenly realized, and his eyes widened with surprise. "Do you mean that the forces behind us have extended their claws to our friends?"

Hang Jin\'s lip angle slightly raised, "the response is not too slow." Chi Yangyang clenched his fist tightly, and a cold thought flashed in his eyes: "those people have harmed my parents, our colleagues and now our friends. Hang Jin, we can\'t be so passive anymore. We must find a way to attack actively. "

Hang Jin rubbed her head and said, "well, I see." Hang Jin is not worried at all because he has some clues in his hand. The informant in his hand gave him two more practical clues. In two days, he will be able to determine one thing, and then he will be able to determine who the murderer is.

But he didn\'t know the clue he had, and he was a little nervous.

If the person behind the scenes is only aimed at her, she is not afraid to fight with them, but those black hands stretch out a little long and get her friends.

Seeing her uneasiness, Hang Jin can\'t help holding her in her arms and stabbing her face with Hu dregs. "Little idiot, I\'m here. When the sky falls, someone will hold it for you. Don\'t be afraid." "I don\'t want you to hold it for me. I want us to hold it together." For the first time, when she was awake, she took the initiative to hold his waist. "Brother Jin, no matter what happens, don\'t hide it from me. I\'m not a little girl who can\'t let you protect anything behind her anymore." "Well, you\'re not a little girl. You\'re a mature woman." The joy of Hang Jin was obvious, and the volume of the word "woman" was especially increased, which made people think that last night, Chi Yang was so ashamed that he pinched his waist. Her small hand is weak and boneless. At best, she can use the scalpel to dissect the corpse more easily. His waist is strong and strong. She pinches him, which is no different from tickling. But Hang Jin exaggerates, "it hurts. You want to kill your husband.

”"No shame, I haven\'t recognized your identity yet."

"Didn\'t admit my identity?" As soon as Hang Jin\'s sword eyebrows were selected, there was a dangerous light in his eyes, and there was some evil spirit in his eyes. "Who asked me to hurry up last night?"

Chi won\'t admit that he did such a disgraceful thing anyway. Anyway, he can\'t give evidence. She doesn\'t admit it. What else can he do to her?

However, Hang Jin had some ways to repair Chi Yangyang. He suddenly approached her. He looked down and didn\'t know what he said in Chi Yangyang\'s ear. He let Chi Yangyang\'s face suddenly burst red to the bottom of his ear and scolded him with a low voice, "stink!"

"If you don\'t like me, I\'m shameless."

Central pool "..."

This man is really shameless.

She pulled away from him, but like a dog skin plaster, Hang Jin immediately pasted it again. "Little idiot, you promise me something, I won\'t talk about last night."

"What is it?" Chi Yangyang always thinks that this man is digging a pit for her to jump, but he still wants to know what pit he is digging and whether it is a pit that can make her jump willingly.

Hang Jin said, "let\'s listen to my husband."

Chi gave him only one look, let him experience.

Hang Jin "who cried last night, begging me?"

Chi Yangyang was so anxious that he put out his hand to cover his mouth for fear that he would let others listen to his shameless words. "Uncle hang, people are coming and going here. Can we have some faces?"

Hang Jin "who warned me with the marriage certificate before going out today..."

"Husband!" Cold not Ding, two words from the pool central mouth. Because she knew that if she didn\'t answer his request, he could do more shameless things.

It\'s better to be as direct as he wants, and let him put away and play with her mind.

"Wife!" Hang Jin\'s words fell, and his fiery lips came up. I don\'t know if it\'s because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He always thinks that his small four eyes look more attractive.