My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1893

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Ye Zhiyang knows that Lan Feiyang\'s character is the same. If you treat her well, she can treat you ten times better. If she finds that the person she has been really giving betrays her, there is no room for maneuver.

Ye Zhiyang wants to go to the elders of both sides to persuade her and let her listen to his explanation. However, ye Zhiyang does not know how he can explain to her, because it is true that he wakes up in the bed of other women. Even if he didn\'t want to do something sorry to her, he didn\'t do anything sorry to her, but he let it happen, let the woman come to the door with a big belly and let him be responsible, so it\'s like he personally took a blade

Li\'s knife and fiercely inserted it into the blue flying heart.

"Feiyang, what should I do?"

He hoped that she could beat him, scold him and punish him in any way, but asked her not to ignore him and not to divorce him.

But does he really have a chance to save her?

…… "Brother Jin, do you think you don\'t like me?" On the bus home, even though he was wearing a seat belt, Chi Yangyang was still dishonest. From time to time, he stretched out his small hand to scratch Hang Jin. "You said you liked me. You are not allowed to cheat me, or I will not give you sugar."

"No." Hang Jin holds the steering wheel in one hand and holds her hand when she is free. "I like you. I always like you. It has never changed." His voice has a long-standing low and sexy, if not outside, he would have It\'s just that the little girl who wears people doesn\'t know how much she wears people. She even holds his big palm with two hands, raises it to the soft face, rubs it again and again

"then why don\'t you look at me? Is it because I\'m not cute enough? " She seemed to realize something. She threw away his hand, found her cell phone randomly, turned on the camera, looked at herself and giggled, "no, I\'m still what you like. Still so lovely and invincible. Grandpa said that I am the most lovely girl in the world, don\'t you think? "

Hang Jin "..."

His little four eyes still have such a bad time.

But it\'s lovely and invincible!

"Brother Jin, your little four eyes are still your little four eyes, but if you change, you won\'t laugh at me. You look so ugly." With her mobile phone on her side, Hang Jin\'s face was also on the camera. "Eggplant!"

She casually pressed the Photo button to freeze Hang Jin and her appearance in her mobile phone. She stretched out her finger and poked at her, "how can my brother Jin look so beautiful?"

Hang Jin "..."

He still didn\'t speak, but the slightly raised corners of his lips betrayed his mind when he heard her. "My brother Jin is so beautiful. I want to hide him in a place that other women can\'t see." Chi Yangyang is eager to hide Hang Jin in his mobile phone. It\'s still not safe to hide here and there. "No way, I can\'t hide it.

I can\'t hide it anywhere." She stroked her confused brain and thought. Her dim eyes suddenly flashed a light. She raised her mobile phone to her mouth and kissed randomly. "I want to brand my brand on brother Jin, so that everyone can know that brother Jin is mine. Then no one will rob me. Heh heh... I\'m so smart. I\'m a genius. "

After that, she kissed her cell phone in disorder again, and Hang Jin was so angry that he grabbed it back and said, "what are you kissing in disorder?"

He is here. If she wants to kiss, she will rush to kiss. If she wants to leave a mark, she will kiss him. If she wants to kiss his cell phone, she will kiss something.

"Brother Jin, are you really angry?" Even though he was drunk, he couldn\'t forget what was buried deep in his bones for a while. Chi Yangyang always knew that he made Hang Jin angry, and the consequences were serious.

She timidly shrank to one side, and opened her eyes like rabbits to look at him pitifully. "Brother Jin, where did I do wrong?"

Seeing this, Hang Jin suddenly felt empty. He could not help but soften his voice again. "Little fool, how can brother Jin be really angry with you. Don\'t be afraid. "

"Hee hee..." Hearing Hang Jin\'s words, Chi Yangyang laughed as happily as a child who ate honey. "Of course I know. I was just teasing you."

Hang Jin "..."

This girl, when drunk, is lawless.

In the past 20 years, he has drunk her twice in total tonight. After two times of drunkenness, his performance is almost the same. Therefore, he had the opportunity to cheat her to register for marriage only a few months ago.

"Brother Jin Brother Jin... " Chi Yangyang blushed, calling her nickname over and over again, "I can only call brother Jin in three words. No one else is allowed."

Hang Jin "..."

You still need her to say?

Who else did she see call him that?

"Brother Jin..."


"Brother Jin..."


"Brother Jin..."


She did not know how many times he called, and how many times Hang Jin responded to her, without a trace of impatience.

It\'s just that Hang Jin accelerated his speed again. Looking at it carefully, he could see that he could bear it so much that his forehead was full of blue tendons.

Fortunately, Meise is not far from their home. It\'s ten minutes\' drive away.

After the car stopped stably in the parking lot, Hang Jin got off the car immediately, and then he took Chi Yang out of the front passenger seat. Chi Yang immediately held his neck. "Brother Jin, I want you to tell me that you like me again."

"Later, brother Jin will tell you how much he likes you with his practical actions." Hang Jin holds Chi Yang and flashes to the elevator like a gust of wind. He presses the elevator to the door.

Open the door and enter the room. Hang Jin is in one breath.

Tonight, right now, he will enjoy his feast!

He put Chi Yangyang on the bed, just wanted to get up, but Chi Yangyang hung on his neck, her face stuck on his chest, "brother Jin, grandpa left because he didn\'t like me?"

She cried!

Hot tears wet Hang Jin\'s shirt on his chest, making his whole heart tremble. For a moment, he didn\'t want to get any feast, just want her to be happy.

It turns out that her initiative to come out to play is not to relax, but to numb the pain of losing relatives with wine.

He opened his mouth, but didn\'t say a word.

His silence scared Chi Yang.

"Brother Jin, please like me all the time, OK?" She tightly tugged at the corner of his clothes, raised her head slowly from his arms, and said with tears flashing, "promise me that you will always like me, OK?"

"Good!" Hang Jin said. As soon as a heavy word "good" came to the ground, her soft and hot lips came up.