My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1885

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Chi Yangyang stabilizes his mind, struggles out of Hang Jin\'s arms, and walks unsteadily to the bathroom. Hang Jin knew what she wanted to do, or he asked, "what do you want to do, little four eyes?"

Chi Yangyang didn\'t answer. He went into the bathroom and began to wash his face and brush his teeth.

Hang Jin didn\'t stop him. He turned and went out of the room. "Empress dowager, prepare something to eat right away. I will eat it soon."

The food is kept warm in the pot, so that it can be ready at any time when Chi Yang wants to eat. Yin Niang laughs and asks nothing more. In a hurry, he takes the food out of the kitchen.

When Yin nianxiao put the food on the table, and Chi Yang, who had changed her clothes, came to the living room, Hang Jin immediately grabbed her and said, "eat something first, then you can handle the case."

Chi wanted to refuse, but when he saw Yin nianxiao, he swallowed the words "I\'m not hungry".

Their mother and son didn\'t owe her anything, but these days after grandpa died, they stayed with her and thought of ways to make her happy.

They really loved her as a family member, but she let them fear for her again and again. Suddenly, Chi Yangyang felt a lot of remorse and guilt. She opened her mouth and wanted to say sorry to their mother and son, but before she could say it, she saw Yin Nian smiling kindly and gently. "Yang Yang, people are iron and rice are steel. It\'s absolutely impossible to not eat. Hang Jin used to tell me that he had to eat and have fun to have mental work. I also dislike him for making excuses for his hooligan. Now I think he is right. It\'s a common thing for you to work all night when you\'re busy with a case. You don\'t eat and have fun in your spare time. You\'re really not in a good state to work. We are so young one by one, we can\'t drag our hind legs because of our health, can\'t we? "

"Auntie, I\'m sorry!" After hearing Yin nianxiao\'s words, Chi felt that he should apologize to her. She was immersed in the grief of the loss of her loved ones, and they should not be worried about her.

"Yang Yang, how can you say sorry to me?" Yin nianxiao wants Chi Yangyang to get rid of the happy knot and come out from the pain of losing her relatives, but he doesn\'t let Chi Yangyang apologize to her.

Knowing that he was too abrupt to say sorry, Chi Yang may frighten Yin Nian to smile. He added, "thank you, Auntie! Thank you and Hang Jin for helping me and worrying about me these days. "

Yin Niang smiled and held Chi\'s hand. "Silly child, you are Hang Jin\'s wife, I am Hang Jin\'s mother, that is to say, I am your mother too. We are all family. Thank you."

Hang Jin, on the other hand, has been staring at her ever since he spoke, as if to stare at two holes in her face.

She spoke!

Finally speaking!

Although it\'s polite words like sorry and thank you, it\'s better than that she\'s kept silent.

Hang Jin immediately served a bowl of porridge to Chi Yang. "Empress Dowager is right. All three of us are family. We are so polite. Let\'s eat quickly. We have something to do after dinner." Chi Yangyang looks up at Hang Jin, only to find out that he looks haggard. It seems that he is also made trouble by her. She wants to say sorry to him, but when she opens her mouth, she finds that she is choked, so she has to open her arms and hug him forcefully.

"Brother Jin, thank you for your willingness to accompany me with your way to give me the strength to move forward. You can rest assured that your little four eyes will learn to be strong and won\'t worry you any more."

When he was suddenly hugged by Chi Yangyang, Hang Jin\'s body was obviously stiff, and his head was blank for several seconds. When he responded, Chi Yangyang had let go of him and sat on the chair.

Chiyang Yang took a sip of porridge, which was boiled with green vegetables, with a little green fragrance, to let her know that there are still people in the world who really love her, she is not alone.

She lowered her head and quickly finished a bowl of porridge. Yin nianxiao, who accompanied her, added another bowl to her in time. She said gently, "Yang Yang, eat slowly and don\'t choke."

Look, Yin nianxiao really loves her as a daughter. In this life, she can meet such a mother-in-law. She is afraid that it\'s a blessing that she has been cultivating for several lifetimes. She should cherish it and never ignore the care of her elders.

Chi Yang Yang looks up and smiles at Yin Nian, and smiles gently. "Auntie, I used to worry about you. I didn\'t think about many things well. Later, I will change my mind and try not to let you worry about me." "Yang Yang, you look at your child, and you say that Yang is not right. Aunt like you, will care about you, worry about you. If you don\'t let your aunt worry about anything later, she can\'t feel the necessity of her existence.

In the future, you can do whatever you want. Don\'t think it will add burden to us. " Yin nianxiao\'s purpose is to make Chiyang live happily and comfortably, not to think about others everywhere. He can\'t do this or that.

Because she knew that a sensible child was so heartbreaking.

"Eat quickly. It\'s cold again if you don\'t eat." Hang Jin promptly took the dishes and put them in the central bowl of the pool, interrupting the conversation between the two women.

Chi Yang is full without eating much.

Hang Jin and Yin nianxiao didn\'t force her to eat more either. It would be much better if she could eat.

Before going out, Yin nianxiao told "Stinky boy, today I will do your party well and then go home. If you can get off work on time, make sure to let the central government eat more. "

"Well, I see!" Hang Jin gave him a hug before going out, thanking her for giving him the awesome moment at the critical moment, never giving him any resistance.


After going out, Chi Yangyang did not speak again, his head was always low, and Hang Jin did not know what she was thinking.

When he got on the bus, Hang Jin wanted to break the silence, but he didn\'t know what to say. When he was a little angry, Chi Yang said, "today\'s case victim is a minor girl?"

The woman was really focused on the case.

Thinking that he had done everything, but failed to let her speak, a simple case could attract her attention, and Hang Jin was a little sour in his heart.

But he nodded, "15-year-old girl. Died at home. When the family comes home, they report it to the police. "

Chiyangyang did not ask, two people all the way silence to the scene of the crime.

According to the first investigators, the body of the deceased was found dead in the bedroom of his home at about 10 o\'clock this morning.

Chi came to the bedroom and first examined the body. The clothes on the girl\'s body are neat and clean, and her face is very calm. If there is no heartbeat and body temperature, she looks like sleeping.