My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1884

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If I don\'t say it now, I\'m afraid I won\'t have a chance to say it again.

The old man has lived such a long life. He should have seen everything, ate what he should have eaten, and played what he should have played. He doesn\'t feel sorry to leave the world. The only thing he can\'t rest assured about is his granddaughter, Chiyang Yang.

So no matter how tired and painful he wants to give up, he is holding his last breath. He is waiting for his only family member in the world to come. He has a lot to tell her. He used his last strength to hold Chi\'s hand tightly. "Yang Yang, my silly child, don\'t be sad. Think like this, grandpa is not going to die, but go to heaven with your parents. You have to live a good life in the future. Your father and I will watch you in heaven. "

"Grandpa, no, I don\'t want you to leave, don\'t want you to leave me, I want you to stay with me forever."

"Silly child, the person who can accompany you through your life is not your parents, not to mention my old man, but your pillow man." The old man looked at Hang Jin and said, "Hang Jin, the central government will give it to you. Later, later..."

Mr. Chi would like to finish one sentence at a time, but his physical condition is not allowed. It took several seconds for him to make a sound. "Please treat her well in the future, stay with her all the time, and never leave her like us."

Hang Jin looked down heavily. "Don\'t worry, old man, I will."

Mr. Chi said again, "Yang Yang, you must also promise grandpa that you will always be with Hang Jin in the future. No matter what happens, don\'t break up easily. "

Pool Yang Yang cry snivel tears flow together, or heavily nodded, "Grandpa, I promise you."

It took nine cows and two tigers outside the pool to hold their hands together. "I\'ll have a good time with Hang Jin in the future. Don\'t be sad because my grandfather left..." "Grandpa, no, no I don\'t want you to go, don\'t want you to leave me, I just want you to accompany me. Please don\'t go, don\'t... " Even though he cried heartbreaking and heartbroken, he could not prevent the disease from taking him out of her world and disappearing from her life forever.


After grandpa Chi left, he held a funeral for the old man, because he didn\'t like extravagance and waste, because the funeral was also simple, and the people who came were only close relatives and friends.

When the funeral was held, Chi\'s mood seemed stable. He took good care of the relatives and friends who came to attend the ceremony. Everyone looked at her with sympathy, but she didn\'t seem to need it.

After the funeral, Chi came to his parents\' tombstone and knelt down on his knees, "Dad, mom..." As soon as she spoke, her tears kept on crying. Once again, she burst into tears. She wiped her tears hard and said, "it\'s Yang Yang who is unfilial and doesn\'t take good care of Grandpa. But I know that grandpa is such a good person, he will go to heaven with you, and you will be together in the future, and live a good life, but also can not forget the central bank, you must often give the central bank a dream when you are free, and let the central bank know that you have not forgotten the central bank Let the central bank know that it doesn\'t have nothing to live in this world... "

"Mom and Dad..." The center of the pool choked, holding the stone tablet tightly with both hands. Her fingers were bleeding with great strength, but she felt no pain, and the more strength she felt, the greater strength she felt.

After that, Hang Jin rushed to her and dragged her back to her arms. "Chi Yangyang, what nonsense do you say? What do you mean you have nothing? Is Lao Tzu inferior to anything else in your heart?"

It\'s not that he doesn\'t exist in the world of Chiyang that Hang Jin is angry with, but that she torments herself like this.

Chi Yangyang didn\'t have the strength to speak, but the more tears flowed, the more severe they were, how could they not stop. "Chi Yangyang, I said, I will accompany you in this life. You have to know that without the father and your parents, you still have me. " Looking at the tombstone in front of him, Hang Jin solemnly said, "Mom and Dad, I\'m Hang Jin. I\'m the child you saw when you were young. Please rest assured. I\'ll take care of you in the future. Please also tell her that she will not be alone in the future, and she still has me. "

She has him!

Chiyang knows that she still has him, but he is him and her relatives are her relatives.

However, Hang Jin always goes his own way. Regardless of the situation, he directly pulls Chi Yang from the ground. "Mom and Dad, today I\'ll take my little four eyes home first, and come to see you another day."

Hang Jin forcibly took Chi Yang back home. Later, Chi Yang didn\'t say a word for several days in a row. She was like her soul was taken away. She lived in a fog. Hang Jin tried every way to let her talk, but she failed. In addition to Hang Jin, there is another person who is also very anxious. That is Yin nianxiao. She came to the house several times and wanted to persuade Chi Yangyang. But Chi Yangyang hid in the corner of the bedroom and shrank into a group, which made Yin nianxiao heartache. "Yang,


She called a few times, and Chi Yangyang didn\'t answer, so she had to go out and find Hang Jin. "Stinky boy, Yang Yang is such a girl all the time. You have to think of a solution." Hang Jin\'s face was tight. In a few days, Chi Yang was thin. His appearance was not much better. He grabbed the hair that hadn\'t been taken care of for a few days, and suddenly thought of "I\'ll go to the bedroom, you go to the living room balcony and give me a call."

Yin Nian asked with a smile, "what do you think of?"

Hang Jin "the way to let little idiots talk."

Hang Jin didn\'t know if the method he thought of was available, but he had to try it, no matter whether it was useful or not. It was better than no method. Hang Jin enters the room. Just when he comes to Chi Yangyang, his mobile phone in his pocket rings. He thought that his Empress Dowager\'s work efficiency was fast enough. However, he took out his mobile phone and found out that the phone number he dialed into his mobile phone was not

Yin nianxiao\'s but Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment. In the past, when there was a work phone call, Hang Jin would deliberately avoid Chi Yang. Today, he was trying to use Yin nianxiao\'s hand to fake the case, so as to attract Chi Yang\'s attention. At this time, Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment called just in time, and he didn\'t need to act

and answered the phone directly, "what\'s the matter?"

What was said over there? Hang Jin repeated, "there was a murder at 1809, unit 2, building 9, Lihu community, No. 99, Yanhu road. The victim was a 15-year-old girl..." Hang Jin was saying that when he saw Chi Yang, who had been shrinking in the corner for several days, suddenly got up. Because of the same injury for several days, she felt like she was spinning around and almost fainted. Fortunately, Hang Jin had been ready for it, grabbed her and said to the other end of the phone, "I\'ll go right now."