My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1882

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Hang Jin didn\'t know how long he had been tossing and turning before he went to sleep. After falling asleep, he still kicked a corner of Chi Yang Yang discontentedly in his dream: "hateful little four eyes!"

However, just when Hang Jin was sleeping soundly, the cell phone ring on the head of the bed suddenly rang, which was particularly harsh in this quiet night.

Hang Jin was woken up in a flash, but Chi Yangyang didn\'t even move his eyelids. He still slept soundly.

"Little idiot! I really want to throw you out of the window. " His mouth was dissatisfied with Chi Yang. Hang Jin hurriedly took her mobile phone. Facing the mobile phone, the incoming call tone automatically decreased, and it was not so noisy. Hang Jin fixed his eyes on a string of strange phone numbers. He turned over to get up and went out of the bedroom to answer the phone. The purpose was not to affect Chi\'s sleep, of course, but he would not have a good tone if he was waked up in the middle of the night: "I don\'t care who you are. If you don\'t have a serious reason, I have to pick your skin."

The other party didn\'t expect to hear such a sinister voice. He was stunned for a few seconds and then asked carefully, "is this Ms. Chi Yangyang\'s mobile phone?"

Hang Jin said impatiently, "please tell me something quickly." The person on the other end of the phone should be frightened by him, and his stammering voice came again: "yes, yes, Ms. chiyangyang\'s grandfather\'s condition suddenly worsened, and she once had a state of shock. Now it\'s under rescue. You need her to come right away. No, it\'s possible that she can\'t even see the last face of the old man. "

Hang Jin roared, "what\'s the last thing you can\'t see? You will tell your Dean right away that I said it by Hang Jin. If the old man has three advantages and two disadvantages, I will blow up your hospital. "

That end didn\'t talk.

Hang Jin hung up the phone and immediately made another call. It was late at night, but there was a second answer: "hang Shao, I already know about old man Chi, and now I\'m also rushing to the hospital. Don\'t worry, we will do our best."

"You know!" Hang Jin hung up the phone, scolded him and rushed into the room with his mobile phone. He almost lifted Chi Yang, who was sleeping like a pig, from his bed. "Four eyes, don\'t sleep in case of emergency."

Being carried like a chicken by Hang Jin, Chi Yangyang was scared to wake up even after he slept. She reached for her glasses, put them on, and said vaguely, "you don\'t sleep in the middle of the night. Is there any new case?"

"There\'s no time. Let\'s walk and talk." Hang Jin took a coat and put it on Chi Yangyang\'s body, dragged her out of the door, got on the car and drove, almost in one go.

In the middle of the night, there were very few vehicles in the street. Hang Jin stepped on the accelerator, and the car was as fast as an arrow flying out.

"Hang Jin, slow down, safety first." Chi Yangyang didn\'t see Hang Jin in such a hurry. His mood was affected by him. He asked anxiously, "what kind of case made you so anxious? Is it... "

The three words of "the case of the broken corpse" have not dared to be said by the Central Committee of the pool. She very much hopes that Hang Jin will say no to her.

Hang Jin slowed down and glanced sideways at Chi Yang: "little four eyes, can you promise me something?"

Chi Yangyang: "you say."

Hang Jin: "you promise me."

Chi Yangyang: "you didn\'t say anything. I don\'t know if I can do it. How can I promise you?"

Hang Jin: "you promised me anyway."

Chi Yangyang: "Why are you so domineering? You tell me what it is first? "

Hang Jin accentuated his voice, almost shouting, "I want you to promise me."

Chi Yangyang\'s neck shrank with his roar and looked at him timidly: "well, I promise you that\'s it." Hang Jin glanced at her again: "little four eyes, you have to remember that no matter what happens, I will accompany you through all difficulties. You remember that you are not alone. You have me and I am your husband. "

Hang Jin\'s seriousness made Chi Yang feel uneasy and uneasy: "Hang Jin, don\'t scare me, will you? Just tell me what happened."

Chi Yangyang did not dare to think, nor would he like to think, but he planted the seeds of uneasiness in his heart.

Once again, Hang Jin glanced sideways at the center of the pool. She was also staring at him. Between her eyes and eyebrows, she could not hide her worry. What he said almost to his mouth was speechless.

But seeing that the hospital is getting closer and closer, if he doesn\'t give her a preventive injection now, he will see the situation of old man Chi in a moment, and the girl will surely collapse.

Hang Jin\'s left hand clenched the steering wheel, and his right hand took Chi\'s hand: "just now I received a phone call from the hospital calling you, saying that the old man is critically ill, let\'s go to the hospital quickly, otherwise..." "Ha..." Before Hang Jin finished, Chi Yanyang suddenly pulled back his hand and laughed, "Hang Jin, it doesn\'t matter what you say about me, but this joke is not funny, let alone random. I warn you not to talk nonsense. " Hang Jin, Ming, Bai Chi, Yang, Yang enjoy themselves. Many people will build a protective wall in their heart when they encounter something they can\'t bear. They will tell themselves that everything they hear is fake unless they see it with their own eyes. A former classmate of Hang Jin died in a car accident. His body was frozen in the funeral parlor. When the mother of a classmate came to see her son\'s body, she was in a stable mood. She could also talk and laugh with her relatives. Many people thought that the mother of a classmate had no feelings. She could also talk and laugh when her son died in a car accident.

The reverse is the moment when the mother of the classmate saw the body of the classmate. At that time, the whole mother of the classmate was powerless to pour on the ground, and the tears were flowing, but she couldn\'t cry.

That\'s because before I saw my son\'s body, my mother didn\'t want to believe what I heard was true.

That was what Hang Jin saw with her own eyes, so she was more worried that Chi Yang would not accept it.

Hang Jin opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he didn\'t say it after all.

It\'s only two years since Chi Yang lost her parents. Now her only father-in-law is in a critical condition. She certainly doesn\'t want to believe it.

Chi Yangyang sat right in front of the car and watched the road fly back. His lips were slightly raised: "I called grandpa this noon, and his voice was very energetic." She smiled and continued: "grandpa told me that his appetite has increased recently. The doctor said that he would be discharged in a few days. He also promised me to leave hospital and move in with us so that I could see him every day when I came home from work. When I was very young, my grandfather told me not to lie or cheat, because if I told a lie, I would use a hundred lies to circle it. I am so big, he has never cheated me, this time will not