My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1881

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Because Chi Yangyang is asleep, on the way home, Hang Jin drives very smoothly, in order to make up for his sleep safely and steadily.

Just after the car stopped in the parking lot, Hang Jin\'s cell phone rang suddenly. He immediately answered the phone and whispered, "empress dowager, what can I do for you?" Yin Niang\'s hot voice came from the handset: "I said you boy, what are you doing in a day? Why didn\'t the chopsticks move when I sent you the food last night? If you don\'t like your mother\'s cooking, you said earlier that I\'m too lazy to give it to you every other time. "

Last night, they received a new case before they left work. They didn\'t go home all day and all night. Naturally, they couldn\'t eat the meal that Yin nianxiao gave them. However, Yin nianxiao didn\'t know. He called to ask questions.

Hang Jin didn\'t intend to explain more, but said softly, "empress dowager, my little baby is asleep. If you have anything to say later, don\'t disturb her to sleep."

My baby?

Yin Niang laughs for a moment. Then she knows who Hang Jin is. She immediately laughs: "Yang Yang is asleep. Turn down the volume of your mobile phone. Don\'t wake her up."

Does it need her to say?

Hang Jin turned a white eye, but did not dare to say. Yin Niang, who had a 180 degree turn on the other end of the phone, said with a smile: "son, I\'ve sent you food again. It\'s all on the table. You can take it out of the thermos bucket when you get home. You remember to let the central government eat more and fatten up the body. That child is too thin for me. "

Hang Jin said softly, "well."

He also wants to fatten up the little white idiot, but the little idiot is born with such a figure that he can\'t eat fat, and he has no choice with her.

Yin Niang laughs for fear of disturbing Chi Yangyang to sleep. He lowers his voice on the other end of the phone: then I won\'t disturb your couple\'s world. I\'ll go home first. "

Before Hang Jin could speak, Yin nianxiao hung up.

It\'s really my mother! Hang Jin looked at Chi Yang, who was lying in the copilot\'s seat sleeping like a pig, and reached out to flick her delicate and white face: "you say you are such a little idiot, you are so damn adorable. The middle-aged woman who is so picky as my queen mother is also poisoned by you."

"Don\'t make any noise..." Chi Yangyang raised his hand and clapped it open. He turned over and went to sleep again.

"You!" In fact, since the death of Chi\'s parents, Chi Yangyang has been sleeping in a very precarious way. Many times, she was awakened by nightmares. She fell asleep in the car today. It seems that she was really tired.

Hang Jin couldn\'t bear to disturb her any more. He opened the door gently, got off the car, went around to the front passenger\'s seat and opened the door. Then he gently held her in his arms and carried his wife home in the most man-made way.

Chiyangyang\'s height is not short, about one meter six to one meter six eight, but Hang Jin can\'t feel much weight in her arms, just like a baby in her arms.

Hang Jin thinks of a way to make Chi Yang grow a little meat. He can\'t go out later to make the old man think that he\'s mistreated by his husband.

Chiyangyang this wench is really a grinding fellow. When he holds her, her head goes into his arms, and then continues to sleep.

Hang Jin\'s heart was tickled. He swore that he would make a ghost oath. Hang Jin was always an action group, whether it was in the elevator or not, whether someone would come in or not, and looked down for Chi Yang\'s lips.

Sure enough, the girl\'s lips are still so sweet, which makes him wish to kiss her like this for his whole life, and never part for half a minute and half a second

Just as Hang Jin enjoyed his sweetheart, the elevator arrived on the first floor, and two people came in one after another. Their eyes fell on Hang Jin and Chiyang Yang, but they did not affect Hang Jin\'s actions at all.

He can\'t wait to kiss his sweetheart.

However, even if those two blinding eyes were fixed on them, one of the middle-aged women said: "this is a public place, some people pay attention to the influence." Hang Jin rubs Chi Yang\'s head into his arms and protects her well. He just looks at the middle-aged woman who is talking. He doesn\'t say a word, but with a cold and fierce look, she retreats to the corner of the elevator. If the elevator can open a seam, Hang Jin\'s eyes make her roll out of the seam.

Just as the middle-aged woman was shaking with fear, Hang Jin took out her elevator card with one hand and pressed the button on the nearest floor. Soon the elevator tinkled and the two women rushed out.

When the elevator door closed again, Hang Jin\'s eyes went back to Chi Yangyang\'s body, and suddenly became gentle. He lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead: "it\'s still my little four eyes that are lovely."


After returning home, Hang Jin put Chi Yang on the bed, took off her shoes and coat, covered her in the bed, went to the bathroom to get a towel and wet it with warm water, then came out to wash her face, even wiped her hands. His hands are diligent and his mouth doesn\'t stop: "my little ancestor, I must owe you in my last life. You always say that I\'m the Lord. Who are we? Do you usually care so much about this young master? When did I do these things, so you must be kind to me, or I will kill you. "

After all this, Hang Jin went to the restaurant to check the food Yin nianxiao gave me. The food was packed in insulated barrels. When the lid was opened, you could see that the soup was still steaming, and you could smell the food.

The Empress Dowager of his family is very kind. She has brought new food, and has not forgotten to take away what she sent yesterday and help them clean up the kitchen and restaurant.

Hang Jin opens the refrigerator. The empty refrigerator is also filled with vegetables and some soy milk products. When you are hungry, you can eat them with a simple treatment.

He knew the work of chiyangyang very well, so he would never prepare frozen meat and other foods in the refrigerator. He did not expect that his Empress Dowager could remember so clearly.

In front of Yin nianxiao and Chi Yangyang, he always said that Yin nianxiao was eccentric. He reminded Yin nianxiao that he was her son. However, he was very happy that his wife could be loved by his mother.

After checking these, Hang Jin went to take a bath. He thought that when he got out of the bath, the girl should wake up, and then they could eat together. After eating, he would pull her to do what he always wanted to do.

However, he didn\'t think that Chi Yangyang was sleeping heavily and awake. Hang Jin, who was lying beside her and couldn\'t sleep, tried to wake her up several times, but gave up as soon as he saw the dark circles under her eyes. Hang Jin kept persuading himself to bear it. If he could bear it again, it would not be unbearable. In the future, he must double the punishment he suffered tonight.