My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1880

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"Mr. policeman, I really don\'t mean to kill her. I\'m a negligent murderer, and I actively cooperate with you in handling the case. I\'m going to surrender myself. You must help me plead for mercy and let the judge treat me lightly." At this time, Zhang Baoguo did not show remorse for the killing and throwing of corpses. He was more worried about his future and his life. After hearing his words, the interrogators laughed sarcastically: "Zhang Baoguo, do you know what is surrender? First of all, you didn\'t actively cooperate with the police in handling the case. Second, you bluntly denied that you killed someone. Moreover, you didn\'t realize how serious your crime was. If it is not for the investigators to find the iron evidence of your killing and throwing corpses, now you are still denying it. "

Zhang Baoguo: "but I......"

Hang Jin, who saw the scene of "gossip" between the two in the monitoring room, was impatient again. He shouted at the microphone, "stop talking nonsense and let Zhang Baoguo explain how he threw the body."

The interrogator asked again: "Zhang Baoguo, now a good account may reduce your crime. Once you continue to sophisticate, the consequences are very serious. If you\'re wise and don\'t talk about other nonsense, tell me how you threw your body. " "After Chen Sisi didn\'t breathe, I was very nervous and scared. I thought of calling 120 for emergency treatment, but when I picked up my mobile phone, I regretted. I couldn\'t let others know that I killed someone, or my life would be really ruined." The more said, Zhang Baoguo\'s hands trembled more and more. Maybe he knew that his life was really over before he began to be afraid. "Just because of this thought, I found a big suitcase at home and stuffed Chen Sisi\'s body in it. Then I dragged

the suitcase and stuffed it into the trunk of my brother-in-law\'s car. I know you\'ll probably find out. After throwing the corpse, I will destroy the suitcase containing the corpse and throw it into the garbage station. "

"Your brother-in-law\'s car?" With Zhang Baoguo\'s confession, it can be clear why the investigators didn\'t have useful clues in Zhang Baoguo\'s car. "My brother-in-law occasionally goes out on business for a few days. When he is on business, he parks his car in the parking lot downstairs of my house. In order to prevent special circumstances and facilitate moving, he leaves his car key in my house. I didn\'t think much about it that day. I used his car instinctively. " Zhang Baoguo doesn\'t know why he killed, but Hang Jin knows that he killed with passion, but there is time to think about how to deal with the body after killing. Zhang Baoguo, of course, does this to avoid harm.

in this way, the probability of the investigators finding him will be somewhat smaller.

Investigators: "continue." Zhang Baoguo said: "I put down the front light barrier when driving, so as to block my face, so that you can\'t find the evidence that I went out after 9 p.m. I was going to throw Chen Sisi\'s body downstream of the Phoenix River, so that her body could be washed into the sea by the river, without knowing the ghost. If anyone finds her body again, they can only think that she died of drowning. It\'s impossible to doubt my head. But the light was dark that night, and I was too tight. The next day, when Chen Sisi\'s body was found by the cleaning staff, I knew that I had gone the wrong way, throwing the body up the Phoenix river. "

Case handler: "this is called tianwanghuihui\'s negligence without omission!"

"Mr. policeman, my son is still young, and he also relies on and trusts me. Can we not let him know about this?" Zhang Baoguo knows that his future may be over, but there are many things and people still can\'t let go. Zhang Baoguo\'s wife is away all year round. The two people get together less and leave more. When they got married, they had feelings, but their feelings gradually faded. Whether they have each other can go on like this, but their son is his blood, the only blood. He can\'t rest assured.

The investigators put away the files and said, "we have informed your wife. As for not letting your son know about it, it depends on what your wife means. We don\'t care. "

Zhang Baoguo was unable to lower his arms, and tears of regret and fear flowed from the corner of his eyes.

Since then, the drowning case has been solved, and the investigators who have been busy all day and night can finally get home from work on time, have a good rest for one night, and prepare for better work tomorrow.


Hang Jin takes Chi Yangyang home. He plans to find a restaurant to eat on his way home. Who knows that Chi Yangyang just got on the bus and fell asleep in his chair.

This little fool!

When investigating the case, it was called a spirit. She didn\'t close her eyes all day and all night, which didn\'t affect her work. So Hang Jin had to wonder if she had taken any stimulants.

But Hang Jin knew that Chi had no stimulants at all. It was her duty to keep her spirit

"Little idiot!" He scolded her, but the voice was as soft as marshmallow.

It doesn\'t take long for her neck to ache when she sleeps against the seat. Hang Jin quickly pulls over the side of the car and shakes the copilot\'s seat down so that she can lie on her back. Then she takes the spare towel on the car and covers it for her.

Mingming just helped her cover the quilt, but unfortunately his eyes fell on her lips. He kissed her on the lips by the way, and he couldn\'t stop the kiss. Hang Jin couldn\'t help but accentuate the kiss.

Damn it, chiyangyang, the little white idiot, is too sweet. His lips are as sweet as honey. They can be sweet to people\'s hearts. Whenever he meets them, Hangjin doesn\'t want to stop.

Hang Jin is always an action oriented person. If he kisses her and doesn\'t want to stop, he doesn\'t stop. He kisses her tenderly and affectionately, till her lips are more and more charming.

Damn it!

Hang Jin cast a low mantra again. In a hurry, he let go of Chi Yang, and then kissed him like this. He didn\'t know what else he could do. Maybe

Chiyangyang, a little idiot, is really like a goblin to him. Obviously, she didn\'t do anything to him when she was lying here, but she always had the ability to confuse him to lose his mind.

Hang Jin awkwardly returns to his seat and prepares to start the car to go home. However, when Hang Jin starts the car, Chi Yang turns his head and mumbles, "brother Jin, I......" "Where am I, what do you say?" Hang Jin quickly put out the car and put his ear to her, trying to hear what she said, but her voice was so small that he didn\'t hear it at all, just looked up and saw a smile on her lips.

He didn\'t know what she was laughing at, but it was a beautiful smile that tickled him.

"Little muddleheaded, did you dream of my young master?" Seeing her smile, Hang Jin\'s lips began to lift unconsciously.

Whether or not Chi Yangyang, a little idiot, dreamed of him, Hang Jin thought that she must have dreamed of him. If she dared to dream of another man, he would tear her up.