My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1878

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But Chi Yanyang got into the case and pushed the heavy eyeglass frame on the bridge of her nose: "five years ago, there was a rape and murder case in Xiaoshan City. At that time, because the first scene was not found, the suspect only admitted rape and denied killing. As the police have no strong evidence to prove the suspect\'s murder, it has been impossible to solve the case. It took two years for the case to be brought to justice. Hang Jin, if this case also develops in the same direction as that one, then we will be very passive. We may not be able to bring the murderer to justice after spending

time and effort. Do you understand my concerns? "

"I know what you\'re worried about, but I can\'t help eating." Hang Jin put the rice in a bowl and pushed it in front of her. "After dinner, I\'ll discuss the case with you, or I\'ll let you go home and rest."

Hearing that he was going to let her go home to rest, Chi Yangyang was so worried that his lips were white: "Hang Jin, I\'m not quarreling with you As the leader of Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment, you have the obligation and responsibility to find out the murderer as soon as possible. " "Little four eyes..." Looking at her, Hang Jin always looked at her with the eyes of bully and goofy. There were many things that Chi Yang could understand and could not understand. "I am the leader of Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment, and I am also your man. I am your husband. Do you understand my worries?" Chi Yangyang is a little confused, but seems to understand that Hang Jin is concerned about her, afraid that she will work too much to sleep In such a way, she smiled apologetically: "I\'m sorry, I\'m too focused on the case and didn\'t pay attention to my physical condition. I\'ll try my best to correct it in the future, so that you won\'t worry about it any more."

"Eat it then." Hang Jin put food in her bowl again. "Your worry is not unreasonable. I\'ll send another group of people to look for the scene of throwing corpses with three groups of people."

"Well, OK, ok Let\'s have a quick meal and go on working. " Chi Yang Yang quickly took two mouthfuls of rice and looked up at Hang Jin and smiled.

Her smile made Hang Jin feel uneasy again. He quietly scolded: "you little idiot, I will clean you up and make you cry for mercy one day." Five years ago, the case in Xiaoshan City was also a sensation. Hang Jin didn\'t know about it, but he heard about it more or less. After being reminded by Chi Yangyang, he thought it was necessary to do a good job in the prevention and solution of the possible development direction of the case. He absolutely did not allow the murderer to run away under his eyes.


The results of Zhang Baoguo\'s DNA test report soon came out. The results showed that the Dan extracted from the secretion in Chen Sisi\'s Yin Dao of the deceased was completely consistent with Zhang Baoguo\'s DNA.

In front of the iron evidence, Zhang Baoguo can only be honest.

He hesitated and said: "Captain hang, I, I admit that I did have a sexual relationship with Chen Sisi, the dead man, more than once, many times. But she and I are both in love, not forced. " "Happy with each other? Why didn\'t you take the initiative to come out and tell us the investigators that you and the dead are still in love when you didn\'t find your head before? " Hang Jin looked at Zhang Baoguo, his face suddenly cold. "Then tell me how you two like each other." "I didn\'t come forward to say that it was mainly because of the relationship between me and her that couldn\'t be seen, and I was afraid that my wife would know, so..." Zhang Baoguo wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and then explained, "as I said before, my wife works in a different place. Sometimes she comes back on weekends, sometimes half a year." Zhang Baoguo glanced at Hang Jin secretly and saw that his face did not change. He said, "Captain hang, you and I are men. We all know something. You think I\'m a man in his prime, and I can\'t live a normal husband and wife life all the year round. I feel empty in my heart. Chen Sisi, a young and beautiful college student, appears in my sight, so I came together with her. " "Who the fuck is a man with you? Who the fuck knows you? When your wife is not at home, you can find another woman. What did you get married? " Hang Jin just doesn\'t understand what those cheating men think. He married his wife and was still outside. Why did he want to get married? Isn\'t marrying a woman willing to be with and loyal to each other?

Zhang Baoguo was a little confused by Hang Jin\'s roar. He thought that Hang Jin, who was the same man, would think the same way as him. He never thought that Hang Jin\'s reaction would be so great. Didn\'t he think about the experience in the pot in the bowl?

But knowing that this was not the point, Hang Jin quickly picked up his mood and said, "you continue to explain your situation with Chen Sisi." Zhang Baoguo carefully said: "Chen Sisi and I didn\'t know each other for a week. Later, she said that she was about to graduate from University, and wanted to find a more relaxed job, so that I could arrange her to our company, and I knew that she had a purpose to approach me. At first, I refused to help her arrange the work, but I didn\'t agree that she wouldn\'t let me touch her. You think I am a normal adult man, it\'s too hard to bear it. I have no choice but to nod my head and promise to arrange her to work in our park

"Go on," Hangjin asked Zhang Baoguo added: "the employees in the more relaxed positions of the company have done well, and they all have some relationships. I can\'t dismiss them and arrange Chen Sisi to work in the company. Only when I find a way to open a ticket seller who often makes mistakes can I arrange Chen Sisi to work in the company."

Hang Jin: there\'s more

"No," Zhang said

Hang Jin said, "what\'s your relationship after Chen Sisi joined your company?"

"Our relationship has always been good," Zhang said

Hang Jin: "so you can\'t kill him."

Zhang Baoguo added: "I have a lover relationship with her. It\'s true. It\'s true that our relationship is stable. It\'s true that I didn\'t kill. "

hung Jin added: "but Sisi Chen is not satisfied with the present job, and make complaints about the job, which is much cheaper than the cow, and makes less than the cow. Can she tell you nothing? Didn\'t ask you to change her position for a better one? "

Zhang Baoguo\'s eyes twinkled, and Hang Jin accentuated his tone: "say." Zhang Baoguo added: "she has to ask me to assign her to the finance department, but you all know that the people in the finance department must be very trusted by the boss, and the boss of our scenic spot is not only me, but I don\'t think I can change people. But Chen Si didn\'t listen to me and said that I was pushing on purpose, so he quarreled with me again. "

Hang Jin: and then Boss Zhang scratched his head nervously and stammered, "then, then, she scolded me for being useless, said a lot of ugly things, and said that I would never touch her again. So I touched her in a rage. It was about nine o\'clock the night before yesterday. After that, she left. I haven\'t seen her since."