My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1876

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Hang Jin let people find Jiang Xiaomiao, who had a conflict with Chen Sisi.

The investigators asked "Jiang Xiaomiao, is it because Chen Sisi robbed you of the limelight in the company, so you hated her and killed her in the Phoenix river."

Jiang Xiaomiao denied, "Mr. police, I said I would kill Chen Sisi. It\'s just angry words. I didn\'t kill her at all. If I really had the idea of killing people, would I be stupid enough to say it first? "

When did you quarrel with Chen Sisi yesterday? Where did you go after the quarrel Jiang Xiaomiao said, "our park is closed at 6:00 p.m. and security personnel have half an hour to clear the site. The real time when we finish work is 6:30 p.m.". My quarrel with Chen Sisi is probably between 6:00 and 6:30. After the quarrel

I went home from work. "

"Who can prove that you\'re home?" the agent asked

"My boyfriend is happy," Jiang said

The investigators asked again, "are you happy to work in your company?"

Jiang Xiaomiao nodded, "he is the security guard of our company. We\'ve been dating for two years, and I\'ve been living with him for a while, but because of Chen Sisi\'s appearance, our recent relationship is not very good. "

Case handler: "you think the important factor affecting the relationship between you and your boyfriend is Chen Sisi, so you think that the relationship between you and your boyfriend will be good if you get rid of Chen Sisi, so you kill Chen Sisi." "Mr. policeman, I have said that Chen Sisi was not killed by me. I didn\'t kill anyone." Jiang Xiaomiao said anxiously, "I told you earlier that I would go home after her quarrel. When I got home, my boyfriend was happy and blamed me.

he said that I shouldn\'t quarrel with Chen Sisi. He said that I lost his face, so I took the car back to my own home. "

What time do you go home? Who can prove it? " Jiang Xiaomiao continued, "I go out at about eight o\'clock in the evening, and I go home at about nine o\'clock in the evening. After that, I have been staying at home. Until this morning, I packed up and went to work in the company. During this period, I didn\'t see Chen Sisi, let alone kill her. "

How do you remember the time so clearly? Who can help you prove what you say is true? " "When I went out, the big screen outside the wall of a nearby shopping mall was playing the beginning of a TV play, which I had been chasing, and it was clear that I would start several days every night. And the receipt for my ride. " Jiang Xiaomiao took out his mobile phone and went to the wechat payment record, "here\'s the money I gave by taxi. The driver is a big young uncle. At that time, he saw that I was crying all the time, and handed me a tissue. He also told me that there was no big deal. I just wanted to open it up

The investigators immediately contacted the traffic control department. They didn\'t spend much time to find the taxi driver Jiang Xiaomiao took last night. After questioning, it was proved that Jiang Xiaomiao didn\'t lie. Last night, she and her boyfriend were happy to quarrel and then took a taxi home.

Jiang Xiaomiao\'s family also proved that Jiang Xiaomiao returned home last night and stayed at home after returning home. Until this morning, he went out to work and didn\'t leave his home.

Chen Sisi had a quarrel with Jiang Xiaomiao yesterday afternoon, and no one saw her again. Today, she didn\'t come to work. Besides, the forensic doctor didn\'t confirm the specific time of Chen Sisi\'s death, so he ruled out the suspect\'s time.

Another group of investigators found Jiang Xiaomiao\'s boyfriend and asked, "Mr. Gao, I heard that you are very close to Chen Sisi recently. What is the relationship between you two?" "Chen Sisi, the young unmarried male member of our company, is very close to Chen Sisi. People like her are just playing with each other, and women like that are fickle, who are willing to have a relationship with her. "

"Where were you last night after you quarreled with your girlfriend?" the agent asked? What are you doing? "

"Happy" last night after she left, I was also very angry. I bought several bottles of wine on the take out website and drank them until midnight. Because I drink too much, I\'m still drunk at work this morning, and Lao Yang, the security guard, jokes that I\'m taking advantage of alcohol to relieve my worries. "

The security personnel of the scenic spot confirmed that happy to come to work this morning is indeed full of alcohol, which can be smelled from afar, but whether happy to drink before midnight last night, or stay at home all night, this key point, no one can prove to him.

After a busy night, there were also results in Chiyang. The autopsy results confirmed that the dead were thrown into the water after death. The time of death was between 10 and 12 last night. Chiyangyang handed over the autopsy report to Hang Jin and said, "there is skin abrasion on the inner wall of the Yin Dao of the deceased, which may lead to sexual invasion. Then we extracted the secretion of the dead\'s Yin Dao for examination. Results the extract contained human semen

liquid, which proved that the dead had been sexually assaulted before death. We have detected the DNA of the extracted semen and compared the DNA again in the database, but no matching DNA has been found in the database at present. "

Hang Jin took the report and looked at Chi Yangyang, who had not slept all night, anxiously. He wanted to say a lot of things he cared about, but the occasion was not right. He only shook her hand and then turned to ask the investigators behind him, "is there any happy DNA data?"

The investigators shook their heads. "No. We don\'t have enough evidence to prove that happy is the murderer. We asked him to go home last night. "

"Between 10 and 12 o\'clock the night before yesterday, no one proved that they were happy to drink at home, and the dead were killed at that time," said Hang Jin. Let\'s take him back and ask about it, and give him a DNA test. "

Similarly, the investigators who did not close their eyes overnight rushed back to the Criminal Investigation Detachment.

Take it back to the central Chi of the Criminal Investigation Detachment and immediately take the happy dandruff for DNA examination. The result will be at noon.

The secretive DNA and happy DNA extracted from the dead\'s Yin Dao are complete. The person who sexually assaults the dead is not happy but someone else, so the investigators temporarily exclude the possibility of happy killing.

After receiving the report last night, Jiang Xiaomiao, the most suspected one, was ruled out soon. This noon, he was also ruled out as happy. Two of the most likely suspects were ruled out and the case was suspended.

Once again, the investigators went to the company of the dead for a visit. At this time, a man walked into the sight of Hang Jin. In the sight of Hang Jin is a middle-aged man. He is also one third of the owner and general manager of the scenic spot, that is, the top management and responsibility of the scenic spot.