My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1874

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Hang Jin said, "if Zhang Qiyuan was the real murderer, he would never jump down the stairs so easily. It\'s obvious that Zhang Qiyuan doesn\'t have the psychological capacity to kill and divide the corpses. "

Zhao Ziqian added, "I still have a little discovery, but I don\'t know whether my judgment is accurate or not."

Hang Jin said

Zhao Ziqian observed from my conversation with Zhang Qiyuan that he was reluctant to give up his wife and children, but someone should have promised to help him take care of his wife and children, so he bit his teeth and jumped

"It\'s obvious that there are people behind Zhang Qiyuan who control all this. Maybe he went back to Jiangbei to arrange for the murderer to deliberately put smoke bombs on us." Hang Jin looked at Zhao Ziqian and said, "go home. You should accompany your wife, take your children with you. Don\'t worry about work. Today\'s conversation can\'t be disclosed to the third person."

Knowing the seriousness of the matter, Zhao Ziqian didn\'t dare to disclose the news. He nodded, "Hangzhou team, I understand."


After sending Zhao Ziqian away, Hang Jin immediately gave an order to the whole team to put down the work of dismembering the corpse case. This case will be sealed from today and handed over to the doubtful and difficult cases for filing and management, and will no longer be pursued by Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment.

Cangshan detachment has provided so many police resources and manpower, but now we have received that we will not pursue this matter any more. Many people have doubts, but they all know that if we continue to investigate the case, we will not be able to find it out, and we will continue to waste police force.

But only Hang Jin knew that he didn\'t really seal the scroll. He would definitely find out the case. So when he left the General Administration today, he would ask old Han not to drag him back. Without the help of his teammates, old Han had to be the strength he needed.

Hang Jin knew clearly that the case of dismemberment was prepared for him from the beginning, but the murderer should not understand that they did not challenge him alone, but the law.

Now the murderer is in the dark, he is in the bright, everything he does, the murderer is in the eyes.

Now it\'s the murderer who wins for the time being, but the truth will come out sooner or later.


When he finished his work, it was nearly 9 p.m., and Hang Jin was free to go to the forensic department to find Chi Yangyang. He was busy enough so far, but he didn\'t expect that Chi Yangyang was still busy.

She was buried in a pile of documents. He had been in for a while, but she still didn\'t realize it.

It\'s said that serious women are the most beautiful. The little four eyes of his family are usually as beautiful as a fairy in his heart. This look is more beautiful than a fairy.

So he stood a few steps away from her and watched her work quietly. He couldn\'t bear to break such a beautiful picture.

I don\'t know how long it took, Chi Yang finally looked up from a pile of files. He didn\'t see clearly when he looked up. He just thought there was a vague portrait in front of him. She opened her mouth and said, "Dad?"


"I don\'t have any eccentricity, and I\'m not used to this way of addressing husband and wife."

"It\'s you." The eyebrows raised by Chi Yangyang are pulled down in a straight line, and the disappointed expression on his face is clear, which makes Hang Jin extremely dissatisfied. "Seeing this young master makes you so disappointed?"

"No..." Just when she looked up, a kind of trance memory flashed in front of her eyes. When she was reading, her father liked to stand in front of her desk and watch her quietly.

At that time, she always felt that her father treated her as a child, and she was still a little unhappy. Now think about what a wonderful memory it is, but this life will never have again.

If God gave her another chance, she would stay with her parents every day. No matter how they chased her, she would never leave them, let alone study abroad.

"Not finished yet?" Hang Jin came to her side and helped him to clean up the files. "It\'s time to get off work. Let\'s clean up. We are at home."

"Busy is busy, but in vain, because today is a day without harvest." The longer the case is delayed, the less likely it is to be solved. Chi is worried that innocent people will be brutally killed again.

"The case of dismemberment has been sealed and will be handed over to the Department of doubtful cases and difficult cases. We Cangshan branch will not investigate this case now." Hang Jin knew that Chi Yang was busy with his work, and he certainly didn\'t hear from him, so he was patient to tell her again.

"No more? That\'s it? Will the murderer continue to go unpunished? " Chi Yangyang was excited and asked several questions.

Isn\'t this case of dismemberment the same as that of his parents two years ago. If we can\'t find the murderer, we won\'t investigate it. After two years, we can easily point out that someone is the murderer, and the case will be solved?

All of a sudden, Chi Yang felt suffocated in her chest, which made her almost breathless.

Looking at her pale face, Hang Jin knew that she was in pain. He dragged her into his arms and held her firmly. "Little four eyes, I promised you that I would do it, understand?"

"No, I don\'t don\'t understand. I\'m afraid." Chi Yanyang bit his lips and looked up at him. "Brother Jin, do you know what I thought when I saw my parents\' corpses two years ago?"

Hang Jin didn\'t know what she was thinking, but he knew it must not be a good thing, so that her face turned white every time she thought about it. "Those are gone, they are gone, don\'t think about them anymore."

"They are my parents. As their daughter, I can\'t even see their whole body. With the naked eye, I can\'t tell whether those bodies are them or not. How can I not want to..." But what he thinks about now is not only his parents, but also many innocent people like his parents. "I\'m afraid there are more innocent people like me who have lost their loved ones. How scared and helpless they must be to see their loved ones killed."

"But I\'m only worried about you. As long as you are well around me, I\'m not afraid of anything. No matter how fierce the enemy is, it\'s not a thing in my eyes." Yes, as the leader of Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment, he should protect the safety of one party, but only if his sweetheart can stay by his side safely, otherwise he has no mind to deal with other cases.


"Nothing. Now I\'ll help you with your files and change your clothes. Let\'s go to a shop to have dinner first, and then go back to have a good sleep. Tomorrow will be a sunny day, and we can\'t hide any ghosts and monsters. "

"I listen to you," he whispered

"Darling!" Hang Jin lowered his head, gently dropped a kiss on her forehead, rubbed her head again, and sighed, "my little four eyes are really a grinding goblin."