My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1870

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But the room at the scene of the crime is not big, and the cabinets of the xiaren are open in the room where the dream can be hidden, and no one can hide it if they want to

"People have left. We are late." Chi said, immediately searching the scene, "if it is the murderer who returns to the scene of the crime, it is undoubtedly to send evidence to us. Let\'s look for it. We must not let go of any clue, whether it is useful or not. "

"Little four eyes, don\'t you think it\'s strange?" At the same time, Hang Jin didn\'t stop. He glanced at her again.

"Strange? What\'s strange? " Chi Yangyang asked without raising his head. He soon found that there was a very obvious footprints on the ground. Hang Jin just came to her side. "The murderer at the scene of the crime has been perfectly arranged, but he came back to leave such obvious footprints. Is the person who left footprints murderer

"I don\'t think it\'s a person who has nothing to do with this case. It\'s too late to recognize and hide. How can he come to the scene of the murder through the nose?" Chiyang Yang looked up to Hang Jin. "Hang team, let the investigators come here to collect evidence together."

"Well..." Hang Jin nodded thoughtfully and called.

The scene left such a clear trace, but Hang Jin was not happy at all. He also had his worries. What was the intention of the people who came to the scene of the murder?

It\'s been a long time since the case happened, and at a time when they have no clue, someone has infiltrated the blocked scene of the case and left traces, which is strange to me.

Hang Jin wondered if someone had deliberately misled them to investigate the case?

All conjectures are possible until the truth is found.


Soon, another group of investigators had news. They received Hang Jin\'s phone call and went to the monitoring room to get the monitoring immediately.

The security guard on duty was impressed by the person who appeared in the chest of the monitoring screen when he found the suspicious person when retrieving the monitoring video. Since no residents dare to go home from the crime till now, the person who appeared in the monitoring will appear so abrupt.

The investigator said, "do you know who he is? Where to live? Where do you work? "

The security guard thought carefully and shook his head. "I\'ve never seen him before. I don\'t know him."

There are already suspects, but no one knows who she is. It is undoubtedly another important project to find him out.

Once again, the investigators worked in groups to try to find the suspicious people who appeared in the re monitoring picture.

Fortunately, in about half a day, Zhao Ziqian, a group of investigators, gained something. Finally, some of the interviewees said they knew the man who monitored the chest.

After learning the news, Zhao Ziqian immediately reported to Hang Jin, "hang team, there is good news, someone knows the person who appears in the monitoring."

Hang Jin immediately said, "bring people back immediately."

Zhao Ziqian said, "I\'m going to take people back to the detachment."

Soon, the characters who appeared in the surveillance were brought back.

During the interrogation by Zhao Ziqian, Hang Jin sat in front of the monitor and watched the suspect\'s every move. Even every slight change of expression did not escape his eyes.

Zhao Ziqian goes directly to the main topic, "Wu Zhiyuan, why did you appear at the scene of the crime? What are you going to the crime scene to cover up? "

Wu Zhiyuan said, "I\'m not the first time to go to the scene of the crime. It\'s my misfortune to let you catch me this time. I have nothing to say if you want to."

"You\'re not the first to enter the scene of the crime? You have other murders on your back? " Hearing this, Zhao Ziqian raised his voice and stared at him coldly.

"Back to the murder?" Wu Zhiyuan is not calm. "Officer Zhao, I admit that I have appeared at the scene of the crime many times, but I did not kill, and I did not have the courage to kill. You are police. If you want to speak with facts, don\'t put such a big crime on my head. I can\'t bear it. "

"You have appeared at the scene of the murder many times, but you are not a murderer?" Zhao Ziqian didn\'t believe what he said at all. He asked, "well, you\'re not a murderer. What are you doing at the scene of the crime?"

"I\'m just going to see if there\'s anything of value to sell." Wu Zhiyuan knew that he was in a lot of trouble this time, so he had to be honest. Otherwise, he would be charged with killing and dismembering the corpse without even getting his life.

Zhao Ziqian doubts but "it\'s not cowardly of you to steal at the scene of the crime."

"Officer, I\'m also forced to go to such a bad place to steal things. If there is any other way to go, I won\'t go this way.. You see, money is needed everywhere in Yanmen\'s life, and I don\'t have money, and I can\'t find a way to make money quickly. I can only take risks and steal where others dare not to. Then I can have unexpected gains. " Wu Zhiyuan said it in a forthright manner, and didn\'t feel that what he had done was very important. Even if he was caught and can\'t be closed for several days, he would be a hero after she came out.

Wu Zhiyuan is just a rascal and a bastard, but Zhao ziqianmei gives him time to educate himself. He is anxious to know if Wu Zhiyuan is really what she said, just stealing and not killing. "Tell me about 10:00 p.m. on August 17 this year, where are you doing, and who can prove it to you?"

Wu Zhiyuan replied, "I was in the Internet bar at that time."

Seeing Wu Zhiyuan\'s quick answer, Zhao Ziqian asked, "what are you doing on August 17 at 10 p.m.?"

Wu Zhiyuan Shun "because I am in the Internet bar at this time of day, I don\'t believe you can go to the hero Internet bar on Cangshan North Road to ask.". People there are very familiar with me. The staff of the Internet bar can testify for me. Because I often spend money with them. I helped them catch a thief two days ago. They all like me. "

"You\'re a thief. You\'re a thief." Zhao Ziqian thinks his head is big again. If Wu Zhiyuan\'s words are true, they are busy today.

It\'s a common thing to do police work in vain, but if the murderer doesn\'t catch him in a day, he doesn\'t know how many people are hurt.

Wu Zhiyuan complains, "they say that rabbits don\'t eat grass beside their nests. I live by stealing, but I don\'t steal things from my own home. For me, hero Internet bar is just like home."

Zhao Ziqian "..."

This side of the monitoring room.

Hang Jin immediately sent someone to check, and soon there was a result. Wu Zhiyuan didn\'t lie.

Since the opening of the hero Internet bar, Wu Zhiyuan has been in the hero Internet bar from 8:00 to 12:00 every night. The same day of the crime, the video record is clear.

It turns out that Wu Zhiyuan is not the murderer.