My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1866

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And the wall is strong and hard. Zhao Ziqian, such a big man, has been hit and bounced back. He hasn\'t seen who the meat wall is. He says, "ouch, who is it?"

The other side didn\'t respond. Zhao Ziqian raised his head and saw the person in the opposite side clearly. For a moment, he only felt his back was cold. He felt that his career would end here. "Hangzhou, Hangzhou team, when did you come?"

Zhao Ziqian remembers clearly that just when he looked back at the door, Hang Jin was not there, and there was no one else. How could hang Jin appear at the door in a word, and he seemed to hear what he should listen to and what he should not listen to.


Buddha bless!

I just hope Hang Jin didn\'t hear what he said to Chi Yang.

However, before Zhao Ziqian\'s prayers were over, he heard Hang Jin\'s absolutely cold and cold voice, "Zhao, do you know what you are doing?"

Of course, Zhao Ziqian knew it, because he knew it, he felt that he had finished "Hangzhou team, I......"

Before he finished speaking, Hang Jin snapped, "listen to me, and you also remember to tell your people. If anyone of them has something to do, come to Hang Jin himself. If his mother wants to think about the idea of the forensic doctor, don\'t blame me for turning up my face and not recognizing people."

"Yes, yes, I remember. Hang team, you are busy first. I will tell them now. " Zhao Ziqian wiped a cold sweat and left in a gray way, thinking that it\'s lucky that Hang Jin didn\'t get angry, or he would have lost his face.

Hang Jin and Chiyang.

Looking at the silly Chi Yang Yang, Hang Jin asked angrily, "is it so difficult for you to directly refuse to do something you don\'t want to do

"You know I\'m in trouble again?" In the past, Hang Jin could see through what he thought, but at that time, he didn\'t pay attention to it, or only noticed that he would be seen through when he silently scolded him in his heart. He never thought that Hang Jin really knew her.

Hang Jin could not help pinching her twice. "I knew you when you were born in your mother\'s womb. I don\'t know what bad water is in your stomach."

"I\'d like to thank Mr. hang for helping me out, but do you want to go to the celebration party?" said Chi

"Celebration feast?" Referring to these three words, Hang Jin\'s eyebrows were all frowned up. "It took two days for such a small case to be solved, and they were almost taken into the ditch in the middle of it. They still have the face to hold a celebration feast? They are not ashamed. My young master is ashamed of them. "

"Captain hang, I know you don\'t want to take part in such activities, but you don\'t need to hurt everyone like this. It\'s not my boast either. It\'s good to find the real murderer in two days with such a lack of evidence. "

"This achievement..."

"Well, stop it. We won\'t argue about it any more." Chi Yang Yang picked up the landline phone on the table, "you are sure not to go to their celebration banquet, I will give Lao Zhao a message back."

Hang Jin holds her hand and asks her to put the phone back. "Do you want me to go or not?"

"It depends on your willingness. If you want to go, you can go. If you don\'t want to go, you can\'t go. Don\'t force yourself."

How do you explain to Lao Zhao

Chiyang Yang: "although I knew Lao Zhao just when I came to Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment, he treated me well and cared for me at ordinary times. I\'m really sorry to refuse him, but your own will is the most important."

"So I said you were a little idiot!" Hang Jin put out his hand and poked Chi Yang\'s forehead discontentedly, "you are just taking care of others\' mood to aggrieve yourself."

"It\'s not a grievance, and I didn\'t embarrass myself." Chi didn\'t feel embarrassed. He worried that Hang Jin was embarrassed because of her. "In fact, it\'s even more difficult for him to be between you and your colleagues. After all, he\'s getting old. You\'ll give him more face later. "

"Little four eyes, you little idiot, you don\'t care who you should worry about, who you shouldn\'t worry about, but you have a lot of control." Hang Jin poked her forehead and warned, "listen to me, too. When you don\'t want to do something other than work, you can do what you want psychologically. You don\'t need to care about other people\'s feelings."

"Who doesn\'t want to, but how many people can do what they want? Captain hang, you can still live a good life. It\'s a miracle in many people\'s eyes. "Chi Yangyang smiled helplessly. There are so many people who have to live in the world. Not everyone can live as freely as Hang Jin.

Hang Jin: "I don\'t want to care about others, I just want you to live as you please."

"I? I have too many concerns in my life. Let\'s see if the next life is OK. "

Hang Jin grabbed her wrist and held it firmly. "Little idiot, how do you listen to me? Even if the sky falls, I will hold it for you. What else are you afraid of?"

"What I\'m afraid of is you," chuckled Chi

Hang Jin "..."

"My wrist is pinched by you, can you let me go first?" he said

"Little idiot!" Hang Jin let go of her strength, but didn\'t let go of her. "When it\'s time to be willful, be willful. If you\'re not satisfied, tell me. I\'ll clean them up."

"Someone bullied me. I ran to you and cried. I told you that if someone bullied me, you could fight with someone. You think we are all three earning children. " When he thought of his childhood, he felt warm in his heart, and the radian of his lips began to rise unconsciously, which made Hang Jin feel a ripple in his heart again. He couldn\'t help but get close to her and kiss her.

Chi was stunned at first, then reacted, pushed him away immediately, and stepped back a few steps. "This is work time. What are you doing? Is there anything else a criminal investigation captain should look like? "

Hang Jin ruffian smiled, "what happened to my wife?"

"I\'m your wife at home, but I\'m just a forensic doctor in the team. We\'re partners at work. Don\'t mess around, or..." Otherwise, before he had finished, he was once again blocked by Hang Jin and could not say a word.

His kiss is still as domineering and powerful. He kisses Chi Yangyang without any chance to break away, and he has no heart to think about anything else. When he kisses, he hears him say, "well, what else? Haven\'t you figured it out yet? "

He kisses Chi Yang\'s brain, forgets what he just said, and knows what else is behind him.

Just when Chi Yang\'s mind was blank, Hang Jin approached her again, forced her to the corner of the office, and once again lowered her head to kiss her lips. "Honey, what else? Do you think of it? "