My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1864

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"You guessed well. We did find the real murderer. Ω Δ. Ω. "Hang Jin sneered and said," the murder weapon my colleague found is a tie. That tie is in Liu Jipin\'s house, and the killing place is also in Liu Jipin\'s living room. "

"I\'ll tell you, the murderer is not me, but the son of a bitch named Liu." Zhuang Shiqiang was relieved and sat in a relaxed position, "but you still listened to him and doubted me. But you are also business. I don\'t blame you. Now let me go home. "

"I\'m sorry!" Hang Jin P said with a smile, "you\'re afraid that J won\'t be able to go home in ten years."

"I didn\'t kill anyone. What would you do to me if you didn\'t let me go home?" Zhuangshiqiang thought about it, and then said, "did you take the advantage of Liu Jipin and want to blame me for the murder?"

Hang Jin said, "can you tell me if Liu Jipin is stupid?"

Zhuang Shiqiang: "he must not be stupid, but also very cunning."

Hang Jin: "since he\'s not stupid, why didn\'t he destroy the evidence when he killed someone and leave the murder weapon in the closet at home? It\'s not to make it clear to let my colleagues find it as evidence to prove his killing."

Zhuang Shiqiang: "maybe he thinks you can\'t find his head at all, or he thinks you\'ll never find the body t of the dead, so he\'s so unbridled."

Hang Jin asked, "you\'re the one who threw the corpse to the roof, aren\'t you?"

Zhuang Shiqiang: "I said I didn\'t know it was corpse t in that bag."

Hang Jin: "just because you didn\'t know that the bag contained corpse T, when you went to the roof to clean it a month later, the bag broke and corpse t rotted, so you knew that it was a corpse T, so you called the police. That makes sense. " S3;

Zhuang Shiqiang\'s face se can\'t hang: "Captain hang, what do you mean by that?"

"You say you have no culture, but you know that surveillance videos can only be kept for one month at most," said Hang Jin

Zhuang Shiqiang looks flustered, but still pretends to be calm: "I\'m not a technician, and I haven\'t been exposed to the monitoring knowledge. How can I know?"

Hang Jin said: "my colleague just checked that you had browsed a question a month ago in a j account of a station agency, and monitored how long the video would automatically cover. How dare you say you don\'t know about it? "

Zhuang Shiqiang: "why do you say that I have browsed this question?"

"With evidence, of course." Hang Jin points to the big screen on the wall. "Look for yourself."

"I Even if I have browsed this question, what can it say? Can I prove that I killed people? " Zhuang Shiqiang is eager to stand up, but his legs are a little soft, but he does not stand up.

"I\'ve tried so many prisoners, but you\'re still the first one who doesn\'t look good. You\'re quite a y-mouthed one." Hang Jin then pointed to the big screen on the wall. "This is the surveillance video you entered Liu\'s house a month ago, the day of the crime."

"Why? The monitoring video does not automatically cover in a month, how could there be me... " As he said this, Zhuang Shiqiang suddenly calmed down again. He said, "I said that I would go to Liu\'s documentaries\' house for cleaning work three days a week. What\'s the accident when I show the video in his house?"

"According to your words, there is no accident, but the dead also went to Liu Jipin\'s house on the same day, and never came out again." Speaking of this, Hang Jin deliberately paused for J seconds, and then continued, "the most important thing is that Liu Jipin didn\'t go home all day, but came back home the next night."

Hang Jin\'s words made Zhuang Shiqiang take back what he wanted to argue, but soon Zhuang Shiqiang found another saying: "even if what you said is true, it can be proved that I killed people? Captain hang, when you deal with a case, you should show evidence that is realistic, not conjecture. "

"Thank you for reminding me, Mr. Zhuang." Hang Jin clapped his palm on the table and snapped, "the tie that strangled the man found the P-chip that matches your DNA. How do you explain this?"

"I, I......" Zhuang Shiqiang panicked and stuttered for a long time before finding a new reason. "I told you that I would go to Liu\'s house to clean three times a week. It\'s not surprising that I can find my trace in his house."

"Well, you\'re all right. These can\'t be used as the evidence of your murder, but you want to know what evidence points to you as the murderer?" Hang Jin asked calmly.

"You can\'t find evidence of my killing." As soon as the words were spoken, Zhuang Shiqiang found that he had lost his tongue, but he was not afraid of it. Only by his words, Hang Jin could not prove that he killed people.

Hang Jin said slowly: "Liu Jipin is 50 years old this year, and his son is only 10 years old this year. There was a rumor that he couldn\'t have children before, but later he didn\'t know how to have another son. Our criminal investigation team was very curious about this news, so we found Liu Jipin\'s former Q and asked her to cooperate with us to do a DNA test for her son. The result was unexpected, but it was also reasonable. "

Referring to Liu Jipin\'s son, Zhuang Shiqiang\'s mood broke out in a flash. He growled: "Liu Jipin\'s killing is his Liu Jipin\'s affair. What do you check on his son G?"

But Hang Jin still told the truth calmly: "Mr. Zhuang, you are so angry because that child is your own son. Don\'t deny it, you can\'t deny it. Not only did Qian NV personally admit your relationship, but we also gave you and the child a paternity test. As a result, you have no other relationship except father and son. "

Zhuang Shiqiang: "..." S3;

Hang Jin said again: "the day before the incident, Liu Jipin went to his former Q and son again and beat them both. You know this, so you said you wanted to kill Liu Jipin\'s brute."

"Yes, Liu Jipin is a fucking beast! He has the ability to come to me and always bully their mother and son. I wish I had killed him by myself. " When it comes to the mother and son, Zhuang Shiqiang can\'t hold on any longer. "Twenty years ago, I accidentally found out that Liu Jipin planned Li Yanyan to jump from the building. I was going to call the police. Liu Jipin personally sent his wife to my bed when he learned... "

Zhuangshiqiang\'s eyes slowly grew with tears: "Xiaoqian is a good NV, but she also has her own difficulties. She can only obey Liu\'s records. Liu Jipin has been using her to control me all these years. "

Hang Jin asked, "you have a feud with Liu Jipin. Why do you want to kill others?"

Zhuang Shiqiang said: "I didn\'t want to kill anyone. It was the man who came not at the right time. I set the game for Liu Jipin, but I found that the man who came back was not Liu Jipin late..."