My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1862

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The fact that the murderer of the decaying corpse case was not found led to the case of jumping from the building 20 years ago, which was an extra gain. However, Hang Jin did not dare to relax for a moment, and took a team of people to search for the murderer of the decaying corpse case.

There are two suspects in the case of putrefaction, one is Liu Jipin and the other is Zhuang Shiqiang. However, there is still lack of the most critical evidence. How does the murderer kill people and how to move the body to the roof of Yongming building.

Just when Hang Jin couldn\'t find any evidence, Zhao Ziqian got good news. Liu Jipin confessed that he had no intention of knowing that he planned Li Yanyan\'s jumping off the building.

Just because Zhuang Shiqiang knows that Li Yanyan didn\'t jump from the building by himself, but Liu Jipin designed it, Zhuang Shiqiang often extorts Liu Jipin these years. Liu Jipin\'s salary in these years is mostly put into Zhuang Shiqiang\'s pocket, which is one of the reasons why Liu Jipin\'s wife left him with her child.

Liu Jipin said, "Zhuang Shiqiang, an old man, looks like a human being, but behind his back, Sha knows how many dirty things he has done. In recent years, he has asked me to wipe his buttocks."

"Zhuang Shiqiang" Zhao Ziqian was impressed. He reported the case of decaying corpse. At that time, Hang Jin in Tiantai asked him sharply, but he insisted that he had not killed anyone.

Liu Jipin nodded. "Just a month ago, Zhuang Shiqiang suddenly called me in the middle of the night to ask me to do him another last favor. As long as I helped him, he would never ask me for money or work for me again. I wish I had killed this old man at that time, but I thought that if I could only help him one last time, he would not pester me again, so I went. "

Zhao Ziqian did not interrupt, let Liu Jipin continue to say.

Liu Jipin added, "he told me at that time that it was the cleaning tools that fell upstairs. Let me open the roof door for him. I clearly remember that it was the night of the 10th, because I opened the door for him to go to the roof for sanitation during the day. When can\'t I take the cleaning tools? Why should I take them at night? I wanted to refuse him at that time, but he insisted on taking them at night. I always thought something was wrong, so after I opened the door, I hid aside, and soon saw him dragging a black bag upstairs. I think he dragged the black bag as if it was heavy, and I suspected something, so I went to see it. It was a person. "

Zhao Ziqian asked, "since you know that Zhuang Shiqiang threw his body, why didn\'t you call the police?"

Liu Jipin said, "Zhuang Shiqiang has the evidence that I planned Li Yanyan\'s jumping off the building. If I called the police, he would also report me. Do you think I dare to call the police? Zhuang Shiqiang also knows this, so dare to do such a thing in front of my eyes. From that day on, he didn\'t dare to ask me for money because I had evidence of his murder in my hand. Our current state is that the well water does not offend the river water, and no one has mentioned two murders. "

Zhao Ziqian asked again, "what evidence do you have to prove that Zhuang Shiqiang threw his body"

Liu Jipin said, "I have evidence."

Zhao Ziqian asked "what evidence"

Liu Jipin was proud of the evidence. He thought that he had been threatened by Zhuang Shiqiang\'s old boy for decades, and finally found something vicious. "Zhuang Shiqiang\'s kid is very cunning. If I didn\'t hold the evidence of his killing, he would certainly blackmail me, so I secretly took a video, and he threw it away Video of the corpse. "

Zhao Ziqian\'s "video"

Liu Jipin "I saved the video in a U disk."

Zhao Ziqian\'s "where is the U disk"

Liu Jipin didn\'t directly answer Zhao Ziqian\'s question, but he asked the question he wanted to know: "vice captain Zhao, whether I can make a plea to the court and judge me lightly if I report actively or not"

"Liu Jipin, you know what it means to report actively if you don\'t deal with things properly, the court will only judge more seriously." Don\'t say that Hang Jin wants to beat people. At the moment, Zhao Ziqian wants to beat people. Liu Jipin killed people without any regrets, but he still wants to reduce his sentence.

"Zhao vice captain" Liu Jipin is very reluctant, but I think I don\'t have a chance to turn over the dish. Now I have to be honest and say, "I put the U dish away and put it in the wall of my ex-wife\'s master bedroom."

After receiving the news, Zhao Ziqian immediately called and reported the situation to Hang Jin. After receiving the news, Hang Jin took people to Liu Jipin\'s ex-wife\'s house for the first time. After explaining the intention, Liu Jipin\'s ex-wife asked them to enter the house to look for them.

It took some time for the team of Hang Jin to find the uppan.

Because Liu Jipin is really cunning, not only didn\'t put such important evidence in his own home, but also secretly took a brick off the wall of his ex-wife\'s bedroom.

He will take out the brick, dig a hole, hide the U disk in it, and then restore the wall. No wonder they didn\'t find the key evidence at Liu Jipin\'s house before.

Liu\'s ex-wife was also surprised to see the evidence. "Captain hang, I don\'t know anything about it. I really don\'t know that Liu\'s dog hide something in my house."

Hang Jin said, "Ms. Qian, it has nothing to do with you. Don\'t worry. But can you tell me why you want to divorce Liu Jipin in the first place? " mentioning the divorce, Liu Jipin\'s ex-wife cried," he works outside, never takes money back to support his family, and I\'m burdened with food, drink, housing and other things. When I asked him where his salary had gone, he said he lost the gambling. He came home a lot of time is a wine gas, can not move to hit me and children out of gas, such a person how can I live with him

The man who beat his wife and children was worthy of him in Hang Jin\'s eyes. He wanted to comfort Liu Jipin\'s ex-wife, but he was not good at it, so he said "I know everything.". If there is anything else you can do for us, we will look for you. I hope you can cooperate with us, Ms. Qian. "

Liu Jipin\'s ex-wife nodded, "as long as I know, just ask."

After finding the evidence of throwing the corpse, Hang Jin returned to the team and interrogated Zhuang Shiqiang for the first time. "Zhuang Shiqiang, we have all the videos of throwing the corpse. What else can you say"

but who would have thought that Zhuang Shiqiang was another saying: "Captain hang, I am a cleaner without culture, but I can\'t let people randomly put the crime of killing on my head."

"I didn\'t kill people, but you said I killed people, not what it was." Zhuang Shiqiang said excitedly, "yes, I admit that I moved the black bag to the roof of Yongming building, but it was Liu\'s souvenir that let me throw it. I didn\'t know that the body was there. If I had known that he had threatened to fire me, I would never have done such a thing for him to destroy humanity. "