My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1861

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"is it always Mr. hang you are fighting? How can a few words become that I am fighting? " Jiang Zhen\'s expression is still calm, especially compared with Hang Jin\'s, but when you look closely, you can see the blue tendons protruding from his temples.

"Ah," said Hang Jin with a sneer, and his gaze at Jiang Zhen became more and more fierce

"The game is just beginning. Don\'t jump to conclusions." Jiang Zhen smiled and moved his eyes from Hang Jin to the desk of Chiyang central. "I\'ll reply to you with your words. If you dare not do well to the central, I will make you die very ugly."

Damn it, his woman, of course, he should be nice to her. When is it someone\'s turn to warn him? Hang Jin felt very angry: "nice to her, it\'s my job, so you won\'t worry about it."

"Better be so." Leaving his words behind, Jiang Zhen walked out of the office of Chiyang central from Hang Jin\'s side.

Looking at Jiang Zhen leaving from his eyes, Hang Jin suddenly felt that today\'s Jiang Zhen is very different, very different from the past, but where it is different, he would not be clear for a while.

Or it should be said that Jiang Zhen, a man who has been hiding deep, is not the kind-hearted appearance of harmless people and animals that he shows us.

When Hang Jin returned to the office, Chi Yangyang was already waiting for him in the office. Seeing him coming in, she immediately asked, "you asked me to come to your office to find you. Where have you been?"

Hang Jin looked at her little B á IH ī and couldn\'t help but tease her: "where will the leader go and tell you?"

"I" Chi Yangyang\'s head is muddled, "OK, leader, I\'m busy. So can we talk about work now? "

Because I am so familiar with Hang Jin, it\'s hard for chi yang to see him completely as a leader for a while. When I saw him, I couldn\'t help but regard him as Hang Jin. I didn\'t think he was her leader at all.

In the future, she will notice that working hours should look like working hours.

Hang Jin took a seat on the office chair, and then raised his legs: "say it."

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" good

Jiang Zhen has worked in Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment for many years, but his personal belongings in the office are so few that a small box can hold all his belongings.

After the security guard\'s routine inspection, he released: "Jiang Fayi, you are welcome to come back often to have a look."

Jiang Zhenxiao: "yes."

He would like to come back often, but that person may not allow it.

It is said that this is a civilized legal society in which all people are equal, but it is too difficult to be equal in the face of certain powers, or there are too many compelling factors.

Coming out of the office, the sunshine is just right outside. The sunshine on Jiang Zhen\'s body is very warm, but it can\'t warm his lonely heart.

Once he thought he met a girl who could live a lifetime with him. Now it\'s always his wishful thinking. Chi Yangyang has always had only the feelings of teachers and students for him, and never thought about it.

However, the feelings that he shouldn\'t have sprouted in his heart and grew wantonly. He couldn\'t cut off his cell phone if he wanted to cut it off, which made Jiang Zhen immediately recall his thoughts.

He took out his mobile phone and saw the phone number on the screen. His face became disgusted. He wanted to throw it out and smash it, but he answered: "I\'m sorry, I can\'t continue to complete the task you gave me."

I don\'t know what was said on the other end of the phone. Jiang Zhen was a little excited: "since you love her so much, why did you leave her in that way? If let her know the truth, she will hate you all her life " said Jiang Zhen and then stopped. It should be the person on the other end of the phone who interrupted him. After a while, Jiang Zhen said:" what I want is very simple, but even such simple things have been robbed with me. What is the reason? "

After that, Jiang Zhen stopped again, and after a while, he said: "born? No matter how developed the society is, many things still have something to do with birth. But I do not believe in life, do not believe that someone can block my progress. If anyone stops me, I will not be polite. "

With that, Jiang Zhen hangs up.

He looked up at the sky. The sun was still shining, but it was dazzling.

After the efforts of various departments, Hang Jin quickly collected conclusive evidence.

This time, Liu Jipin, the suspect in his retrial of murder, said, "President Liu, the evidence you need is in front of you. What else can you say?"

Looking at the iron evidence in front of him, Liu Jipin was all soft. He sat on the chair as if he had no bone, and squeezed out two tears: "I never thought that Li Yanyan would jump from the building."

"You didn\'t think? In that case, you want to shirk all responsibility. " Hang Jin clapped his hand on the table. "Tell me the process of your case honestly."

Liu Jipin added: "you say she is a pair of worn shoes worn by others. What happened to her once I slept?"? But the woman said that I forced her, but also to sue me, but under the helpless, I thought of using the method of jumping to kill her. Captain hang, if she didn\'t wrong me, I wouldn\'t kill. I\'m wrong, I\'m wrong. "

"You bastard, who gave you the face to make you feel better and cry for injustice? You can\'t do all the things your mother does. You\'ll call me back. " This kind of person first rapes and then kills people. It\'s a crime. At the moment, he shamelessly cries out for injustice. Hang Jin hates to blow him on the head.

Liu didn\'t feel that he was wrong at all, so he continued to cry out: "Li Yanyan is not an innocent girl, but I just forced her to sleep, she has no loss, how can I not be wronged?"

"Try another fucking word!" Hang Jin really wanted to slap the grandson to death. He raised his hand and smashed the chair on the table, almost on Liu Jipin.

"Hangzhou team, the evidence is all here. Liu Jipin can\'t get rid of the accusation in any sophistry. I\'d better give it to me for trial next." Zhao Ziqian is more sophisticated. He knows Hang Jin\'s temperament. It\'s better for him to take over the next work.

"Zhao Ziqian, you listen to me, you give me a good trial, the case clear trial." Hang Jin put away his fierce eyes and looked at Zhao Ziqian. Then he said, "in the future, I\'ll give these recordings to f\'anyu\'n. I don\'t know whether this grandson is introspective for decades." 5

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