My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1860

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Jiang Zhen is not only a good teacher but also a good friend to Chi Yang. Working with him, she can not only learn a lot of forensic knowledge, but also learn a lot of truth about being a human being.

Chi Yangyang always thought he could follow Jiang Zhen all the time, but he never thought that the news to be separated would come so fast and so suddenly.

Can\'t he ask his colleagues around him if he wants to transfer personnel, or put a few smoke bombs on them to let them have a psychological standard when they are reluctant to move away Let\'s get a promotion. However, no matter how senior we are or where we work, we should keep in mind our own responsibilities. We are a profession to speak for the dead. " Jiang Zhen smiled and said, "besides, the decision of the superior is always sudden. You and I have been used to working in this system for such a long time, so there is nothing."

"But teacher" in the past two years, Chi Yang has learned a lot from Jiang Zhen. Many times, she can also complete the autopsy independently, but her work experience is far from Jiang Zhen\'s, but Jiang Zhen is up-regulated. Chi Yang still hopes to see such a capable person go higher and higher. "Teacher, although reluctant to leave, I still want to congratulate you."

"Yangyang" Jiang Zhen gently and softly called her name. He wanted her to know some things, but he didn\'t want to let her know from his mouth, so he could only say, "well, thank you for your blessing. I also hope that your future work will be more and more excellent, so that my face will also have luster. "

"Teacher, I will work hard and never lose your face." How to do, or good reluctant to be transferred to Jiang Zhen suddenly, think about the future of their own lack of such a good teacher, Chi Yang Yang this heart dull pain.

Jiang Zhen: "if you need to ask me anything in the future, you are welcome to call me at any time."

"I will, thank you teacher"

"Yangyang" Jiang Zhen once again called the name of chiyangyang. His voice was low and deep. It seemed that he wanted to firmly engrave the name in his heart and hesitated for a little time. He still extended his hand and stroked her head. Thousands of words turned into a sentence, "often contact later."

"Well." Pool Yang Yang nods again, is also a lot of reluctant to say his words are unable to say. In her lifetime, it\'s a huge fortune she picked up to meet a teacher like Jiang Zhen, but she will lose it today.

Before, she used to hear that there was no banquet that could not be separated. Now she knew that she was reluctant to leave until she met her. In the future, she could never work together with Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen smiled again and said, "OK, go to work quickly, and make a good impression on the new leader."

When it comes to the new leader, Chi thought that Hang Jin had just asked her to report her work to him in detail, but she delayed here. "Teacher, I have something to do, so I\'ll go to work first."

When it comes to work, Chi immediately put away the feeling of separation from the teacher, picked up the documents and rushed out of the office to Hang Jin\'s office.

Looking at the back of her leaving, Jiang Zhen\'s smile gradually faded, and his heart was slightly sad. He always knew her crazy state of work, but he could not help but feel sad when she left him because of work.

She will be a good forensic doctor, and her future achievements will never be the same as those he taught himself, but she will never follow him and call his teacher.

"You should have known who transferred you from Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment." Hang Jin, who will never appear in the office at this time, appears at the door of the office. He holds his hands in front of his chest, which seems to be a careless state.

Jiang Zhen looked at him, and his expression was still cold. "The Hangzhou family has the right to have power and power. It\'s easier to transfer one\'s position than to move one\'s fingers. It\'s just that I\'m so bothered by the Hangzhou young master. "

"I said, I don\'t want to see you in front of Chiyang, you think I\'m joking with you." Hang Jin is arrogant and domineering. He is also direct. He never gives face to others.

This also leads to people who like him will like him more and people who hate him will hate him more.

"Mr. hang, do you not believe in the Central Committee, or do you not believe in me, or do you not have the confidence to win her heart?" In the past, Jiang Zhen tried to ignore Hang Jin if he could, but today he doesn\'t want to tolerate any more. Sometimes he just tolerated, which would make the other party more and more excessive. He didn\'t transfer his job without his knowledge.

"I don\'t believe that anyone has nothing to do with you, and you don\'t have to say such nonsense here to punish my heart." Hang Jin did not pay attention to Jiang Zhen\'s provocation.

Jiang Zhen knows that this is the result. Hang Jin always has a way to lick his heart, and he doesn\'t want Hang Jin to lead a smooth life. "Mr. hang, there is a saying that I want to make clear to you today, whether you like listening or not. I can tell you clearly that I like the central bank, and I will try my best to pursue her. "

This kid dare to say that he likes his wife in front of him, and he also says that he should try his best to pursue her. At this, Hang Jin was furious. "You are really shameless. Who don\'t like it? You just like married women. If you dare to have a bad idea again, be careful that I screw off your head. "

Jiang Zhen didn\'t pay attention to Hang Jin\'s threat at all, and said, "why did Yang Yang go to get the marriage certificate with you? You know better than me. I believe that you still don\'t know the Central Committee. "

Fuck, how does this kid know about this matter?

Hang Jin doesn\'t know how Jiang Zhen knew about this matter, but he knows another thing he hasn\'t understood all along: "it\'s the secret you told the old man of Chi family."

Jiang Zhen didn\'t bother to do such a thing, but he didn\'t explain to himself, "Mr. hang, you dare to do it. Are you afraid others will know. In everyone\'s eyes, you are not such a coward. "

"Whether I\'m a coward or not has nothing to do with it." Hang Jin clenched his fist and wanted to give the boy a good beating. The boy had bewildered the little idiot with his eyes for a long time. "It\'s a pity that you made a wrong calculation." I want to talk with more like-minded people about flash marriage, love and false marriage, wechat pays attention to "excellent reading of literature", life and seeking friends