My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1857

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There is only one key to open the Tiantai gate, and the only key is always in Liu Jipin\'s hand. Usually no one is willing to approach the gate.

Only on the 10th of every month will a cleaner go to the roof to clean. Liu Jipin opens the door and closes the door himself. The key never leaves his hand.

Now a corpse suddenly appears on the roof. It\'s true that he is the most suspected person.

Liu Jipin felt that even if he had a hundred mouths, he couldn\'t explain what happened. "I don\'t know who killed the body and moved it to the rooftop, but I\'m sure I didn\'t kill. You must find out the truth, and don\'t wronged a good man like me. "

"You\'re sure you didn\'t kill anyone," asked Hang Jin, with a light expression, unable to see what he was thinking.

Liu Jipin said, "Captain hang, please think hard. Everyone in Yongming mansion knows that the only key to open the door of the roof is in my hand. If I kill someone, I will be so stupid that I will leave the body on the roof and let you check it and find my head. Unless I am really stupid, I can\'t do it. "

"No, you\'re not stupid. On the contrary, you\'re smart." Hang Jin smiled and said, "just now you said that everyone in Yongming building knows that the only key to open the door of the rooftop is in your hand. In a case, you are the first person you will think of. But as you said, you are not stupid. You will not kill people and throw them away here. When you are suspected, you will naturally think of this. Then your suspicion will be gone. That\'s why So now it doesn\'t rule out that you may be the one who killed and dumped the body. "

"Captain hang, you are the leader of Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment. You said that if you don\'t catch the real murderer, you should try an innocent person here." Liu Jipin said angrily, "if you want to say that I killed someone, please show me the evidence, otherwise I have the right to accuse you of slander."

"Innocent" Hang Jin slapped the table heavily with one hand. "President Liu, you said you didn\'t kill people, so can you tell me what the relationship between Li Yanyan, the third dead man who jumped from the roof of Yongming building 20 years ago, and you is"

no one has mentioned the name for a long time, but it\'s the name that Liu Jipin, a punk, will never forget. Suddenly I heard that In three words, Liu Jipin felt cold all over, and was too surprised to say a word.

It was also surprising that Zhao Ziqian and Hang Jin, who were on the side of the record, knew the case of the corpse at the same time, went to the scene together and returned to the team together. However, Hang Jin, who seemed to be careless with his work, collected much more information than he did. He not only understood the story of jumping, but also found out the dead. In this way, how could people fail.

Hang Jin said, "say"

Liu Jipin was scared and stammered, "I, I, my woman is the junior who destroys other people\'s feelings. How could it have something to do with me. I have nothing to do with her. She jumped because of retribution. She dug the corner and recognized it and took her away. "

"Liu Jipin, I think you don\'t see the coffin without tears. You want evidence, don\'t you? Then I\'ll give it to you. " Hang Jin takes out the remote control and turns on the TV set on the wall. "Do you remember this thing?"

what the TV set shows is a watch, a man\'s watch. Twenty years ago, the watch was worth more than 10000 yuan, which is the sky high price. Ordinary people can\'t afford it at all.

Liu Jipin was stunned. "I didn\'t give this watch to her. I didn\'t give it to her."

"did I say it was from Li Yanyan? Did I say it was from you?" said Hang Jin coldly. "General manager Liu, you didn\'t do anything about it."

Liu Jipin said, "I don\'t know whose watch it belongs to." I was just talking nonsense. You can\'t condemn me for that. "

Hang Jin clenched his fist. "Be frank, be lenient, resist, be strict. You won\'t be ignorant."

"Captain hang, if I\'m invited by you, I can\'t walk out of here for nothing. You must plant a crime for me before you can give up." Liu Jipin bit his teeth. "I said, if you want to say I am a murderer, please show me strong evidence, or I will accuse you of slander."

"Mr. Liu, I will hand over the evidence you want in person." Hang Jin got up, kicked off the chair, turned around and left. "I hope your attitude can be as tough at that time as it is now. I hope you can be as righteous and indignant as you are now, and you are innocent. "

The autopsy report from the forensic Department hasn\'t been published yet, and Hang Jin doesn\'t know the exact time of the death. The test results of trace department and assurance department have not come out yet. At present, there are too few materials in Hang Jin\'s hands, so it is difficult to lock in the target.

When he came out of the interrogation room, Zhao Ziqian immediately followed his "Hangzhou team. You suspect Liu Jipin is the murderer and that he has something to do with the jumping incident 20 years ago"

"before the autopsy report and the on-site evidence report came out, I can\'t judge who is the real murderer temporarily." Hang Jin stroked his forehead, and said, "but 20 years ago, Li Yanyan\'s jumping off the building had nothing to do with Liu Jipin."

Zhao Ziqian didn\'t know "where that watch came from, how could it prove that Liu Jipin was related to Li Yanyan\'s death"

Hang Jin said: "at first, I couldn\'t be sure that Li Yanyan\'s death was related to Liu Jipin, but it was just cheating him. Who knows that this old boy is so unscrupulous, and cheating is the way to recruit him."

Zhao Ziqian asked "where did that watch come from"

"Li Yanyan\'s relics." At that time, Li Yanyan was an ordinary employee of the company. Her salary couldn\'t afford this watch for ten years, but there was such a watch in her relics. Hang Jin felt that there was a problem when he looked at the file.

Zhao Ziqian feels inferior again. He didn\'t even think that today\'s case could be related to the jumping 20 years ago.

Hang Jin stops and looks back at the interrogation room. "If Li Yanyan really has something to do with Liu\'s records, he will be guilty. Watch him carefully in the monitoring room and see what he will do."

"OK, hang team, I\'ll go and stare at him." After today\'s events, Zhao Ziqian and Hang Jin are convinced.

He finally understood why Hang Jin was so capable of solving crimes. Hang Jin was not as intelligent as he thought, nor did he know who was the murderer at a glance at the corpse.

Hang Jin also needs evidence to handle the case, and all departments need to cooperate with him.

Hang Jin\'s advantage is that he responds faster than others. His advantage is that he does more homework than others, and he looks farther and thinks more than others.