My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1855

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Hang Jin didn\'t say anything more. Just as the policeman called the police man, he went over and looked up and down at the person who called the police. He asked in a deep voice, "what\'s the relationship between you and the dead"

"me and I" according to the common sense, the first question many people should ask is "when did the police report you and how did you find this corpse and so on?"

However, Hang Jin was not an ordinary person. He asked the police what was the relationship between the dead and the police. The police stuttered for a long time before he smoothly said, "I have nothing to do with the dead."

"It doesn\'t matter," said Hang Jin, looking sharply at the reporter, smilingly. "Now the forensic doctor who rotted the corpse to the other side needs DNA test to know who the dead is, and how you do it, you can see that the dead has nothing to do with you."

the "I, I" alarm stuttered again, and it took several seconds to say a complete sentence, "Just because I can\'t identify the dead, I said it has nothing to do with him. What\'s important is that there is no missing person in our family. Of course, the unrecognized body has nothing to do with me."

Hang Jin pressed "do you have any missing relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. or let\'s change the way of asking, how did you do the murder and the murderer report the case by pretending to find the corpse?"

"how do you do this? I\'m the reporter. I found the corpse. I didn\'t kill people. You can\'t try me as a prisoner." The police man dared to shout, but the sharp eyes of Shanghang Jin shrank his neck. "As a law enforcement officer, you are open-minded. I want to sue you."

"Lao Zhao, he said he would sue me. Take him a way, and now let him sue me." Hang Jin doesn\'t pay attention to this threat at all, and he\'s too lazy to explain. It\'s the best way for Zhao Ziqian to take over this tiredness.

So, Zhao Ziqian came out, he said politely but solemnly, "this gentleman, every citizen of our country has the obligation to cooperate with the law enforcement department in investigating cases. And you can\'t rule out murder until you find evidence to find out the real murderer. You have to cooperate with us. "

The police pointed at themselves and spoke for a long time, but this time, instead of being scared, they were excited. "How can I become a homicide suspect here? You and you"

Zhao Ziqian patted his shoulder. "Calm and calm, please go back to the Criminal Investigation Detachment with us to cooperate with our investigation work. I hope our police and people can cooperate happily, Find out the killer as soon as possible. "

The people who called the police were not happy at all, but what else could he do besides go with them.

After talking with the reporter, Hang Jin got to know the situation around the Tiantai.

Yongming building is 284 meters high. It was also the highest building in Jiangbei City when it was just completed. Because the building was completed earlier, later the highest building in Jiangbei was renewed again and again. This Yongming building also lost the halo of the highest building in Jiangbei.

When Yongming building lost the halo of the highest building in the north of the river, there were three more jumping accidents in Yongming building for three years in succession, which made Yongming building almost a waste building.

At the beginning of Yongming building, because of the halo of the highest building in Jiangbei, even though the rent of the same office area is much more expensive than other office buildings, many companies still settled in.

Three jumps and three pieces are the employees who rent in Yongming building company.

At first, a pair of young men and women in company a had a good feeling, and soon they fell in love. The days of love were sweet and happy, which made many people envious.

But I don\'t know if it\'s due to the old saying that show love can be divided quickly. After about half a year\'s talk, men are more and more indifferent to women, and sometimes hear them quarrel.

Men can\'t stand this kind of noisy day. They admit that they met the girl they really like and brought the other girl to the woman\'s eyes.

Looking at the young and beautiful girl, the woman was almost mad. She first pulled the man to tear and beat him, and then forced the man to choose the girl or her in front of many people in the company.

The man brings the girl just wants to clear the boundary with the woman, plus the woman makes him lose face, the man does not hesitate to refuse the woman. At that time, he said, "even if I die, I don\'t want to live with you anymore."

The man\'s cruel words broke the woman\'s last thought. She climbed to the roof of Yongming building in a rage and jumped down from 284 meters high building. She fell to pieces.

At that time, the news made a sensation. Jiangbei daily ran many issues. Many people pointed at the man. Even strangers blocked him downstairs and smashed rotten eggs at him.

This kind of days lasted for a long time, seriously affecting the work of men, so the company had to persuade him to quit this thing for a while. Unexpectedly, at the same time the next year, the man who cheated jumped from the place where the woman jumped, and also fell to pieces.

After the event, many people said that women had taken away the men, which was very strange. During that time, many companies did not dare to arrange staff to work overtime, and all of them were off work at the end of the day.

What\'s more unexpected is that at the same time in the third year, the girl who cheated on the man jumped from the place where the man and the woman jumped, which was also smashed to pieces.

After the three jumping incidents, the rumor that Yongming building is an unknown place has become more and more strange. Many companies have moved out of Yongming building, leaving behind companies with poor economic benefits.

After three jumping incidents, the building was almost empty, and the whole building was shrouded in shadow. The management personnel let people block the roof, and the only key to open the door of the roof was in his hand. No one was allowed to wait for others to go up. Every month, one day, the cleaning personnel went up to clean it, and no one was ever seen at any other time.

Hang Jin made a general understanding of Yongming building on his way to the building, so he didn\'t need to ask more, he knew that the person who called the police was the cleaner who went to the roof to clean.

The roof is a thick steel door, which can\'t be knocked open. Even if it can be knocked open, it will make a huge noise. The security guard of the building is bound to find out. Now the clue can only be found by the management personnel of the building.

Hang Jin looked back and saw that Chi Yangyang was almost busy with his work. He wanted to care about her in the past, but he was too clear about the girl\'s clear attitude towards public and private affairs, so he dismissed the idea.

He just beckoned to the police, "find the key manager of this building, I want to ask."