My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1854

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"Didn\'t you provoke me?" Hang Jin narrowed his eyes slightly, and the warning was obvious.

"Did I offend you?" "If I really offend you, please tell me directly. Don\'t let me guess."

"Small four eyes son, I will appear here to replace Zhao Ziqian\'s work, you have no accident?" She couldn\'t come out and ask why he was here? Can\'t she show a little concern for him?

Chi Yang Yang nodded stupidly: "it\'s very unexpected."

It was an accident, but the girl\'s expression was not unexpected at all. Hang Jin reached out and pinched her face: "then you don\'t want to know why I took the post of captain of Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment?"

Chi Yangyang: "why?"

Hang Jin said with a bad smile, "it\'s a secret. You can\'t tell anyone."

"Then you ask me if I want to know." Chi Yang Yang looks at her displeased. This man is really. Since he can\'t say why he asked her, her curiosity has come out.

"Little idiot, go to work." With that, Hang Jin was about to leave, while Chi Yang Yang reached out and grabbed his corner. "Captain hang, can I give you a little advice?"

Looking at Chi Yangyang holding his small hand, Hang Jin felt happy: "let\'s talk."

As a team leader, can you not be late for the meeting in the future? Would you like to have a good meeting with all of you instead of just showing your face? "

But Hang Jin was still hanging around: "why can\'t you be late? Why can\'t you just show your face? If there is no privilege different from others, why should I be the captain? " "Well, Captain hang, you think I just said nothing. You can do whatever you want, regardless of other people\'s feelings. " Chi Yangyang only felt that he was playing the piano against the cows. She knew that this man was such a character. She also tried to persuade him. She shook her head helplessly. "I\'ll go back to work first."

"I don\'t know a few details in the autopsy report of the dismemberment case, so come to my office and give me some details," said Hang Jin

As soon as he asked her to go to the office, Chi thought more. She looked around and said, "Hang Jin, it\'s work time. So many eyes are looking at us. Don\'t make a fool of yourself, OK?"

Knowing how much she would think, Hang Jin couldn\'t help being funny: "is it nonsense for the criminal investigation team leader to let the forensics explain the autopsy report to the office?"

"I I\'ll get ready now. " Hang Jin really wanted to see the autopsy report, but she had just been wondering where to go.

Chiyangyang went back to the office and sorted out the autopsy report of the case. She hurried to Hang Jin\'s office. She knocked on the door several times, but didn\'t hear the words "please come in". Thinking that Hang Jin was carrying her again, she pushed the door directly.

Pushing open the office door, Chi looked at the desk in the center. She thought she would see Hang Jin sitting there, but she didn\'t expect that there were colleagues from the trace department and the assurance department reporting to Hang Jin.

They talked so seriously that no one found her when she broke in.

"We have brought back all the suspicious objects at the scene of the murder, but there is no one else except the fingerprints and DNA of the family of the deceased," said a colleague from the assurance department "As far as I know, the relationship between the deceased and his neighbors was very good before his death, and he usually walked closely, but he didn\'t find the fingerprints of his neighbor\'s relatives in the deceased\'s home..." Hang Jin looks at Zhao Ziqian, "Lao Zhao, you take a team of people to check the neighbors who are better than the dead. Take the micro expression psychological experts and report to me as soon as you find any abnormality."

Zhao Ziqian replied, "OK, I\'ll go now."

Hang Jin said again: "my colleagues from the assurance department and the trace department, you go to the murder scene again, and remember that the more carefully you look, the better. Don\'t miss any corner."

For the first time, Chi found that Hang Jin was so serious, and he could no longer see the frivolity and impetuousness in his office.

When he works hard, it\'s like For a while, he didn\'t think of any words to describe it. He only knew that he was very handsome.

However, as soon as she thought he was very handsome, she let Hang Jin\'s voice wake up: "pool forensics, everyone is discussing, what are you doing alone?"

"I\'m sorry!" he said

"Well, everyone is busy." Hang Jin waved his hand and said, "forensic doctor Chi, please tell me the details of the autopsy."

"Good!" He nodded and was about to speak when the phone rang on his desk.

Chi Yangyang stops and waits for him. He picks up the phone and hears a male voice: "Hangzhou team, just received the report, a corpse was found on the top of Yongming building, 999 Qishan Road."



The alarm went off.

Yongming building has been temporarily closed.

When Hang Jin came to the top floor, the police automatically gave way to a way: "hang team."

Hang Jin strides over and sees the rotting corpse at a glance. The rotting corpse can\'t see the original appearance of the dead. There are many maggots on the corpse Hang Jin suddenly felt a wave of nausea gushing out of his stomach, which made him feel sick.

But who is Hang Jin? This disgusting feeling was soon suppressed by him. He said, "bring the person who found the body."

Officer: "yes."

As soon as the police officer left, Hang Jin looked back and saw Chi Yangyang squatting beside the corpse with tools, carrying out the preliminary autopsy professionally and expediently.

She looked as if under her eyes was not a rotten, disgusting corpse at all, but a common prop.

All of a sudden, Hang Jin didn\'t feel so disgusted. He squatted beside Chi Yangyang and said, "how about that? What clues do you have now? " "The rate of decay is related to the weather, the humidity of the air and so on," Chi said. This corpse has been severely rotted. Now I can only speculate about the time of death. The specific autopsy report still needs to take the corpse back for further analysis

"Well." Hang Jin nodded, paused and said, "report the autopsy to me as soon as possible."

As the leader of Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment and the leader of Chiyang Central Committee, Hang Jin hoped that Chiyang Central Committee would finish the work as soon as possible and hand over the autopsy report to him.

But in his heart, she was his wife, and he didn\'t want her to face those rotten, disgusting and smelly corpses every day: "if there\'s something uncomfortable, remember to tell me at the first time." "Thank you for your concern, but it doesn\'t matter. I\'m used to it." Chi Yang Yang looked up and saw Hang Jin\'s concern for her in her eyes. She shrugged, "I\'m really OK."