My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1852

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Hang Jin wanted her to shut up and walk with him for a while. However, he could not bear to see the silly look of her, so he sighed, "what evil did I do in my last life?"

"Do you still do evil?" To Hang Jin\'s exclamation, a hundred of Chi Yang Yang disagreed, "if I can still have such a family after making a sin, then I want to make more."

"You little idiot!" Hang Jin stared at her and poked her on the forehead. "If you don\'t want to stroll, drive home. There are many things to do tomorrow. "

"Yes, I\'m going back to work in the team tomorrow. You\'re good at home alone. Don\'t run around and make people worry." Thinking of Hang Jin\'s restless nature, Chi Yang was worried and sighed.

But Hang Jin didn\'t think so, immediately refuted her "I run around? Little four eyes, you speak and feel your conscience and say, who are we to worry about more for? "

"Yes, I worry about you every day. Now please get on the bus and fasten your seat belt. I\'m going to drive home." It\'s impossible to take him. A big man is so fussy. Can\'t you let her have a look?

Talk about the noisy time is always passing quickly, not long, has arrived home.

When he got home, Chiyang did nothing, so he was busy saying, "Hang Jin, just wipe your body, and I\'ll change your dressing after you wipe it."

"My hand hurts. You can wipe it for me."

"Don\'t think about it, go by yourself, or I won\'t change the medicine for you."

"It\'s cruel." Hang Jin was not willing to go to the bathroom. He came out in a short time. Of course, he didn\'t wear anything.

Even though he has been used to his rogue behavior, but saw him naked, Chi Yang Yang still can\'t help blushing, and don\'t know whether he is ashamed or angry.

Hang Jin didn\'t think he was wearing anything. He sat on the bed and waved to her, "come and change my medicine."

Chi Yangyang dare not look at him, back to him, said, "put your clothes on."

"You can wear it and take it off. I don\'t care if you are in trouble." Hang Jin has a very thick face and speaks naturally.

"You don\'t wear it, do you?" Chi Yangyang forcefully threw the medicine to him, "then change the medicine yourself."

"Little four eyes, you\'re getting fatter and fatter recently. I really don\'t think I dare to do anything to you." Hang Jin threatens fiercely. It seems that if she doesn\'t come, he will beat her up.

Chi Yang Yang Li ignored him, turned around and left.

As soon as she is hard, Hang Jin can only take soft. "Well, I can\'t get dressed yet."

So he picked up his bathrobe and put it loosely on his body. "OK."

Chiyangyang looked back at him and quickly stopped saying, "put on your underwear."

"It\'s not that I haven\'t seen it. It\'s a pretense." His mouth was dissatisfied with her, but after hearing what he said, Hang Jin put on his pants two or three times, "what else is dissatisfied?"

Chiyang Yang just got close to him and helped him to change when he took the medicine, but when he changed it, he felt something was wrong. She immediately got up and backed up. "Big hooligan, change yourself."

"Natural physiological response, can blame this less fierce?" Hang Jin also feels aggrieved, but the little idiot has run out angrily. He whispers, "who told you that little four eyes are so attractive?"

What\'s more, in the evening, Chi Yang didn\'t go back to the master bedroom to sleep. He hid in the guest room and locked the door cleverly.

Because the quality of the house door is very good, Hang Jin bumped the door several times and didn\'t open it, so he thought hard. Tomorrow he would open the guest room and see how she would hide from him.

This evening, there was no harassment from Hang Jin. Chi had a good sleep, but Hang Jin had two big panda eyes.

As soon as Chi Yang went out, he ran into him. Seeing his panda eyes, he couldn\'t help laughing, "did you steal chicken last night?"

Hang Jin glared at her fiercely. "Little four eyes, you dare to laugh and have a try."

Chi tries to hold back his smile and deliberately avoids hiding from him. "OK, I\'ll get you some breakfast. After eating, I\'ll go to work. You can have a good rest at home."

"You want to poison my young master?" said Hang Jin

Chi Yangyang shrugs helplessly. "OK, I won\'t do it. I\'ll call you takeout later."

Hang Jin "..."

The anger made the teeth rumble.


No new cases have happened in the past two days, but the team is still busy, looking for clues to the case of mutilation.

When Chi Yangyang arrived at the team, he was busy working. Xiao Li from the same department came together and said mysteriously, "Yang Yang, you haven\'t come to work in two days. I don\'t know what happened in our team."

"What is it?" Chi asked Xiao Li, but he didn\'t let go of his work.

Xiao Li said, "I heard that our Zhao tou has retired."

Chi Yangyang "back down? What do you mean? "

Xiao Li glanced at the door and made sure that no one continued. "It means that the team leader of Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment will be replaced by others, and Zhao tou will follow the new leader."

"Ah..." It took Chi Yang a long time to digest the news, "how is it possible? Zhao team did a good job. Why was he suddenly replaced? What\'s going on? "

Xiao Li added, "it\'s said that Zhao tou applied to his superiors himself. He applied for a more competent person from his superiors to replace the captain, and he followed suit. "

"Why?" he said in surprise Xiao Li went to Chi Yang\'s side again and said, "you didn\'t come to work, you don\'t know. The colleagues of the meeting trace Department confronted Zhao in front of everyone, and said he was useless In spite of this, Zhao team went to the superior to apply for retiring, and let the more competent person take over his team leader\'s work. "

"Here..." In Chi\'s opinion, Zhao Ziqian is not an impulsive person. He will never apply to his superiors for a change of post because his colleagues contradicted him. But why did he do so?

She couldn\'t figure it out. Looking at Xiao Li, Xiao Li said, "maybe Zhao tou wants everyone to see that the new captain is not as good as him, so that everyone can know that he is the most suitable captain for us."

Chi Yang shook his head. "No way."

Xiao Li doesn\'t understand "Yang Yang, why don\'t you think so?"

"I just don\'t think that\'s the reason." Zhao Ziqian is an old criminal police officer. He has been doing a good job in criminal investigation, and he also loves this job. If he really offered to let others take over his work, it is likely that the case he has now is too difficult to solve. He can\'t solve it himself, and doesn\'t want to delay it. So he had to let the superior arrange more competent criminal police to come here. But in Jiangbei, which other criminal police is better than Zhao Ziqian?