My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1851

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They all know how much Hang Jin wanted to marry Chi Yangyang back home. They managed to cheat the girl who had been waiting for more than ten years. How could they let her go easily.

But Hang Jin is too proud to admit defeat. He doesn\'t know how much he regrets.

They were talking, and the door of the private room was opened again, saying that the two men who were going to divorce came in hand in hand, as if their quarrel had just been an illusion of others.

Four people were shocked: "four elder brothers, Yang Yang You... "

Hang Jin sits back in a happy mood, and Chi Yangyang quickly fills him with a bowl of soup: "hang Da Ye, this is the old hot soup made by Fei Yang elder sister. You drink two bowls to mend your bones."

Hang Jin took the soup with a smile: "OK."

Chi Yangyang looked at him with a smile, drank the soup, and asked gently, "how does the soup taste? Do you want a bowl? "

"Good to drink." Hang Jin nodded. "Another bowl."

"Drink more if you like. I\'ll learn how to cook soup with sister Feiyang later. I\'ll cook soup for you every day." Chiyang Yang smiled and looked to blue Feiyang. "Feiyang sister, you will teach me."

Blue Fei Yang nods stupidly: "yes."

A question mark on the other\'s face.


Even though they know that they can\'t really divorce, but their relationship has eased too fast, who can tell them what happened just outside?

Several people are eager to know what happened to them just after they went out, but they will never say it. No, they should never say it.

Hang Jin would like to tell everyone loudly that just after going out, Chi Yangyang, a little idiot, suddenly hugged his waist and said that he would not divorce him, but would live with him all the time.

The little idiot didn\'t want to divorce him and said he would stay with him forever. Even if he had a stomach full of fire in Hang Jin\'s stomach, it would go out instantly. Then she didn\'t say anything else, so he followed her back.

Just under the curious gaze of everyone, Chi Yangyang brought food to Hang Jin again, and then slowly looked at other people: "I just said something wrong, I have apologized to him, he has forgiven me."

Others don\'t believe it: "is that so?"

Chi Yangyang: "what else do you think?"

Others: "you didn\'t do anything else to him?"

What can I do to him

Although she did something else, there was nothing to talk about.

Seeing that Chi Yangyang was besieged by these people, Hang Jin couldn\'t sit down. He decided to give her a hand: "I said you guys can\'t see the existence of this young master or what?"

As soon as Hang Jin spoke, several others counseled, "eat and eat."

Seeing that Hang Jin and Chi Yang can get along so well, several other people are also happy.

After Hangjin\'s mood, we had a happy meal, and the more we talked, the happier we were.

First, I talked about the marriage between LAN Feiyang and ye Zhiyang, and I didn\'t know who said: "Ye Zhiyang was a small crying bag, often beaten and cried by Fei Yang."

They\'ve known each other since they were born. No one knows who was embarrassed when they were young. Soon someone answered, "yes, yes, every time Fei Yang twisted his ear and asked him if he was not satisfied with the service, he would cry and persuade him. The poor look of that little crying bag, I can laugh to my stomach now. I didn\'t expect that when I grow up, little leaf will catch up with our flying hero. "

"I said Lao Zhu Lao Xie, I\'m getting married. Can you stop talking about my childhood?" Speaking of things when he was a child, ye Zhiyang didn\'t think there was anything, even a little proud to see Xianglan Feiyang. "I\'ve let my daughter-in-law since I was a child."

"Little crying bag!" Chi Yangyang is three years younger than several of them. When she has memories, she is a little later than them, but she remembers xiaowaibao clearly.

If she didn\'t remember wrong, it should be that after they went to junior high school, brother Zhiyang was still cried by sister Feiyang. Once she cried all the way home for an hour. It was really a small crying bag.

Thinking of the past, Chi Yangyang laughed happily

The next second, however, she was mentioned.

This person is not someone else, or Ye Zhiyang, who was just laughed at by her: "speaking of things when I was a child, I remember nothing more clearly than the things about our central bank."

Even if he hasn\'t said what it is, Chi Yang Yang already knows what ye Zhiyang wants to say. She immediately stops him: "brother Zhiyang, don\'t mention that."

"What can\'t be mentioned?" When it comes to questioning, he laughs badly. "Are you holding the handle of the fourth brother and asking him why he has one and you don\'t have one?"

Others burst into laughter.

Chiyangyang: "..."

Come again!

They\'re coming again!

Every party laughs at her about it, and she can\'t forget it if she wants to.

Ye Zhiyang said, "the central authorities, we were awesome when we were little, but we didn\'t give you the strength."

LAN Feiyang collides with Ye Zhiyang: "no bullying of central."

Xie Yuanbo said, "old Ye is right. Our awesome things are not so powerful."

Chiyang Yang was so ashamed that she could drill a hole in the ground, but they still couldn\'t let her go. She looked at Hang Jin for help. Hang Jin was laughing too, and she laughed badly.

But he didn\'t ignore her: "well, the past is over. Don\'t mention it."

As soon as Hang Jin spoke, even though his tone was not light or heavy, we didn\'t dare to talk any more. Otherwise, if we offended Mao Chiyang, we would be thrown into the street by Hang Jin.

It\'s late after dinner.

Xie Yuanbo and Zhu Tuozhan can\'t drive after drinking wine, so they stay in the dining room.

Hang Jin and Chi Yangyang are going back to the city, but before getting on the bus, Hang Jin pulls Chi Yangyang and says, "little four eyes, I\'m a little bored. You can accompany me to blow for a while before you leave."

"Where do you want to blow?" Hang Jin wants to have a hairdryer. Chi Yangyang can only accompany him, or he will be left alone?

"The green corridor over there." Hang Jin led chi yang to the side of the green corridor.

Although the autumn in Jiangbei is still so hot, there are some cool winds in the night, which drive away the high temperature in the day and walk around in the shade. It makes people feel comfortable, especially the girl who likes is still around.

People ah, live a lifetime, in fact, it is so simple.

I have a house to live in, a job I like, and a girl I love.

Now he has all three things that a man desires. It\'s really happiness.

But the girl was not very understanding and devoted to sabotage: "Uncle hang, your leg injury is not good. Can\'t you go for a walk another day? Why do you have to choose today? "