My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1849

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"Sister Feiyang, I told you last time." "Brother Jin told me that he liked me. At first I didn\'t believe it, but later I did," he said with a smile

"Well." Blue Fei Yang nodded, "I know that."

"So I don\'t think it\'s bad to marry him. It\'s better to marry a man who knows his roots better than a stranger," he said

Hearing this, LAN Feiyang finally understood why Hang Jin was not happy. If she was Hang Jin, Chi Yang would marry her for this reason, and she would not be happy: "Yang Yang, do you really think so?"

"Miss Feiyang, what\'s wrong with my thinking about it?" he asked vaguely

"You silly girl!" LAN Feiyang can\'t help but poke the forehead of the central part of the pool, "don\'t you have any other feelings for the fourth brother? Don\'t you like him a little bit if you want to marry him? "

"Other feelings? Do you mean like him? I think I should like him. " As long as Hang Jin treats her well, she goes mad without any reason. When she is with him, she is still very happy and has a sense of security. This is what LAN Feiyang says she likes.

"Yang Yang said that liking may be due to my improper use of words. Do you love him or not?" LAN Feiyang looks at Chi Yangyang, then slowly adds, "do you want to marry him just because you love him?"

"Love him to marry him? I don\'t know. " Chi Yangyang is not very clear about it. Her feelings for Hang Jin are more dependent on him. She is used to him around her. If he is not around occasionally, she will be not used to it.

As for how to love a person, she never thought about it seriously or loved it.

However, if she wants to love a man in her life, she thinks Hang Jin is also a good choice. She will try to love him. After all, he even risked his life for her sake.

"Yang Yang, you can tell me that. Don\'t tell it to the fourth brother." Blue Fei Yang patted the shoulder of Chi Yang, "you go back and think about your feelings for the fourth brother."

"Sister Feiyang, let\'s not talk about these worries. Let\'s eat first." He kneaded his stomach. "I haven\'t had a meal all day today. I\'m so hungry that I want to eat more here."

"Go ahead and I\'ll have the dishes served." LAN Feiyang and Chi Yangyang turn around together. He never expected to see Hang Jin as soon as he turned around. He leaned against the wall and looked at Chi Yangyang with deep eyes.

Looking at Hang Jin\'s expression, LAN Feiyang knew that he had just heard the conversation between her and Chi Yangyang, and she suddenly felt that she was a sinner: "fourth brother, I......"

"Everyone\'s waiting. Let\'s serve." Hang Jin interrupts LAN Feiyang and says this in a cool and unhurried way. Then he turns around and enters the private room without looking at Chi Yangyang again.

Chi Yangyang also stepped forward to follow in, but was pulled by LAN Feiyang: "Yangyang, just four elder brothers heard our conversation."

"I know," said Chi

Blue flying head was so big that he stroked his forehead: "you know Are you not worried at all? "

"What should I worry about?" he said

LAN Feiyang: "don\'t you worry about the fourth brother getting angry?"

"Fei Yang, you don\'t know him," said Chi. For three hundred and sixty-five days a year, his man has been angry with people for three hundred days. If he doesn\'t get angry or angry, it will make people feel strange. "

Blue Feiyang stroked his forehead, and suddenly he didn\'t want to manage the Central Bank of Chi. He didn\'t want to manage the Central Bank of Chi all his life: "then go ahead, I\'ll let people serve."

Chi Yangyang obeyed and went into the private room. Blue Feiyang shook his head helplessly in the direction of her back disappearing: "you are an unsophisticated little girl. You are really going to torture the fourth brother."


In the private room, the atmosphere is very lively.

Zhu Tuozhan made the most active speech: "I have calculated the date. There are still 20 days left for Lao ye and Feiyang\'s wedding. How is the venue prepared? You two are not going to take a few days off first? "

Ye Zhiyang said, "when all is ready, I will wait to marry my little lady."

Xie Yuanbo said, "Congratulations, old Ye! Congratulations on getting out of our single team. "

Ye Zhiyang said: "I also wish you to get out of the singles line-up as soon as possible. Especially Lao Zhu and Lao Xie, I hope you two can find the woman who wants to live forever as soon as possible. "

Hang Jin, who has never been involved in such a topic, suddenly said, "you guys have problems with your eyes or your hearing. Can\'t you see the existence of our young master?"

Others smiled: "four elder brothers, you have long been known as the owner of the grass. There\'s no need for us to wish you a speedy exit from the singles line-up. "

Hang Jin said again, "I\'m a famous grass, but it\'s hard to say whether there is a lord or not."

As soon as Hang Jin said this, other people turned their eyes to Chi Yangyang, but he drank tea silently, as if he didn\'t pay attention to the chat content of several of them.

"As long as the fourth brother is willing, it\'s not a problem." Zhu Kaizhan is to find words to stimulate Chi Yang. As long as Chi Yang has a little meaning for Hang Jin, it will definitely be a fire to hear him. However, Chi Yang still hasn\'t answered, and he can\'t help himself to indulge in fragrant tea.

"Embrace left and right? Good is good, I\'m afraid I can\'t cope with my physical strength. " It\'s strange to say that even after hearing the dialogue between LAN Feiyang and Chi Yangyang, Hang Jin\'s performance is still normal, no, not normal, it\'s too approachable, and he can also talk and laugh with his brothers, which is not as arrogant as he used to be.

At this time, the dishes have been served, and blue Feiyang has also entered the table.

Seeing that Hang Jin was not angry, she thought that the fourth brother might have changed his temper, so she warmly welcomed everyone to dinner: "I cooked these two dishes myself to entertain my most distinguished friends."

"Thank you for our beautiful, generous, tender and considerate Mrs. Ye!" Everyone is too familiar with each other, blue flying words fall, the other five people almost at the same time.

"Oh, don\'t Mrs. Ye\'s so sarcastic. I can\'t stand you." LAN Feiyang is a straightforward person, so the thought of coming to work with a beloved man for a lifetime reveals the coyness of her little daughter\'s family.

Zhu Tuozhan held up a glass of wine: "brothers, since graduation, we have our own businesses. Everyone is busy. It\'s not so easy to get together at ordinary times, so I take this opportunity to give you a toast today. I wish Lao ye and Feiyang a happy marriage! I wish these of us can find our own love as soon as possible

Finish saying, Zhu Tuozhan\'s eyes look at the central pool, which quickly takes up the cup.

The rest of you raise your glasses, and Hang Jin is no exception.