My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1847

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"Why do you think so?" Hang Jin Wei narrowed his eyes as if Zhao Ziqian could kill him with his eyes if he said a wrong word.

Zhao Ziqian said it well, and was severely stared at by Hang Jin for such a questioning, and there was a little lack of confidence in an instant: "hang Shao, I just said that I didn\'t find evidence, but intuition made me think so."

"Intuition? You\'re the captain of the criminal investigation team. Give me your intuition. " Intuition can\'t be used as evidence, but sometimes it can\'t be said clearly and accurately. Hang Jin looked at the South Korean Bureau, "old Han, what do you think of this matter?"

"It doesn\'t seem to matter that there have been several cases in a row recently, but they always seem too strange. Although the case has been closed, there are still real killers behind the scenes. " Today, after hearing Zhao Ziqian\'s report, the South Korean Bureau looked at the files again, and had some doubts about these cases, but in the end, it was still necessary to speak with evidence.

"Now what do you want to do? Verdict? " Looking at the South Korean Bureau, Hang Jin\'s eyes were cold without any temperature. "Is it because of Zhao\'s intuition? Isn\'t it ridiculous? "

"Yes, it\'s ridiculous to turn over the case by intuition. What if there is a real murderer behind the scenes?" The South Korean Bureau handed a document to Hang Jin and said, "as long as we find out the evidence, no matter who is behind the scenes, we will bring him to justice. Everyone is equal before the law, no one can be excepted. "

Hang Jin took over the document and glanced at it casually: "you will sort out the files of these cases and hand them over to me tomorrow."

With that, Hang Jin got up and walked with his proud steps. Look at his arrogance, people who don\'t know think he is the leader in this office.

Han bureau also watched Hang Jin grow up. They knew Hang Jin\'s temperament very well. They were often greeted by Hang Jin and couldn\'t get angry.

After Hangjin left, Zhao Ziqian looked back and asked, "Han Ju, hangshao has promised to take over?"

"These cases are likely to have something to do with the Chi family. If you don\'t let him take care of them, he will take care of them." The South Korean bureau took a cup of tea, took a sip of tea, and then said, "Lao Zhao, go back and tidy up the files, and hand them in to him early tomorrow, or he has some ways to make you lose the stage."

"Then I\'ll get ready." Zhao Ziqian got up and was about to leave. The South Korean Bureau called out to him, "Lao Zhao, I\'ll ask you again. Are you really not going to change your department?"

"Han Ju, thank you for your kindness. I\'ve been doing criminal investigation for more than ten years. I can\'t do anything else. Let me help him. " Zhao Ziqian was very ashamed because he couldn\'t find the murderer, so he took the initiative to find the South Korean Bureau today and proposed that Hang Jin should take over the post of leader of the Criminal Investigation Detachment in Cangshan District. He should be Hang Jin\'s deputy.

"An old captain who has been working in criminal investigation for more than ten years is willing to be the deputy of that boy?" It\'s not that the South Korean Bureau despises Hang Jin, but that he doesn\'t quite understand Zhao Ziqian\'s idea.

"Korean Bureau, I am embarrassed to say something in front of others, but I have nothing to hide in front of you." Zhao Ziqian sat down again. "Hang Jin is a young man who has little criminal investigation experience, but he has a flexible brain, strong observation and courage. If we can\'t solve the case, he has a way to solve it. I\'ve worked with him for two days and I can\'t keep up with him in many times. I think I still have a lot to learn from him. "

Han Bureau sighed: "you are modest. If you can\'t stand it, can you lead a team to solve so many cases?"

"I\'m not going to come to you." Zhao Ziqian smiled bitterly. "Today, some people question my ability to work. Although I was angry at that time, when I calmed down, what they said was right, so I had to find the reason from myself. "

Han Ju: "Lao Zhao, don\'t be angry."

"Han Ju, I\'m not angry. I thought about it very clearly before I came to you." People want to climb high. No one wants to fall down.

Zhao Ziqian is a smart man. He knows what he lacks clearly. What he lacks, Hang Jin: "now Hang Jin is willing to come here, so let me, an old criminal police, learn something we don\'t have around him. If we have a chance to lead our own team in the future, we won\'t let our subordinates look down on him any more."

"You look up to this boy too much..." Han Ju shakes his head and sighs, "that kid\'s life is going well. I\'m really worried about his falling one day. It\'s good to have you watching beside him. When he\'s impulsive, you can pull him. Otherwise, I can\'t explain something to his family. "

"I can\'t hold him, but there\'s someone in our team," Zhao said

The South Korean Bureau naturally knows who can hold on to Hang Jin, but it doesn\'t say much: "although this kid is young and arrogant, there are two real ways to start things. You see, this time, he alone brought down the largest drug trafficking group in Jiangbei. "

"Yes!" Zhao Ziqian nodded, "only he dare to do this, others dare not."

Han Ju said, "well, go ahead and get busy. Remember to have all the information ready. Don\'t let him find a chance to meet you. "

Zhao Ziqian said with a smile, "I\'ve been hated by him a lot. I have my own antibody. I\'m not afraid."


On the way home.

"What do the South Korean Bureau want from you?" he asked curiously

Hang Jin shakes down his seat and lies on his back: "work."

Chi Yangyang: "what\'s going on at work?"

Hang Jin: "it\'s not convenient to disclose things at work."

Chiyangyang: "..."

Hang Jin: "you drive to Ye Zhiyang\'s farmhouse. I\'ll call Xie Yuanbo and Zhu Kaizhan."

"You can\'t drink because of your leg injury," said Chi

Hang Jin: "who told you I was going to drink?"

Chi Yangyang: "you don\'t want to ask brother Chuang to go to brother Zhiyang together."

Hang Jin: "you asked them out to drink? What do you have in mind? "

The key is that the city\'s Chiyang Central Committee has a good time with them. She works every day, takes care of him, doesn\'t take her out for ventilation, and what if she suffocates the little idiot\'s brain?

"Brother Zhiyang and sister Feiyang are getting closer to getting married. It\'s time to come out and have a chat and discuss the lively atmosphere on that day." Think of these guys, Chi Yang Yang will feel more relaxed, "but I\'ll call Fei Yang first, and I\'ll eat the dishes she cooked by herself tonight."

Then he took out his mobile phone and called Ye Feiyang happily: "Feiyang sister, I\'m Yang, are you free now? I\'d like to have your best dish. "