My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1844

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" chi Yangyang displeased:" you are a big fool! "

Hang Jin said with a smile, "I\'m a big fool. You\'re a little B á ICH. It sounds like a good match."

"Chi Yang Yang glared at him:" who is going to match with you this big fool

"Little B á ICH, do you dare to say that it doesn\'t match me?" Hang Jin suddenly approached Chi Yang, almost kissing her lips. "Do you think we deserve it or not?"

There are people coming and going in the corridor outside the ward. Look at them. Sister Xiaojie, the nurse who just passed by, looks at them twice more. It\'s embarrassing.

Chi tries to hide behind, but behind her is the wall. There is no place for her to hide. Hang Jin can only press her to the wall: "you, you should step back first."

"Do you think we deserve it?" As Hang Jin drew closer and closer, his lips rubbed her lips, consciously or unconsciously. In this ambiguous way, he told her that as long as he didn\'t hear the answer he wanted to hear, he would not let her go

How can this man be so hateful? He used this way to deal with her, making her have no power to parry: "I......"

Who knows that Chi Yangyang was about to open his mouth, Yin nianxiao opened the door of the ward and walked out. At a glance, he saw two people tightly attached to each other, which made Chi Yangyang blush and hurriedly pushed Hang Jin away.

Yin Nian said with a smile, "you two go on, I don\'t see anything."

"Mom, can you return it?" When he saw it, he saw that Hang Jin didn\'t care at all, but Chi Yang was so ashamed that he secretly pinched him and warned him to pay attention to him in front of his elders, "Auntie, have you finished talking with Grandpa?"

"Well, it\'s over. It was yesterday that I learned that the old man was ill in hospital, so I came here to have a look. " Yinian smiled and held Chi\'s hand. "Yang Yang, I just mentioned your wedding to Hang Jin with the old man. What do you think?"

"I didn\'t..." Before the two words of opinion were said, Hang Jin suddenly grabbed the words, "Mom, we know what to do about the wedding, so don\'t worry about it."

Yin Niang smiled a fierce look at Hang Jin: "I\'m talking to Yang Yang. When is your turn to talk?"

Hang Jin: "..."

His Empress Dowager didn\'t know to give her son some face in front of her daughter-in-law.

Yin Niang smiled and looked at Chi Yangyang again, and his tone was suddenly gentle: "Yang Yang, Auntie either forces you or asks you what you mean. You can tell your aunt what you think. You don\'t need to care about Hangjin\'s feelings. "

Don\'t care about Hangjin\'s feelings!

Hearing this, Chi Yangyang couldn\'t help laughing. She didn\'t want to care about Hang Jin\'s feelings, but she also had her concerns.

Yesterday, she told Hang Jin about the wedding ceremony, but Hang Jin didn\'t agree, which proved that he didn\'t want to have a wedding ceremony with her, and she couldn\'t force him to marry her.

Although she didn\'t give Hang Jin much time to think about it before, she didn\'t want her elders to put pressure on him: "Auntie, I listen to brother Jin. He can do whatever he says."

"That kid is not reliable. How can he listen to him?" But Chi said so, and Yin nianxiao couldn\'t interfere too much. "Well, then I won\'t disturb you. If you two talk with the old man more, I\'ll go back first." Before leaving, Yinian smiled and gave Hang Jin a warning look. "Boy, don\'t bully Yang."

"Auntie, please walk slowly and be careful on the way." Seeing Yin nianxiao off, Chi Yangyang changed his face and looked at Hang Jin with a bad smile. "Hang Jin, how are you thinking about the wedding?"

At the sight of this girl\'s arrogance, Hang Jin wanted to beat her up: "just now you didn\'t say you listened to me, so don\'t worry."

"I just don\'t want my aunt to give you pressure. I don\'t really want to hear from you. You should be very clear in your heart," chuyang said with a smile

Hang Jin pokes Chi Yang\'s forehead: "you little girl, you still have two faces."

"For the sake of your injury, I\'ll give you another 24 hours to think about." Don\'t start, Chi said again, "as soon as the time comes, I want your reply. Otherwise, don\'t blame me for being rude to you."

Hang Jin: how can you be rude to me

"You can try it." After that, Chi Yang turned and entered the ward. The overbearing side leak made Hang Jin not keep up with her for a while.

When he responded, he could not help shouting: "little four eyes, give you a little paint, you want to open a dyeing house. Believe it or not, I picked your skin? "

"Hang family young master, whose skin do you want to pick? Come in and show me. " Grandpa Chi\'s voice came to Hang Jin\'s ear from the ward. It was so bad that he forgot that there was an old man in the ward.

Hang Jin rushed into the room at once: "old man, I\'m playing."

Grandpa Chi said coldly, "if I\'m still here, you dare to bully my family. If I\'m not here, I don\'t know what else you can do."

"Grandpa, Hang Jin didn\'t bully me. He just played with me." He quarreled with Hang Jin, but in front of his grandfather, Chi Yangyang instinctively protected him.

Hang Jin hip hop said: "yes I\'m just kidding xiaosiyan. How dare I bully her. "

Grandpa Chi: "but I don\'t think it\'s a joke."

"Grandpa I\'m just joking with her. I dare not bully her. " The old man\'s face said that it would change as soon as it changed. For fear that the cooked duck would fly, Hang Jin would like to roll to the old man\'s arms and show it to him.

Grandpa Chi still has a straight face.

Chiyangyang helped to say good words again: "Grandpa, don\'t be angry. You don\'t want to eat dessert. You can eat it first. If you don\'t eat it, it will be cold. It\'s not delicious. "

Grandpa Chi said coldly: "OK, Grandpa, for your sake, I won\'t care about this kid this time. If there is another time, I won\'t be so good at talking. You go to the outhouse and bring in the dessert. "

"Good." Chi immediately went to serve dessert, and quietly gave Hang Jin a look in his eyes, so that he would not make grandpa angry again.

As soon as Chi Yang left, Grandpa Chi blinked at Hang Jin and whispered, "boy, this girl usually dislikes you, but she still helps you at the critical moment. You see that."

Hang Jin nodded: "I see But when you are going to act next time, can you talk to me first? Just now your boss has a face. I thought I really made you angry. "

"Son of a bitch!" Grandpa Chi patted Hang Jin on the head. "I want you to see that stupid girl has you in her heart. Do what you have to do. Don\'t miss the chance to regret."

"Yes!" said Hang Jin with a smile

Chi Yangyang returned to the room with dessert, and saw the two people laughing and chatting. For a while, he doubted whether they had just had an illusion. Which of them had just turned out to be incompatible: "Grandpa, dessert is ready, please eat first."

Grandpa Chi took the dessert, waved his hand and said, "OK, I\'ll keep it and eat slowly. You two can do whatever you need. Don\'t run to my old man all day long."