My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1843

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" the old man said again:" you are so big, how to do it? Do you want me to teach you? "

Hang Jin understood. The old man didn\'t blame him at all. He didn\'t think he was fast enough to let the old man hold his great grandson. "Don\'t worry, old man. I will try my best to get you to the great grandson as soon as possible."

"Well, there\'s no business for you here. Go out first. I have a few words for your mother to say alone." The old man waved, drove away Hang Jin, and looked at Yin Nian and smiled, "if I don\'t do this today, I can see you, Mrs. hang?"

The old man\'s attitude, Yin nianxiao also understood. He didn\'t come to her today for questioning, but for another purpose. The smile on her face was natural: "old man, what you said is that I should have come to see you, but I haven\'t come all the time. I\'m not good. I\'m not good."

The old man said: "it\'s not the point whether you come to see me or not. It\'s the children\'s business.". There are some things that children don\'t worry about, but we elders can\'t help thinking about them. "

Yin nianxiao is a good man. She can\'t understand the meaning of the old man\'s words: "you can say that Hang Jin and Yang Yang have registered for marriage, but they haven\'t had a wedding yet. They are young and not in a hurry. Our elders should think about it for them. "

The old man asked, "so you agree with them?"

Yin Niang smiles and affirms: "of course! Yang Yang that child so good, I have long been looking forward to my bad boy can marry her into the house. It\'s my son\'s good fortune to marry him. "

Hearing Yin nianxiao\'s words, Grandpa Chi changed his indifference, and his face was full of smiles: "Mrs. hang, oh no, it should be called the family. We won\'t talk about the past. We\'ll have a good talk about the children\'s marriage today. You see, both of them have been registered for such a long time, but your family didn\'t actively mention the wedding, so it\'s up to my old man to brazenly mention it. "

"Yin Nian smiled and apologized," this matter is that I don\'t think well

Grandpa Chi said, "it\'s not just about you, it\'s also about me. Our family is just a child like Yangyang. It\'s her good fortune that she can marry Hang Jin, but she can\'t be allowed to marry her in the past. How can we marry her in the house? "

Yin nianxiao said: "the old man, to tell you the truth, I had hoped that they would have a wedding, but now you know the young people, they advocate Z ì y ó u love, don\'t let the elders care too much. I\'m afraid that I\'m involved in too many things, which will make the central bank feel uncomfortable, so I didn\'t take care of it. I don\'t care about it. I really don\'t care about it. "

"I also know your worry. I\'m not afraid that I\'ll take too much care of myself and make the children feel conflicted." Grandpa Chi sighed, "but my body is not as good as it is every day. If I don\'t worry about it, I\'m afraid I won\'t have a chance to see Yang Yang find a happy home."

Yin Niang said with a smile, "don\'t say that, old man. You are very strong. We will help them with their children together in the future."

"I also want to help them with their children, but I know the condition of my body in my heart." Usually, the old man never said these discouraging words in front of Chiyang Yang. He didn\'t want her to worry about it, but his physical condition was really bad. "My family, today I sincerely ask you something, I hope you can promise me."

Yin nianxiao grabs the old man\'s hand and says, "old man, if you have something to do, I will do my best."

"I hope you will treat her like your own child when she gets married. The child\'s life is hard. Her parents are killed at a young age. She has not come out of the shadow yet. I am afraid that she will not be able to bear the blow when I leave. " This request is a little too much, but in addition to asking Yin nianxiao to help take care of Chiyang, the old man can\'t think of anyone else, so he has to let his old face go.

"Old man, I always love Yang as my daughter. You can rest assured." Even if the old man didn\'t mention it, Yin nianxiao planned to do so, and she did so these years.

"Because it\'s Hangjin, because it\'s you. In fact, I\'m relieved to give you the central government. I just want to tell you more when I\'m old. " After so many years of contacts between the two families, the old man knows what kind of family they are and what kind of Chiyang is.

"Old man, I\'m very happy that you can trust us, and I will never fail you." After that, Yin nianxiao added, "master, I don\'t understand. How can you believe him when Hang Jin says a word?"

"I believe everything he says." The old man moved to a comfortable sitting position, and then continued, "Hang Jin is arrogant, he can scold and hit people, but he will never cheat. He said that he had never done anything, so I absolutely believe him. It\'s also the quality that I most like about him, and the reason why I trust him. "

"Thank you for believing him, old man!" Yin nianxiao suddenly felt a little ashamed. She believed in the rumor and thought that Hang Jin had done something bad, but the old man believed Hang Jin so firmly.

She\'s a bit of a failure as a mother.


Outside the ward.

After buying sweets, Chi went back to the hospital and saw Hang Jin standing at the door of the ward. Her ears were tightly attached to the door. She went up and twisted his ears: "what are you doing?"

"It hurts! You are light! " Hang Jin took her hand, gave her a vicious look, and said, "I\'m here to listen to people in the room

"Eavesdropping is still in full swing. Can we have some faces? Hang Don\'t think about it. Chiyang Yang also knows that Hang Jin was driven out by her elders. She is standing beside the wall with Hang Jin. "Auntie suddenly comes to find Grandpa. What\'s the matter? Why can\'t I know? "

"Besides talking about us, what else can they talk about?" Hang Jin reached out his hand and rubbed the head of Chiyang. "How can I marry such a small B á ICH

Chi Yangyang nunuzui: "since it\'s about us, why can\'t I listen?"

Hang Jin: "because you listen to it for nothing."

"Don\'t talk about me. You\'re still out." Chi Yang looked down. "Your wound hasn\'t been changed in the morning, or I\'ll help you change the medicine first."

Hang Jin: "in case our queen mother comes out just after we leave, how can you explain to her later?"

Chi Yangyang: "Oh, let\'s wait."

Hang Jin poked her forehead: "so you are little B á ICH."