My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1841

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" of course, Hang Jin knows this truth. He also tries to please the old man. But if the old man is convinced that he cheated Chi central to register, he will turn his face and recognize people. He says in a hurry:" Mom, what are you waiting for? Let\'s go to the hospital quickly. "

But the point that Yin nianxiao hears this sentence is: "the old man is in hospital? When was he hospitalized? "

"Some days." Hang Jin rubbed his forehead with pain. "Mom, I don\'t care when the old man is in hospital now. I want to find a way to make the old man don\'t believe rumors."

"You see, he\'s in hospital, but I only know now. Alas, it\'s not only you who make him angry, but my family is also incompetent... " Yin nianxiao changed his tone and said, "since you dare to do something stupid, you should be ready for others to know. But it\'s not too late to know how serious things are. You hurry up and get out of the house. Our hospital will talk to you later. "

"Good." Hang Jin hung up the phone and immediately called Chi\'s cell phone. After a few rings, it was just connected there. He said, "where did you go in the morning?"

"It\'s almost noon. It\'s still early in the morning. Is it Paris time for you, uncle hang?" Chi Yangyang\'s soft voice came to Hang Jin\'s ear from his cell phone receiver, but he ignored the key point of Hang Jin\'s words. Hang Jin exclaimed, "what\'s the key point of your words, little four eyes?"

"Don\'t you blame me for leaving too early?"

Hang Jin gasped at the corners of his mouth: "I ask where are you now?"

"In the hospital," he said

"What\'s wrong with you? Why don\'t you tell me if you feel sick? You run to the hospital alone. Who will take care of you? " Hearing that Chi Yangyang was in the hospital, Hang Jin instinctively thought that she was injured. While he was on the phone, he walked into the dressing room and changed his clothes two or three times. "Which hospital are you in? I\'ll go there now."

Chi Yangyang: "I\'m ok..."

Before he had finished, Hang Jin raised his voice and shouted, "what are you doing in the hospital? You don\'t know you go to the hospital alone. I\'ll be worried. "

"You\'re worried. Why are you yelling?" Chi Yang Yang didn\'t know whether to be angry with him or moved by him, he would worry about her. "Care to talk about it, or I can know that you care about me?"

Hang Jin: "don\'t talk nonsense. What did you do in the hospital?"

Chi Yangyang: "I\'m consulting your doctor about your injury, and I\'ll take the medicine back to you by the way."

It turns out that she went out early in the morning because of him. In a moment, Hang Jin felt a warm current in his heart, and his voice was tender: "which hospital is it?"

"In this hospital where grandpa lives," he whispered. It\'s so convenient for me to take medicine for you and spend time with Grandpa. "

When it comes to the old man, Hang Jin thinks of the business again: "little four eyes, did you say something to the old man that you shouldn\'t say?"

"I\'m not stupid. How can I tell him about your injury?" Chi Yangyang nuzui said, "don\'t worry, uncle hang. Your image in Grandpa\'s heart depends on his height."

Hang Jin: "it\'s not about this, it\'s about our certification."

Chi Yangyang: "you, you know."

"You..." Hang Jin only felt his head hurt. "Little B á ICH, what do you say I should say about you? You are such a big man, what should be said, what should not be said, you still can not distinguish? "

"It seems that you don\'t want me to tell Grandpa that we\'ve got a marriage license, so why do you flatter grandpa?" Chi Yangyang only feels extremely aggrieved, saying that he is the one who likes her, and he is the one who wants to spend his life with her, but he is the one who is unwilling to hold a wedding with her and tell Grandpa the news.

How can hang Jin be such a jerk?

Listen to the girl\'s voice of grievance. Isn\'t what she said what he thought? "Who said I don\'t want you to tell the old man about our marriage registration? I want to know how you told him? "

Although he was extremely dissatisfied with Hang Jin\'s behavior, Chi told him honestly, "how can I tell him? I said that we registered for the license, but he didn\'t feel surprised at all."

Hang Jin: "why didn\'t you say we went to get the license?"

Chi Yangyang: "said."

"You..." Hang Jin took a cold breath. This little B á ICH was really important to him this time, but he heard Chi Yangyang say, "because you have been secretly in love with me for many years, I want to complete you. But it\'s strange. Even I don\'t know you like me, but grandpa can see it. How can you tell? "

"You little B á ICH, what can you see?" So, little B á ICH ī didn\'t get drunk in front of the old man. How did the old man know about it?

Just can\'t think of the result, Hang Jin said: "first you talk with grandpa for a while, I will go to the hospital to find you."

"You have a leg injury. Don\'t run around. I\'ll tell Grandpa to go back and take care of you."

However, as she said, she found that Hang Jin at the other end of the phone had already hung up, and Chi Yang couldn\'t help turning a big white eye: "this stinking bastard, can you take into account her feelings?"

If it wasn\'t for her that he dared to shoot himself, she would have doubted whether the fool really liked her.

Put away the cell phone. Chi took a deep breath and just opened the door of the ward: "Grandpa, I\'ll read today\'s news with you."

Grandpa Chi waved: "no need."

"Grandpa, I haven\'t finished reading it. Why don\'t you listen?"

Grandpa Chi reached out and rubbed her head: "it\'s Hang Jin\'s call?"

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" HMM

Grandpa Chi said again, "if it wasn\'t for the boy in Hangzhou to treat you, my old man would have to pick the kid\'s skin."

Chiyangyang: "Grandpa, how did that kid offend you?"

Grandpa Chi: "he has already offended me."

Chi Yangyang was confused: "but Grandpa, you told me again. If I marry him, you are quite at ease. How can you hate him again after a day? "

Grandpa used to sigh when he mentioned Hang Jin, which would hurt the kid. But he never mentioned Hang Jin\'s gnashing of teeth and what he did.

Grandpa Chi: "because that kid of Hangzhou family is love and hate. Don\'t lie to me, I also know that you sometimes feel that you can\'t leave that kid, and sometimes you wish he would never appear in front of you. "

Chiyangyang: "..."

Grandpa is so divine that she can see her delicate feelings clearly.