My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1840

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"Never forget, never forget How can I forget what my son told me. But I miss you so much. " Even if he just listened to the voice, Hang Jin could imagine how flattering Yin Nian was with a smile on the other end of the phone. Today, this man is really abnormal. He is not normal.

Listening to Yin nianxiao\'s fake smile, Hang Jin suddenly felt a little uneasy. His Empress Dowager would not think of any way to cure him? He then said, "empress dowager, if you have something to tell me directly, I dare not finish what you have told me?"

Yin nianxiao continued with a fake smile: "you dare not listen to what I told you, but it has nothing to do with you. The key is in the central bank."

"Since you\'re calling for a small look, why do you call me directly? If you call her, she will listen to you. If I tell her, she will not listen. " Hang Jin knew that it was impossible for his mother to speak to him in such a gentle tone, and he did not expect it.

Yin Niang laughed and said: "after all, the most important thing is not the central government..."

”It\'s not about four eyes. It has nothing to do with me. " Hang Jin just wants to have a good sleep now. He is not interested in anything else. "Empress dowager, you can go to whoever you have something to do with. I\'ll hang up and go to bed first."

"Hang Jin, you dare to hang up!" Yin nianxiao\'s speech speed, volume and tone didn\'t change, but when he spoke out, the threat to Hang Jin was very serious. "Stinky boy, I called you. It\'s natural that it\'s related to you. You still want to hang up my phone. I think you\'re itchy."

Don\'t want to control, but can\'t ignore, Hang Jin is forced to have no way, so he has to ask hard: "who has that to do with?"

Yin nianxiao: "Grandpa Chi."

"Grandpa Chi? How does your business have something to do with the old man? " Hang Jin picked up his eyebrows. He was more and more impatient because he was sleepy. "Empress dowager, you don\'t know the old man. If you need to find him, you can call him directly. Why do you have to call me?"

"It\'s not because I\'ve created you, son of a bitch, that my business has something to do with the old man of the Chi family!" As he said this, Yin nianxiao raised his voice and revealed his nature in front of Hang Jin. "If you didn\'t do something stupid, I don\'t have to apologize to the old man."

"What did I do? Why am I a jerk? Why do you need to apologize to the old man? " After thinking about it, Hang Jin said, "was he still angry with me when I robbed him of the cigarettes I gave him last time?"

"What? You give him cigarettes and grab them back? " Yin Nian laughs, hates iron, and shouts, "Hang Jin, I say you are a boy. How can you fail in your life? The old man is the only family member of Yang Yang. If you make him hate you, how can you marry him? "

"That\'s not it?" In addition to this, Hang Jin couldn\'t think of anything else that made the old man angry? Empress Dowager I am very sleepy, you have a word to finish one time, do not hang my appetite

"You little bastard, you don\'t remember anything you\'ve done." Yin Niang smiled and sighed, and began to scold, "although I always agree with you to marry Yang Yang into your family, and I also think that you will give birth to a grandson to hug me earlier, you can\'t intentionally make people drunk and sleep with others, and force them to marry you."

"Who did you hear about it?" Hang Jin\'s heart thumped. He used his plan to let Chi Yangyang register his marriage with him. Ye Zhiyang, Zhu Kaifa and Xie Yuanbo knew about it. How did his Empress Dowager know about it?

Hang Jin didn\'t deny it. That\'s the truth. Yin Nian was so anxious that he wanted to move in an instant. He immediately came to the stinky boy and gave him a lesson: "Stinky boy, you say you can\'t pursue other girls well. Why do you use such dirty means?"

"Mom, don\'t be such a bad talker. I just used a little tricks. I can\'t do anything inferior." He didn\'t really do anything to Chi Yang. At most, he cheated the little idiot. It\'s too much to use the two words below to enlighten him.

"You\'ve done all this, and you haven\'t done it yet?" Yin Niang\'s head is big, and he wishes he hadn\'t had this son in his life. "How can a good man like me, your father and I have such a son of a bastard?"

"Ah You are excellent? " When it comes to the excellent father, Hang Jin is uncomfortable. "I admit that I did this wrong, but I will solve it myself. Don\'t worry about it. Don\'t tell the old man of Chi family, or he will worry about it."

"You think I want to worry about it? Do you think how do I know about you? Did I check it out when I ate too much? " Yin nianxiao almost jumped up angrily. "It\'s the words that Mr. Chi asked me to bring."

"Mom, do you think it\'s the words that Mr. Chi asked you to bring?" Is it the words that the old man asked Yin to read and smile? Mr. Chi stays in the hospital every day, and how does he know about it? Is that what the little white idiot said?

Realizing the seriousness of the incident, Hang Jin sat up immediately and said, "Mom, I\'ll go to the hospital now and explain the incident to the old man in its original form."

"You explain? How do you explain what you did? Besides, if you want to use it, you need to ask someone to bring me something. " Yin Niang smiled and saw that Hang Jin finally realized the seriousness of the problem, and was very angry. "I guess the old man had the heart to let Yang Yang marry you, but he could not let Yang Yang enter our Hangzhou house without knowing it. He asked me to take a message, just to know my attitude of being an elder, so I have to apologize for this matter. "

Hang Jin: "Ma..."

Yin nianxiao interrupts him: "son of a bitch, don\'t explain to me. You need to know how lucky you are to marry such a good child. You must be better to others in the future. "

When his mother praised him, Hang Jin was also happy. He said with a smile: "Mom, when you say this, I feel that I am your own, because your eyes are as good as mine, and I think it\'s my Hang Jin who has earned to marry a small four eyes."

Yin Niang said with a smile, "my son is not bad either."

Hang Jin: "of course, if you can marry your son, it\'s also earned by the little fool with four eyes."

Yin nianxiao didn\'t want to listen to his boast and waved to stop him: "come on, don\'t talk about what he didn\'t have. Hurry to think about how to let the old man of Chi family rest assured to give you the little girl. If he is not satisfied with you, your little four eyes won\'t agree."