My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1839

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"My face..." Zhao Ziqian patted his face and growled, "you\'ve lost everything."

Zhao Ziqian is usually polite to his subordinates. He has never been so angry. At this time, many people are scared to bow their heads and say nothing, but there are exceptions.

The representative of the trace section was not satisfied with Zhao Ziqian\'s accusation: "what do you mean that we have lost your face? Are you not responsible at all?"

Zhao Ziqian felt that someone had beaten him hard with a stick, but he didn\'t know how to refute.

Just under the surprised gaze of others, the representative of trace section said: "Zhao team, it\'s not that we didn\'t work hard, nor that we didn\'t look for clues carefully, but that the scene was really cleaned up so clean that we didn\'t find any clues."

Zhao Ziqian often plays with his subordinates and has no leadership airs, but now he is so refuted by subordinates at the meeting, and there is no place to put his face: "so we can\'t check if we can\'t find any clues? If the case is not solved, we can not solve it? The unjust dead let them die unjustly? Let the murderer go free? "

The trace section representative is playing with the pen in his hand, not light but heavy: "we also want to find clues, but we just can\'t find them. Can we still fake them?"

"Faking? That\'s what one of your police officers should say if they can\'t find a clue? " Zhao Ziqian was so angry that he knew that they should not be used to them in ordinary days because they did not give him face. "I think you can go home to sleep. This position is not suitable for you."

The representative of the trace section kicked back the chair and stood up to retort: "Lao Zhao, what you saw with your own eyes, from the case of corpses to the case of bar homicide, how many days have we worked day and night, how can we say it into your mouth and we are playing without finding any clues?". You let me go home, I\'d like to ask you, what are you doing these days? What did you get? "

Ma De, he didn\'t get much. Even the murder in the bar is a powerful clue provided by Hang Jin.

This meeting, Zhao Ziqian really feels that his face has been lost.

But Zhang of this trace section is also. How does he treat her on weekdays? Doesn\'t she know? Just now, he just said angry words, but she let him down in front of so many people. What can I do? I can only stand up and say, "what do you mean?"

Trace section on behalf of Zhang: "I don\'t understand what I mean?"

Zhao Ziqian\'s voice is almost hoarse: "I don\'t understand, you tell me clearly."

On behalf of Xiao Zhang, trace section said, "well, since you let me talk, I\'ll talk about it. All of us have done our jobs well in our own posts. I haven\'t heard that anyone has made outstanding achievements, but no one has put the team behind. It\'s Zhao team. If there is no help from hang TAISHAO in recent cases, are you sure you can solve it? "

Xiao Zhang is like a roundworm in Zhao Ziqian\'s stomach. Every word he said hit the soft rib that Zhao Ziqian cared about most.

It turns out that he is not the only one who thinks he can\'t do it. His staff didn\'t say it, but they also think so. If he doesn\'t reflect on himself, the leader of the Criminal Investigation Detachment in Cangshan District is afraid that he has no face to continue to work.

I know, but I can\'t lose the gas field, or I can really go home to milk my baby.

He added: "I didn\'t do my essential work well. You can do it. Then come on, and you will solve the case. "

Zhao Ziqian throws the folder on the table heavily and turns to walk out of the meeting room.

Everyone in the conference room look at me. I look at you. Xiao Zhou says, "Xiao Zhang, you just went too far. We all see how hard Zhao team has worked over the years and how many cases have been solved. We can\'t deny his work ability and work attitude just because of the recent cases. "

"I know all about it, but just as he did, I said a word. He told me to go back, and I didn\'t resist saying a few more words." Xiao Zhang also regrets what he said, but what he said is like water splashed out and can\'t be collected.

"It seems that you really need a new leader." Jiang zhenlengbu Ding, who had not spoken for a long time, said a word and got up to leave.

Everyone, look at me. I\'ll see you. What does Jiangda\'s forensics, who usually doesn\'t talk about anything other than work, suddenly say that?


Back in the office, Zhao Ziqian lit a cigarette and took two hard breaths.

Just now, on behalf of Xiao Zhang, trace section said nothing wrong. It was because he said the pain he cared about most that he would get so angry.

Do they think he doesn\'t want to solve the case?

Do they think he didn\'t want to find out the murderer earlier?

He thought, he can\'t think, but he didn\'t know whether his brain was not enough, or whether the murderer was more and more cunning. After the recent cases, he still investigated them as usual, but he failed to solve them, and fell into the traps dug by the enemy again and again.

The purpose of the meeting just held was to discuss the case of dismemberment, but it turned into a quarrel meeting, and nothing came out, which was extremely detrimental to the progress of the case.

Without much thought, Zhao Ziqian understood that he could not go on like this. He had to find a breakthrough. As long as there is new progress in the case, there will be no contradiction between colleagues.

After figuring out what to do, Zhao Ziqian took two more puffs of cigarettes, pushed the cigarette end into the ashtray, picked up the landline on the desk and dialed a phone: "Han Ju, I\'m going to report something to you now."

It is not to ask if the other party is free, but to directly explain what they mean. Zhao Ziqian is rarely so strong. He hung up after explaining his intention directly.


Jingling bell -

Hang Jin, who is on vacation with injuries, is sleeping soundly and wakes him up with a phone call.

"Which bastard doesn\'t want to live!" He grabbed the mobile phone in one hand and wished he had smashed it. However, Yu guangpiao, from the corner of his eye, saw the word "Queen Mother" on the screen of the mobile phone and answered the phone in a hurry. His voice was still grumpy, "queen mother, what\'s the matter?"

Yin nianxiao\'s deliberately gentle voice rings at the end of the mobile phone: "son, mom has something to discuss with you."

"Empress dowager, if you have something to say, don\'t play Taiji with me. I\'m afraid." Yin nianxiao mostly calls Hang Jin from the stinky boy. Suddenly, she whispers to her son. Hang Jin\'s intuition must be something, but it\'s still a bad thing.

Yin Niang said with a smile and a slight cough: "actually, there is nothing, just want you and central to come home to have dinner."

Let them go home for lunch. His Empress Dowager is in a commanding tone. OK, when is his attitude so good.

Hang Jin didn\'t believe it was just eating, but the Empress Dowager wanted to act with her. "The empress dowager, I told you last night that you should leave some space for me to fall in love with a little idiot. You won\'t forget it so soon."