My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1836

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Look at her silly smile. Fortunately, I think I\'m very good.

Hang Jin would like to throw her a big white eye, but after thinking about it, forget it, we can\'t beat her any more.

He quickly put the dishes in her bowl: "yes, in fact, you are excellent. The best woman in the world is you, so can you eat?"

If he doesn\'t eat again, he will starve to death.

"Chi Yang Yang nodded:" eat dinner. "

After Hang Jin disappeared, Chi Yang didn\'t have a full meal. At the moment, she found that she was already hungry. She even picked up several pieces of rice before stopping chopsticks.

Hang Jin said, "eat slowly, and no one will rob you."

Chi Yangyang swallowed: "suddenly I feel hungry, so I eat faster."

Hang Jin then put vegetables in her bowl: "what a little idiot."

See him patronize to help her clip dish, always shout hungry he didn\'t eat, Chi Yang Yang also clip dish to send him bowl: "don\'t just look at me to eat, you also eat. Don\'t you cry hungry for a long time. Now the food is on the table. Is there no appetite in the strange way? "

"Who says I have no appetite? My young master just... " Just looking at the lovely appearance of her eating, she couldn\'t move her eyes, which led to forgetting that she was going to eat, but Hang Jin couldn\'t tell the truth, otherwise the girl would have to grow a pair of wings to fly, so he said, "do you have to swallow like you to eat?"

Chi thought he had a point: "yes."

Hang Jin once again brought the dish to Chi Yang: "eat it. There are more important things to do after eating this young master."

"Can\'t you rest for two days if you are injured?" Chi Yangyang just lowered his head and raised it again. He looked at him worried. "You are not the only one in your team. Can you ask others to help you these two days?"

Hang Jin said with a smile, "I can still make you cry and beg for mercy if you are injured."

"Hang Jin..." Chi Yang Yang blushed and stammered, "I\'m telling you the business. What are you talking about?"

Hang Jin said seriously on his face, "I\'m telling you that this injury is nothing. What do you think I\'m talking about?"

Chi Yang Yang lowers his head: "eat and eat."


Dinner is over. It\'s late.

"Uncle hang, let me do the dishes and the kitchen. You go back to your room and have a rest earlier." Chiyangyang took the initiative to do housework. After all, he said that he would make dinner, but he couldn\'t eat the dinner she made. If she didn\'t work harder, she would be rejected by Hangjin and explode.

"Good." Hang Jin turned around and left.

"You should have a rest earlier." For fear that he was tired, Chi Yang told him loudly.

Chi Yangyang tidies up and goes back to the room, but Hang Jin is not in the room. She goes to the study again: "Uncle hang, when did you become so dedicated?"

In the past, when he was not injured, he didn\'t see him work overtime every day. Now when he is injured and needs a good rest, he is busy in the study whenever he has time, and I don\'t know if it is intentional to make her heartache.

Hang Jin looked up and said, "I\'m not busy with my work. I\'m waiting for you."

Chi Yangyang: "what are you waiting for me?"

Hang Jin: "I can\'t bathe myself because of my injuries. What are you waiting for?"

As soon as he heard this, Chi Yang\'s face went red again: "in the daytime, I didn\'t say that I had no injuries, but now I know that I can\'t take a bath if I have injuries?"

Hang Jin said with a smile, "you still owe me something."

What do I owe you

Hang Jin opened his mouth, but did not make a sound.

"What do you say? Can you speak louder?"

Hang Jin pointed: "come here a little, I\'ll tell you slowly."

As soon as he got close to her, he hugged him and sat on his thigh. Because of the injury on his leg, he was so scared that he didn\'t dare to move: "Uncle hang, you can\'t joke about the injury on your leg. Let me go first."

"Four eyes, don\'t move, don\'t talk, close your eyes..." The deep and sexy voice of Hang Jin rings in the middle of Chi Yang\'s ear, because he is very close to her, so close that she can feel his breath, and if his lips have rubbed her earlobes as if

What did Chi Yang want to say, but he couldn\'t say anything. He closed his eyes involuntarily.

Hang Jin bowed her head and kissed her forehead, her nose, and finally her lips, gently and softly.

After a long time, he let go of her and held her face instead: "little four eyes, open your eyes and look at me."

Chi Yangyang obediently opened his eyes, aiming at the affectionate eyes of Hang Jin that she had never seen before. If you look at them more, you will be intoxicated, and you will never be able to jump out again. She could not help but open her mouth: "brother Jin..."

"Darling!" Hang Jin put her head on her chest and hugged her tightly

"Brother Jin, what\'s the matter with you and you?" He asked in a low voice. There is something wrong with this man today. She\'s almost choked.

"Four eyes, because I\'m afraid." He said, "I\'m afraid you\'re hurt, I\'m afraid you\'re afraid, I\'m afraid I\'ll never be able to guard you in my life..."

He said he was afraid!

When he shot himself, she didn\'t even blink. She thought that he was not afraid of anything, not even death But he told her at this time that he was afraid, he was afraid of her injury, afraid of her fear, afraid that he could not accompany her.

She put out her hand and hugged him on the waist. She used her best strength to hug him. "Brother Jin, I won\'t be afraid if I have you here, so don\'t be afraid."

Hang Jin put his chin on her head and rubbed hard: "little four eyes, I want to tell you that I don\'t want you to take care of my affairs, but the people I want to catch are people who don\'t want to be killed and can\'t be provoked. Do you understand?"

Pool Yang Yang wants to nod, but is held too tightly by him, can\'t move: "I know you are for my safety consideration."

Hang Jin said, "since you know it, don\'t interfere in my affairs or ask more questions in the future."

"But brother Jin, you also need to understand that even if I don\'t ask you anything, as long as those people know my existence, they may come to me at any time. I never asked about you before I was arrested last night, but I was still stared at by them. Now I want to come, not only last night, last time I was cheated out, this group should also do it. " In the analysis of the case, Chi\'s brain is fast, but his emotion is too slow.

She added: "we need to be honest now, do you understand? Let me know what you are doing. I have a number in my mind. I should be careful when I go out. If I can guard against it, I can\'t let those people\'s treachery succeed any more. "

She never wanted him to get hurt because of her again.