My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1833

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Without waiting for Hang Jin to speak, Chi continued, "but don\'t ask too much. After all, my monthly salary is so little, and I don\'t have any savings. The wedding was too luxurious. I couldn\'t afford to pay so much money for a while. I had to sell the house my parents left me. "

Speaking of this, without the feedback from Hang Jin, Chi suddenly felt a little sad: "that house has the best memories of our family, and I can\'t sell it."

Hang Jin: "Chiyang, what do you mean?"

I\'m afraid he said not to have such a wedding. He thought that she was too shabby?


Little idiot!

Even if it\'s going to be a wedding, he\'ll pay for it. OK, when did she sell her house?

He said that this was not the wedding he wanted, because he wanted to hear her tell him that she liked him, because she wanted to marry him as his wife, not for any other reason.

This little idiot\'s brain is full of tofu dregs.

Sooner or later she\'s going to piss him off!

"I, am I not clear enough?" Chi felt that he had made it clear enough. Hang Jin should have made it clear. He pretended that he didn\'t know that it was necessary to pay attention to the rehearsal of the wedding ceremony.

After all, he was born with a gold key, and lived a life of profligacy from childhood. The wedding is still the most important event in his life. To let him accept a simple wedding, he must have a gap in his heart.

She is going to hold the wedding once in her life. Since he is so keen on luxury and ceremoniousness, she will try to satisfy him so that he doesn\'t feel wronged to marry her.

"Well, I\'ll try to find a way to give us a wedding that will make you double your face, and never make you lose face in front of your friends," he said

Hang Jin: "..."

He was completely speechless and didn\'t even bother to scold her.

Hang Jin\'s face was ugly and he didn\'t speak. Chi Yang Yang put out his hand and poked him in the waist. "Hang, if you want to lend me the money I transferred to you, I can take that money to prepare for the wedding."

"Who\'s going to get married to you idiot?" Leaving the words behind, Hang Jin turned around and left.

All of a sudden, he felt that his legs began to hurt. Not only did his legs hurt, but also his head hurt. There was no place for him to feel comfortable.

How can he blind to such a little idiot?

Yes, he must be blind. Not only blind, but also blind in heart. I even think this fool is a little bit cute.

Looking at the back of Hang Jin\'s departure, Chi Yangyang touched his head. He couldn\'t figure out what was wrong with him.

However, even if he lost his temper, she kept up with him. After all, he was still a wounded man, and she had to be more considerate of him.


From the building of Jiangbei anti drug brigade, the sky is dark and the streets are full of lights. It looks very warm and romantic.

Maybe it\'s not the warm and romantic lighting, but the company of Hang Jin around her, which makes her feel secure, so she thinks the night tonight is particularly beautiful.

After a while, Hang Jin took the lead in the front seat.

Chi Yangyang hurriedly got in the car, fastened his seat belt and asked Hang Jin, "Uncle hang, it\'s time for dinner. Let\'s find a place to eat dinner first, and then you can get angry slowly."

Hang Jin still ignores people.

He tried to smile and showed him his sweetest smile to see how angry he could be. "I almost forgot that you have a leg injury and can\'t eat anything. I\'ll drive to the supermarket to buy some materials and go back to make soup."

Hang Jin still ignored her.

Chi Yangyang shook his head helplessly, started the car and drove out of the parking lot slowly, and reminded him: "when you were missing, my aunt called you, she was worried about you, I lied to her that you were on business." She glanced at Hang Jin and said, "if you have time now, please give my aunt a peace report first. Don\'t let her worry."

This little idiot knows how to lie and not let the elders worry. She also knows how to let him call home to report safety. Why can\'t she read his mind: "little idiot, why don\'t you know why I don\'t want to have a wedding with you?"

"You still have time to think about our wedding. You\'re not in a hurry." Chi didn\'t answer Hang Jin\'s words at all. "Now call your aunt to report your safety."

"Little idiot!" Hang Jin cursed again in a low voice, but he still took out his mobile phone and dialed Yin nianxiao\'s phone number. Chi Yangyang didn\'t know what Yin nianxiao said on the other end of the phone, but only heard Hang Jin say, "empress dowager, I know that you care about us when you let us go home for dinner, but can you stop letting us go home for dinner and leave some time for us to have a good relationship OK? "

It\'s nothing, but the words behind Hang Jin are bigger: "empress dowager, we need to have time to fall in love, to have time to make people, and you can have grandchildren as soon as possible, right?"

Jiong, Chiyang!

Who wants to fall in love with him and make

I have no face to listen.

She pretended to drive carefully, but she couldn\'t help but pricking up her ears to listen to Hang Jin\'s words.

Hang Jin still said: "empress dowager, don\'t worry, I will take good care of her. At this time, I will drive her to the supermarket to buy materials. In the evening, I will cook for her. "

Chiyang Yang nuzui, Hang Jin, the man\'s Kung Fu to open his eyes and tell lies is not so strong, his face is not red, his breath is not breathing, it seems that he often lies and deceives people.

Hang Jin put the chair back, then put it down, and lay down comfortably on the chair: "send me to Ye Zhiyang\'s farmhouse, and let them drink with me."

Chi Yangyang: "drinking? Are you going to die? "

Hang Jin: "I just don\'t want to die. What\'s the matter with you?"

Chi didn\'t want to take care of this unreasonable man. He stopped at a supermarket parking lot on the way home and said, "I\'ll buy food materials. You wait for me in the car. I\'ll be fine soon."

When Chi Yangyang got off, Hang Jin didn\'t move. Unexpectedly, when she got off, he looked up and saw that Hang Jin was standing in the right door. He gave her a cold look.

Yes, it\'s absolutely cold, with a "kill" warning.

Then he walked to the supermarket.

She was considerate of his injured leg. He was ungrateful and warned her that she must have owed him in her last life.

Chiyangyang didn\'t have time to think about it. He immediately chased it. Because of his long legs, she had to trot to keep up with him.

At ordinary times, Chi never felt that his legs were short. Only when he was with Hang Jin could he have such a strong feeling.

What she didn\'t know was that every time she walked with her, Hang Jin would deliberately slow down, but sometimes Hang Jin thought that she was cute to run with her behind him and wanted to tease her.