My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1832

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Chiyangyang asked again, "she is a drug dealer. I don\'t know how many families have been killed. Do you still think she is a good person?"

The third said, "I don\'t know how many families she has killed, and I don\'t want to know. I only know that she saved my life. Without her, I would have died. I would do anything for her, even if she asked me to give her back my life. "

Listen to the old three, Chi Yang Yang still can\'t find words to refute, because she is not the old three, she doesn\'t know what the old three has experienced before, so she is not qualified to stand at the highest point of morality to blame others.

After thinking about it, Chi said again: "third, I know it\'s impossible for me to get some information from your mouth this time. I didn\'t want to get clues from your mouth when I came to talk to you. I want to thank you for saving me. "

The third said coldly, "if I didn\'t catch you, Sha Ming and them wouldn\'t have a chance to get close to you, you don\'t have to thank me."

"To thank you, I\'ll tell you another news. Even if you don\'t say anything, the 19 elder sisters you have been protecting will come to meet you soon."

"What do you mean?" The third man suddenly stood up in emotion and pointed to Chi Yangyang. "What did Hang Jin do to sister 19? Isn\'t it? "

"Drug trafficking is an illegal crime," Chi said. "When you choose to do this business, you should know that sooner or later you will be caught and punished by law."

The third roared: "you are nonsense. Why do you catch the 19th sister? She has never been involved in drug trafficking. "

Chi Yangyang smiled softly: "her subordinates, Sha Ming and others, are drug traffickers and murderers. As their superiors, you say she has no drug trafficking, let alone I don\'t believe it, even you don\'t believe it yourself."

The third one said excitedly, "sister 19 Works for brother Chen. Sha Ming will listen to her with them. Brother Chen never lets sister 19 interfere in the drug trade. Why do you arrest her?"

Central Central Committee said: "she is not selling drugs is evidence, rather than you has the final say."

The third one didn\'t argue with Chi Yang any more. He sat back on the ground and murmured: "there is brother Chen behind sister 19. Brother Chen will surely protect sister 19. No one can move her, including Hang Jin. Yes, no one can move her. "

"Chen listen? Who is Chen Chi Yangyang doesn\'t know who Chen is, but she knows that Chen must be a better person than sister 19. Maybe this person is the one behind the scenes that Hang Jin has been looking for.

The third man realized that he had said too much and shut up. What else did Chi Yang want to ask? Hang Jin ran into the door and rushed in, staring at Chi Yang gloomily. "You\'re very busy."

Chi Yangyang was a little confused by his roar. Before he could react, he was dragged out of the detention room by Hang Jin. He said: "little idiot, you are just a forensic doctor. You can do your job well. The drug traffickers have our anti drug police to catch them. You don\'t need to do much."

"I......" Chiyangyang wanted to explain, but he didn\'t say what he said. Hang Jin interrupted her again and shouted, "little idiot, listen to me. You are not allowed to interfere in my affairs in the future."

How dangerous is the anti drug business? Hang Jin is very clear. He didn\'t plan to let Chi Yang know what he was doing before, but this girl is not as stupid as he thought. She still knows.

He also thought of ways to keep her away from his work, the farther away, the safer. But the little idiot just wanted to stick his head in it. She didn\'t know how to write the word "death"?

"Do you think I want to take care of your business?" "Pool Yang Yang fire earth roars back," have the ability you also don\'t mind my matter, then I also don\'t mind your matter

Hang Jin: "Laozi......"

Chi Yangyang: "don\'t be Laozi\'s, I\'ll make it clear to you now. If you want to take care of my affairs, then I\'ll take care of yours. If you are stupid enough to get hurt for me, then I don\'t know what I will do for you. "

Hang Jin\'s face is black: "little idiot..."

Chi told him calmly, "unless you tell me that you don\'t like me, and that my business has nothing to do with you for half a cent, then I\'ll never ask you about it. Whether you live or die has nothing to do with me for half a cent."

She has grown up. She is not the only little girl who knows to call brother Jin after him. She knows what she is doing.

She knew that Hang Jin wanted to protect her if she didn\'t let her get involved in his affairs, so she didn\'t want to protect him?

The relationship between the two sexes is mutual.

If it is always one-sided, the relationship will not last long.

However, who is Hang Jin? He is the arrogant king of heaven. He said, "I will take care of your affairs, but you are not allowed to take care of my affairs."

Chi Yangyang: "then divorce!"

Hang Jin: "little idiot, do you know what you are talking about?"

"I said we were divorced," said Chi

Hang Jin: "believe it or not, I\'ll cut your tongue?"

Chi Yangyang: "if you have the ability, you can cut off my tongue, or I will always talk about divorce with you."

Hang Jin: "you are looking for death."

Although his mouth was fierce, he wanted Hang Jin to do something to hurt Chi Yang. He couldn\'t do it even if he killed him.

Chi Yangyang: "do you understand my feelings?"

Hang Jin: how do you feel

"When I hear you say you don\'t let me care about you, it\'s the same as when you hear me say I want to divorce you. Now think about you think about me, and you know why I did it. "

Hang Jin: "I will not divorce you."

"So don\'t think I don\'t care about your business."

Hang Jin: "..."

"And what I mentioned to you last night, I\'ll give you two days to think. After these two days, if you don\'t make a decision, I will make a unilateral decision."

Hang Jin: what\'s the matter

Chi Yangyang: "what did I mention to you last night, you really don\'t remember?"

Hang Jin: "I was injured last night. I don\'t remember that much."

Chiyangyang: "we have a wedding."

As soon as he mentioned it, Hang Jin remembered it. He said, "I also told you that such a wedding is not what I want."

"What kind of wedding do you want?" Chiyangyang raised his voice and asked, but did not want to give him pressure, as if she married him with him, and she softened her voice, "what kind of wedding do you want, you put forward the requirements for me, what I can do, I will do my best to meet you."