My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1831

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Also, if there is any problem in the bar, Zhao Ziqian will check it. As long as they do their essential work well, they can help Zhao Ziqian solve the case.

"Thank you, teacher!" said Chi

Jiang Zhen said, "I\'m your teacher. What are you polite to me?"

"I\'m not being polite to the teacher. It\'s the courtesy of being a human being. It\'s the teacher you taught me. " "Teacher, there\'s nothing else. I\'ll go back to my office first."

"Central..." Jiang Zhen stops her, pauses, and says, "take good care of yourself. You have only one life, and you will never come back. Don\'t make fun of your life."

"Teacher, don\'t worry, I will take good care of myself, and you should take good care of yourself." Chiyang nodded and walked out of Jiangzhen\'s office.

For Jiang Zhen, Chiyang Yang didn\'t know much about him. She didn\'t want to know him except for her work. So she never knew what Jiang Zhen thought.

She only knew that Jiang Zhen\'s parents died early. He was raised in an orphanage. It was said that he suffered a lot when he was a child. Later, through his own efforts, he made a world for himself.

People who have suffered and been tired know better that it is not easy to live a good life. So Jiang Zhen has always done a good job and never made any mistakes in his work. Last time, he should not be able to decide that.

This society is gradually getting better, but there is still a dark and insidious side after all. She can\'t see that it doesn\'t prove that it doesn\'t exist. Many people have to compromise in order to survive.

Zhao Ziqian is, Jiang Zhen is, she is, and Hang Jin is not. Only because there are enough forces behind him to support him and protect him, can he do whatever he wants.

But most people in the world are like Jiang Zhen and her. There are too few people like Hang Jin.


After about an hour, Hang Jin\'s interrogation ended. When he appeared at the door of his office, Chi Yang was surprised, "how did you get out?"

"Do you want your man to be locked in and never come out?" Hang Jin sat on his desk and knocked her on the head with a book

He can come out, of course, Chi Yang is happy, but she also needs to understand what the situation is: "Zhao team has enough evidence to lock you up at present, he didn\'t shut you down, which is really puzzling." Hang Jin said: "I have doubted Zhao Ziqian\'s ability to work for more than one time, and this time he didn\'t let me down. Such a big loophole has not been found, but it has just penetrated into the enemy\'s trap and made my young master the first murderer

"Don\'t be so hard to say, Zhao team is actually very good, but there are a lot of cases recently, he has a hard time dealing with them." Chi Yangyang got up and stood beside Hang Jin. "Are your legs OK?"

"Nothing. My young master is very good. " It hurt a little, but Hang Jin didn\'t take it seriously. After all, he was young and strong. After a few hours\' rest, he had recovered more than half of his physical strength.

"If it\'s OK." Chi moved his eyes from his legs to his face, and saw that he looked really good, so he thought about other things. "Then tell me how you prove your innocence and let Zhao team let you out."

"When the murderer killed, he recorded a video. Zhao Ziqian didn\'t find such strong evidence." Hang Jin is still arrogant, "so I said that Zhao Ziqian\'s ability to handle cases is not good, and you still speak for him."

"Video of killing? It\'s too lawless. " "Chi Yang Yang heart sharp firm shudder," murderer is what kind of person, how to do so atrocious things

"It has nothing to do with you. What do you care about so much?" Hang Jin\'s eyes twinkled. Chi Yang knew that the situation was not right. "Did the murderer catch the people I threatened you?"

Those people are all Desperado. They don\'t care about their lives. There\'s nothing they can\'t do. Hang Jin doesn\'t want chi yang to get involved too much: "let\'s leave you alone. You have more to do." "Sure enough, they did it in defiance of the authority of the law or on purpose?" Whatever their purpose, it\'s terrible. If we don\'t bring them to justice early, more innocent people will be hurt. What does Chi want to do? "Hang Jin, where are the people arrested last night? Can you take me to meet the third man? "

Hang Jin: what do you see him for

Chi Yangyang: "he saved me. Do you think I can go to see him?"

Hang Jin: no way

Chi Yangyang: "what if I insist?"

Hang Jin: "..."


Hang Jin never won the battle between them.

With the unwillingly help of Hang Jin, Chi Yangyang met the third.

Even if he was caught in prison, he could not see any ups and downs in his face. He still had such a cold expression, like he was about to be shot dead, and he would not blink.

In fact, such a person is quite admirable.

He is a man.

"The third, they all call you the third, can I call you that?"

Hearing the voice of Chi Yangyang, the old man\'s expression finally had a little floating, but soon recovered calm, almost imperceptible.

"In this operation, you kidnapped me but didn\'t hurt me. I really appreciate it," he said

The third one still didn\'t answer.

Whether he should or not, but he knows he is listening, he can hear her, that is the purpose of her trip.

"I want to ask you," he said, "are you protecting me against the orders of your superiors just because of the nineteen sister?" Referring to sister 19, the third elder sister\'s eyes moved again, and he continued: "I can see that you are not a person who can do everything for money. Sister 19 must be very special for you. I\'m just curious,

she ordered you to arrest me. Why didn\'t you hurt me? "

Just when Chiyang thought that the third could not answer, the third finally said, "because the 19th sister is a good person who has kindness, will repay kindness, love and justice."

Good people?


Before, Chi had always thought that there was only black and white in the world. Later, she slowly learned that there was another color in the world called gray.

Some people, in the eyes of some people, seem to be a heinous villain, but in the eyes of some people, they are the best people in the world. What sister Xixi did was illegal and criminal. She should be arrested. But who knows what she did to the third sister? Let the third sister give her up and think she is a good person.