My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1830

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Hang Jin returned to his senses, and dangerlang said, "your man was seriously injured last night. You are so cruel and eager to send him to be examined!"! If we find out something good or bad, he may not come back. "

"Bah! Nonsense, I believe you didn\'t kill people. I believe you can come back well, but... " Chi Yangyang looked worried, "who let you do nothing to cause human life cases, and now all the evidence is against you."

"All the evidence against me?" Hang Jin rubs the head of Chi Yang Yang, "little idiot, while there is still time, tell me the specific situation of the case."

"I\'m the forensics of this case. You are the suspect of this case. I can\'t tell you the specific situation, or it\'s not good for you and me." Chi believes that Hang Jin didn\'t kill, but there is no evidence to prove that he didn\'t kill. Zhao Ziqian needs to find these evidences. Therefore, before Zhao Ziqian finds evidence to prove his innocence, she can\'t disclose too much information to him, which is a matter of principle.

"You!" Hang Jin poked Chi\'s forehead again and exclaimed, "as a forensic doctor, you are a profession to speak for the victims. You really should be careful. There can be no exception for anyone. Keep it up in the future."

Chi Yangyang stared at him: "are you praising me or damaging me?"

Hang Jin said with a smile, "can\'t you hear me praising you?"

"I can\'t hear you praising me." Chi Yang Yang looked down at his legs and saw nothing in his pajamas

"I said I had something to do, would you take me to Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment?" he asked

Chi Yangyang was speechless: "well, don\'t talk nonsense, hurry to clean up. But if you don\'t feel well, please tell me in time. We still need to rest. Our health comes first. "

"At last I said a human word." After that, Hang Jin just went into the dressing room, and Chi Yangyang also went into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. Fortunately, she has good skin, and usually wears a heavy pair of glasses. She can wipe some moisturizing skin care products on her face at will, and it won\'t take much time without makeup. When she came out of the bathroom, Hang Jin had changed her clothes.

In normal times, the man Hang Jin is dressed in casual clothes. Today, he turned out the suit that he had not worn once in the wardrobe and put it on. It\'s so handsome that he has another taste. He was stunned by the sight. As the saying goes, it\'s true that Buddha relies on gold to dress people.

"Cough..." Hang Jin coughs gently to remind Chi Yangyang, "little idiot, don\'t look at me with the eyes that want to eat me. Be careful that I eat you."

"Uncle hang, you are going to get married when you are dressed so formally," said Chi

"What do you little white fool know?" Hang Jin proudly walked twice in front of Chiyang, "although I\'m going to the police station with a human life case on my back, I don\'t want to face it."

"I know all day long that death requires face and suffering." Chiyangyang came to the dressing table again, squeezed some moisturizer on his hand, turned around and put it on Hang Jin\'s face, rubbed it hard for him, "your skin is a little dry."

The girl is more and more considerate. She also knows that his skin is dry and he rubs some skin cream for him. It\'s really lovely. He approaches her and teases her to play: "do you think I need to make up?"

"Pool Yang Yang white he one eye:" left


Before 5 p.m., Chi Yangyang drove Hang Jin on time to report to Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment

and when he saw them appear, Zhao Ziqian finally showed a little smile on his worried face: "hang Shao, thank you for your cooperation with us! Thank you thank you very much! "

Hang Jin walked forward: "what are you talking about? Hurry up. I\'m very busy."

"OK, let\'s get to work at once." After Hang Jin, Zhao Ziqian did not forget to thank Chi Yangyang. "Yangyang, you have made great contributions this time. When the case is solved, I will treat you to a set meal."

"For your part, don\'t treat me to a big meal," Chi said. Hang Jin\'s leg is badly hurt. He is in the process of death. You should call a doctor in time if you find him uncomfortable during the interrogation. "

Zhao Ziqian compares an OK gesture and immediately catches up with Hang Jin.

Chi Yangyang craned his neck and looked at it, but he could not see a result, so he had to go back to the forensic department.

It\'s time to get off work. Jiang Zhen is still busy in his office, because the door of his office is open, and Chi Yangyang road is out of date. He stops her in time: "Yangyang, come in for a moment."

Chi Yangyang went in and apologized: "teacher, I\'m sorry, I delayed my work because of personal reasons today, and I didn\'t tell you."

"I\'m not going to pursue it." Jiang Zhen looks at Chi Yangyang. There is too much concern in his eyes, but he can\'t say it. He pauses for several seconds before he says, "is Hang Jin\'s injury OK?"

"Nothing serious." After the answer, Chi Yangyang just remembered the mystery of the matter. Hang Jin\'s action of the anti drug brigade was very confidential. Zhao Ziqian didn\'t know about Hang Jin\'s injury. How did Jiang Zhen know, "teacher, how do you know about Hang Jin\'s injury?"

Hearing the query from Chi Yangyang, Jiang Zhen\'s eyes obviously fluctuated, which was the dark light of the injury. He said: "Zhao Ziqian has been to your house today, and he will come back to me to talk."

"Teacher I... " Chi Yangyang would like to give himself a fist. What\'s wrong with him? How can he always distrust his teacher recently? He is the person who brings her to the elementary level. How can she care for her these two years? How can she forget?

Maybe it was because of the last incident that she had some internal views on Jiang Zhen.

"I don\'t call you to ask about Hang Jin." Jiang Zhen took out a document and handed it to Chi, "the autopsy report has new findings, which are very beneficial to Hang Jin."

"What\'s new?" Chiyangyang was the first forensic doctor to contact the dead. After that, she repeatedly tested the body. All the evidence pointed to Hang Jin. How did this new clue come from?

She opened the document and looked at the test report, which showed that there were harmful substances extracted from the stomach residue of the deceased.

Jiang Zhen added: "the dead should have just been exposed to drugs, and the body\'s response is not strong enough, so we will ignore this important clue in the first two rounds of autopsy. Today, after checking this line of information, I went to Lao Zhao to confirm the time when the deceased arrived at the lethal magrey\'s office. I confirmed that the time when the deceased arrived at this bar was only one week. "

"What can it say?" he asked? What\'s wrong with that bar? "

Jiang Zhen said lightly: "if there is any problem in that bar, Lao Zhao will naturally check it. We can\'t control it. What we can do is to speak for the dead and find out the real murderer of the dead."