My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1829

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Chiyangyang overslept this time, even the alarm clock she set didn\'t wake her up. When she woke up, it was three o\'clock in the afternoon, earlier than the check-in time agreed with Zhao Ziqian. One second remember [..], wonderful free reading without pop-up window!

When she woke up, the first action was to look sideways at Hang Jin lying on her side. However, the position of Hang Jin lying on her side was empty, and people had no idea where she had gone. In a hurry, Chi Yang immediately sat up and said, "Hang Jin!"

"People are here. Do you want to deafen people by shouting so loudly?" Hang Jin\'s voice came from the direction of platform y, and Chi Yang looked at it. He saw that he had moved a chair to sit on platform y and bask in taiy. Hearing her voice, he didn\'t bask in taiy either. He got up and went back to the house. "How big people are! How do they always shout. As soon as I wake up, I want to find a young master. Do you want to eat n? You\'re not a three-year-old, and I\'m not a n mother. I can\'t give you n to eat. "

This man, how can he marry a wife when he speaks so harshly?

He\'s the kind of guy on the Internet who pays attention to orphans.

However, after sleeping J\'s words, his voice was powerful, his face was not pale, and he didn\'t even walk to see him limp. He didn\'t look like he had just been injured.

For a time, Chi thought that he had just had a nightmare. In fact, Hang Jin was not hurt at all: "Hang Jin, have you hurt your leg?"

"Is my leg hurt?" Hang Jin sat down beside her and reached up to her forehead. "There\'s no fever. Is that the same thing in my head? "

Chiyang Yang took his hand away and said seriously, "I\'m going to ask you the right thing. Don\'t fight with me."

"You took the bullet from my leg and bandaged the wound. You asked me if my leg was hurt after sleeping." Hang Jin poked her forehead, "what should I say about you? Either brain Chou or X amnesia

"I want to tell you j times. When I poke my forehead, it\'s lighter. It will hurt if it\'s heavier." Chi Yang Yang side head hide from him, but can\'t hide, this man hand speed very quickly, "then how do you mental state so good?" S3 ();

"I\'m young and vigorous, and I can\'t recover fast with strong T quality." Hang Jin smiled a little, and with a smile, he said, "I can serve you as long as you like."

It seems that he\'s OK, but he still worries: "you are young and energetic. It\'s a good thing, but your injury is not light. You should take good care of yourself. You can\'t make fun of your body. Otherwise, you will regret eating in the future when you are old."

"How can I hear that so well?" Hang Jin seriously thought about it. "By the way, I remember. Our queen mother often talks to me like this. Don\'t learn from her middle-aged FNV when you are young."

"You don\'t think aunt Yin is a middle-aged FNV, be careful that she knows how to pick your p," Chi warned

"How dare I dislike her? She looks like an 18-year-old with more than four beauties." If the Empress Dowager knew that he said she was a middle-aged FNV behind his back, he would definitely give him a chase order with her beautiful old man AI. The instinct of survival made Hang Jin\'s face not red with lying.

"I knew you didn\'t dare." As Chi said, he got out of bed: "since you are in a good mental state, you should clean up and go to Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment with me."

Hang Jin suddenly raised the volume: "xiaosiyan, do you mean to embarrass me? I usually take you to work when my legs are good. Do you agree? Today my legs are not convenient. Do you want me to take them? "

"It\'s not that I\'m going to embarrass you, it\'s you who got involved in a human life case," Chi said seriously. Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment has been looking for you for two days. If you don\'t report for duty, I think they have to come to arrest people. "

"Cut..." Hang Jin spoke arrogantly: "Cangshan criminal police detachment? Even if I gave Zhao Ziqian ten thousand courage, he didn\'t dare to come to arrest people. "

Ding Dong -

Hang Jin\'s voice hasn\'t fallen yet, and the door bell rings suddenly. Chi Yang Yang immediately turns on the indoor monitoring, which shows Zhao Ziqian with J police officers blocking their door.

The speed of the face fight is too fast. Chi Yang can\'t help but laugh. She points to the monitoring screen: "Uncle hang, look at Zhao Ziqian\'s egghead and dare not come to catch you."

Hang Jin\'s face se turned black with visible speed: "I didn\'t kill anyone. Even if Zhao Ziqian\'s egghead came to my door, he couldn\'t do anything to me."

Chi Yangyang looked at him, didn\'t say much, immediately put on a coat and went to open the door: "Zhao team, I don\'t mean to take Hang Jin to report to the team, how can you find him in person?"

"Gunn, you can\'t get through with your cell phone. What can I do if I don\'t find you?" Zhao Ziqian was so anxious that she almost called out to the ancestor of Chiyang. She thought he wanted to come here?

Standing at the door of their house, I thought there was a grumpy dinosaur in it. Zhao Ziqian\'s legs were shaking quietly.

Chi Yangyang took out his mobile phone and looked at it: "I turned it off accidentally, and I will turn it on. Or Zhao team, you go to the house and say. It\'s not good to stand outside the door and let the neighbors see. " S3 ();

Zhao Ziqian stepped into the room, but his legs were not at his command. "Yang Yang, I didn\'t want to come to the door, but the time was limited for us to solve the case. You promised to bring hang Shao before 1 p.m. it\'s not nearly 4 o\'clock. You haven\'t appeared yet. You can\'t make a phone call. I had to come to hang Shao. Please let hang Shao know. I hope he\'ll forgive me Work. "

"Thank you! We are all colleagues, how can I not forgive your work! " Hang Jin came out of the room, wearing only a set of ordinary pajamas. He stretched out his strong sense of oppression as soon as he appeared, and let Zhao Ziqian, who had just stepped into the door, retreat to the door. "Hang Shao, this is not..."

It\'s rare that Hang Jin didn\'t lose his temper, and his face and attitude seemed friendly: "I already know what happened. I\'m going to cooperate with you to investigate the case, but you go back first. I\'ll clear it up and go."

In front of the great event, Hang Jin is still very measured.

Zhao Ziqian looked at Chi Yangyang for help. Chi Yangyang said, "Zhao team, you also know that Hang Jin is a man with AI face. If you bring someone to catch him at home like this, it really hurts his face. If he doesn\'t cooperate with the work, he will be in trouble. Why don\'t you go back first? I promise I will bring him to Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment before five o\'clock. "

Zhao Ziqian said in a low voice, "this time, you must count your words. If hang Shao doesn\'t come today, my team leader really needs to report his resignation to his superiors."

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" good

Zhao Ziqian did not dare to stay. He closed the door for them and took the police first.

Chiyangyang looked back and saw that Hang Jin was in a trance. He didn\'t know what he was thinking: "Hey, hang, don\'t think about it anymore. Hurry up and report to the Criminal Investigation Detachment in Cangshan with me."