My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1828

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"Rest assured, I will always be with you." With Hang Jin for so many years, Chi Yangyang has never been so needed by him. For a while, he didn\'t know what it was like. It was a little sweet and a little sour, but more painful.

"No!" While talking, Hang Jin fell asleep again in a daze, but he still held Chi Yang tightly. She just moved slightly, and he held her more tightly, which made her dare not move any more.

It took more than an hour for the car to enter the Jiangbei area. Along the way, the doctor called Chi Yangyang several times to ask about Hang Jin, who was sleeping.

When he arrived in the city, the doctor was going to let Hang Jin stay in the hospital for two days to observe the situation. But Hang Jin said that he was not willing to stay in the hospital because of this small injury. Chi Yang had no choice but to take him home to take care of him.

Before returning home, Chi asked the doctor to prepare some medicine, asked for some precautions, and carefully took a notebook for notes, for fear that he accidentally used the wrong medicine for Hang Jin.

When he got home, he didn\'t even drink his saliva. Chi Yangyang was in a hurry to take care of Hang Jin\'s injury, but it was not easy. It was uncomfortable here and there for a while.

"Small four eyes son, my head aches very much, you see I have a fever quickly?" Chiyangyang just wanted to sit down and have a rest. Hangjin on the bed cried out with a sigh.

Chi Yangyang dare not neglect, immediately took a thermometer to measure his temperature, which is a bit feverish. He just used medicine for his wound, but he dare not give him any more drugs, so he poured him a glass of hot water: "you drink water first, and then you can sleep."

Water, Hang Jin held it and drank it. Just after drinking it, Hang Jin\'s question came again: "little four eyes, my leg is so numb that I can\'t feel it. You knead it for me. It\'s lighter. Don\'t let me get hurt twice."

Chiyangyang said he didn\'t dare to have a complaint. He gently massaged Hangjin with his legs in his arms. Her hands were sore after massaging. She asked, "are the legs better?"

Hang Jin nodded and shook his head.

"Are you OK or not?" he said

Hang Jin said pitifully, "my legs seem to be better, but my back hurts a bit. If you don\'t mind my troubling you, please beat my back again. "

He was injured because of her. How dare Chi Yangyang think of his trouble? He sat behind him and beat his back honestly: "I said Hang Jin, do you mean to straighten me?"

"Ah? Whole you? " Hang Jin lowered his head and looked dejected. "If you don\'t think I\'m in trouble, go to have a rest. Don\'t worry about me. I won\'t hurt much for a while."

It\'s for this reason. No matter whether he\'s treating her or not, there\'s no reason for him to leave him alone. Otherwise, he will have to blame her for unconsciousness afterwards.

Compared with his scolding, Chiyang was more willing to let him suffer.

"No, no, no, I said the wrong thing. I\'ll beat your back until you\'re satisfied." Chi Yang Yang raised his fist and wanted to beat it down, but when he fell on him, he said it was just right.

After a while, Hang Jin looked at her sideways: "little four eyes......"

Chi Yangyang: "what\'s up?"

"No, I just want to call you."

"Hang Jin, can\'t you shut your mouth for a while?"



"Little four eyes..."

"What\'s wrong with you, Mr. hang?"

"I\'ve got my back, but my neck is a little sore. You pinch it for me."

"Yes!" Chiyangyang pinched his neck again.

"A little lighter, you\'re a little heavier."

"Sir, you are not afraid that I have broken your neck?"

"Not afraid."


After a while, Hang Jin fell asleep, but Chi felt that he was suffering from schizophrenia.

While he was asleep, Chi Yang had time to pour himself a glass of water. After drinking the water, he was dry. Chi Yang immediately called Zhao Ziqian: "Zhao team......"

As soon as he heard the voice of chiyangyang, Zhao Ziqian immediately bombarded him and said, "I said Yangyang, where did you go this day? You can\'t get through to your cell phone, and no one can find it. You want to scare me to death. "

It can be heard that Zhao Ziqian was worried about her. When he finished, Chi said, "Zhao team, I\'m ok. I\'m calling to tell you that Hang Jin has gone home. "

"What? Have you found Hang Jin Zhao Ziqian yelled first, then lowered the volume. He was afraid that others would hear him. "Then you should let him come to our team to cooperate with us in the investigation."

Chiyangyang looked back at Hang Jin, who was lying on the bed. Although he was full of energy when he tossed her, it was not hard to see from his pale face and lips that he was very weak. He was afraid that he could not cooperate with the investigation immediately.

Chi came to the living room and tried to explain to Zhao, "Zhao team, not yet."

"Why not?" As he said, Zhao Ziqian raised his voice again. "He is now a suspect in the homicide. We must cooperate with us in the investigation, or we can only arrest people at the door. Yang Yang, what kind of person is master hang? He certainly doesn\'t want to be taken away by the police. Let him come. Don\'t worry, we can\'t do anything to him before he kills. "

"Zhao team, Hang Jin is injured. He is very weak now. Even if you want to catch him, he should be sent to his hospital for treatment first. " Chi Yangyang bit his lips and said, "Zhao team, you can give us another half day. I\'ll let him cooperate with you at noon when he has a rest in the morning."

"Ah, is hang less hurt? How did he get hurt? " Zhao Ziqian didn\'t believe that anyone else would dare to make a move on Taisui\'s head. Can ordinary people hurt the young master of Hangzhou family? "

Zhao Ziqian\'s words are exaggerated. It\'s not hard to hear that there is a little schadenfreude in his tone. It seems that you, uncle hang, are not afraid of anything. I didn\'t expect you to have today.

Of course, it\'s just what Chiyang heard, and with Hang Jin\'s usual attitude, it\'s not surprising that someone saw a joke when something happened to him: "Zhao team, I\'m not sure about the specific situation, but it should have something to do with the murder of the bar."

He may be proud of himself, but Zhao Ziqian is still in a business like manner: "Central Committee, I will give you another morning. Before 1:00 p.m., you must bring hang Shao to our detachment on time to report, otherwise I can only ask the police to come and pull people. "

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" good

After hanging up the phone, Chi Yang looked at the time, it was more than seven o\'clock in the morning. Last night, she had to hurry up her time to get a sleep. In the afternoon, she had the energy to help Hang Jin clear the suspicion.